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1. Quick Reference


Race Maximums


Weight Ranges

Height Ranges

Life Expectancy



Fortitude: 60
Speed: 80
Mental: 100
Strength: 40
Luck: 80
Will: 80


S: 80-120
M: 121-170

Male: 5'-6'
Female: 4'3-5'2

Male: 100
Female: 100



2. Basic History

No one knows where the orignal banshees came from, though the large majority of them seem to have come from the great scar that was ripped through the Pyre Desert. It is believed by many that the original banshees were the screams of the countless lost manifested into human form. 


3. Positives & Negatives

Banshee's are naturally runeless. They are unable to use any of the traditional magic are are frail.

Quick List of Modifiers

+2 to Success Rate
+1 to Failure Rate
+1 to Battle Support Actions and Battle Magic Actions
+5 to Will
+10 to SA
+20 to Magic Power
Flat MR of 5
Magic Stability of 100%

However, they are masters of audiomancy, which is good because it is the only magic that they can use. Their control over the runeless magic of audiomancy is unparalleled.


4. Lifespan

Banshees have three stages of life. The first stage, which last from child-birth until they reach the age of 13, is called their childhood. During this time they are completely dependent upon their parents for support, and are still developing certain skills needed for survival.

The second stage, which last from 13 until 21 is their adolescence. It is at this stage in their life they begin trying to develop just who they are, and where they fit into this world. They also become anxious and seek more and more independence and tend to rebel against their parents. Though they are not yet considered full-fledged adults, some leave their parents in this stage.

Their final stage, adulthood, last from 22 until death. During this stage most banshees are already separated from their parents and rarely keep close ties with them. They generally have become more matured and stopped their growing and developing by now. Their death comes so suddenly that they are often found in a permanent scream.


5. Appearance

Banshees are tall, skinny, and frail. They have ghastly like appearance, sunken eyes, protruding cheek bones, and look almost dead. In fact many have confused them as being the living dead, a fact that has many banshees covering up most of what they can to blend in. Their hair color is either various shades of gray or white and their eyes are gray.


6. Living Habitat

Banshees live in the same areas humans do, and try to fit in as best they can.


7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Banshees require one meal every three days, though can and usually will eat several times a day. They need to sleep at least 6 hours (one 1/2 cycle) every night or suffer from fatigue (-5 from endurance per missed hour).


8. Culture

Banshees are similar to both humans and talusians in their culture. The key difference is their family relations. As banshees grow up they also grow apart, and many forget their own kin. Who they don't forget are their friends and especially their enemies.

Banshees are not known to care about any religion as a whole. Some have chosen to worship Spector, embracing the whole "living dead" identity, while others have found other religions better suited for them. Some have even forsake the idea of gods and goddesses altogether.


9. Racial Relations

Banshees  have not lived on this world long enough to have developed any real relationships with other races. Other races tend to fear them however, thinking that the banshee is a zombie. Also given the lack of real family structure, banshees are all very individualistic. It is up to the individual banshee how they treat others.


10. Racial Skills & Abilities

Racial Skills & Abilities to come soon…