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1. Basic Info

Type: Moderate Size Xenic Creature, Imp

Alignment: neutral

Moral Points: -10

Build: small

Habitat: The few temporal imps that have ever been recorded have been found deep within the world’s oldest ruins and dungeons.

Appearance: A temporal imp is short and thin, but slightly taller than most other imps. They have short, messy, gray hair and have small, slanted eyes and long, pointed ears. Their skin pail and clammy, and they have short tails, barely 4 inches long and made of only pale skin.

Runic Element: Time

Runic Element Information:

  • Effects on Magic Damage: Increase magical damage done against those of the life element by +10 . Decrease magical damage done against those of the death element by -10.
  • Effects on Magic Defense: 20% chance for immunity to time and life magic attacks.
  • Supportive Effects: Able to sacrifice your magic actions for an extra non-skill attack, potion use, or evasion chance for that round.

2. Vital Stats

Stat NameCurrentFullModifiers
 HP 20 20  
 SA 6 6  
 EP 30 30  

3. Armor Stats

Stat NameCurrentFullModifiers
 PR 40 40  
 MR 17 17  
 Block 0 Weapon 0 Armor  

4. Main Stats

Stat NameStatRace MaxModifiers
Fortitude 10 50  
Speed 18 45  
Mental 3 30  
Strength 15 50  
Luck 10 60  
Will 5 20  

5. Secondary Stats

Stat NameStatModifiers
Influence 5  
Perception 12  
Weight Limits Carry:  45
Lift 1H:  7.5
Lift 2H:  15
Success Points 1  
Failure Points 1  
Move Rates World:  1
Area:  10
Battle:  4
Area Ranges Throw:  1
Jump Up:  1
Jump Across:  3
Battle Ranges Throw:  2
Jump Up:  2
Jump Across:  6
Aim 2 +5 (trained shot)
Actions Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Support: 1
Magic: 1
Initiative 1 -2 (armor)
Evade 11 Small Target Bonus: +5
Offense Melee:  1
Throw:  3
Bow:  -1
Critical:  13
Magic Stats Magic Power:  0
Critical:  7

6. Equipped Weapons

LocationItemAttackBlockDPRangeWeightRune Stone or Enhantments
Right Hand Small Crossbow 3 + 2d6 0 60 10 4  
Ammo 100 Steel Bolts 5 + 1d8 0 0 0 0.2  

7. Equipped Armor

LocationItemBlockPRMRWeightOther Information
Helmet Silver Armet + skullcap, visor 0 8 5 2.27 Prevents visual obstruction and attacks to the eyes
Torso Silver Scale Cuirass + Reinforced, Silver Scale Gorget 0 32 12 29 - 2 to Initiative
TOTAL ARMOR VALUES 0 40 17 31.27 - 2 to Initiative; Prevents visual obstruction and attacks to the eyes

8. Other Items

LocationItemDescrptionSpace TakenWeight
Back Small Back Pack gives storage space of 30 0  
Back Bolt Sash stores 200 bolts 0 1.2
Waist Sheath Belt gives storage space of 5 0  
Sheath Belt Crossbow Holster stores crossbow 1 0.26

Skills & Abilities

Skill or AbilityEffectStat & Action CostRange & AreaDurationSkill Points to Skill MasterySkill Mastery
Hide This skill allows you to hide, decreasing the enemy's Perception % by – 10 when trying to find you. 2 SA;
1 support
self instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Vertigo Blast Produces an invisible magical attack which makes the target dizzy, causing the target to lose 1⁄2 of their actions and movement rate. 4 SA;
1 support and 1 magic
5 hex affecting 1 target dizzyness for 1d3 rounds 2 skill points =
1 skill mastery %
Trained Shot With this skill you preform a trained shot at an enemy with a projectile weapon of your choice. This attack does +8 points of damage in gives a +5 to Aim %. 5 SA;
1 attack
weapon's range affecting 1 target instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %

Combat Notes

Temporal Imps are some of the rarest of all imp types, with there being a very small population that is known of. They are a quite group that likes to be left alone and for the most part they mimic other imps behavior. They are not likely to attack anyone unless they feel threatened, which with their lower intelligence simply accidentally walking up close by them can make them feel threatened. Temporal Imps seem to want to remain hidden and would rather gang up on and kill any intruders than flee. However they are also very easily spooked, and are notably scared of their own shadows.

Temporal Imps would rather kill any intruder than to risk having more beings know of their home. They all work closely together, ganging up on one target at a time until it is dead. Temporal Imps make minor use of a magic attack as well as using cross bows which seems to be their favored weapon. You may encounter a minimum of three to six temporal imps, but if you make it to close to their home you could encounter even more.

11. Spoils

1d% worth of Shillings: You may loot the body for 1d% worth of shillings. If you are trying to pick pocket or steal the money from a living target, you will first need to determine how much shillings the target has by rolling 1d%. Then on a successful pick pocket or steal you will roll the percent dice again, getting a percentage of the target's money.
Any and All Available Loot: You may loot the body of any weapons, armor, and other goods. Only the holster and back pack can be stolen from a living target.