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Welcome to Legends of Nor'Ova! This is the home of the Legends of Nor'Ova tabletop game and Legends of Nor'Ova forum RP.


The Legends of Nor'Ova Wiki

The Legends of Nor'Ova Wiki is the main source of information for the Legends of Nor'Ova Tabletop RPG. It contains information that can also be used in the forum RP. The Wiki is known as the Encyclopedia Nor'Ova, and is a community involved wiki.

A tabletop RPG is a type of game played usually in person (though you could utilize our chat rooms or forums) where you make a character and use dice to play. Dungeons & Dragons is a popular tabletop RPG that most are familiar with. Legends of Nor'Ova isn't derived from or connected to D&D, however like D&D it does use dice. For the most part however, Legends of Nor'Ova is vastly different. It was writen from the ground up to allow for complete character creativity and has been a labor of love since 1998.

Legends of Nor'Ova Forum RP

The Legends of Nor'Ova Forum RP is a place for sharing stories within the world of Nor'Ova. It does make use of the wiki (aka Encyclopedia Nor'Ova) for things like races and lore, however, the forum RP is primarily diceless. It is basically a free form style where the objective isn't winning battles and exploring dungeons, but sharing in growing stories with one another.

That isn't to say that the forum cannot be used for the tabletop game, it absolutely can if you desire to. There will be a forum section just for it, giving you a secondary place to play with others when you cannot meet face to face. It should be noted however that the chatroom will be better suited for such roleplay.

Features of This Website

Being a member here you can use the following features:
  • The Encyclopedia Nor'Ova: You will be able to rate and comment on each article. Soon you may even be able to sugest edits and even submit new ideas.
  • The Forum: Here you can participate in the forum RP and other site discussions.
  • The Chatrooms: Here you can chat with others and even roleplay with others.


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