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1. Quick Reference


Race Maximums


Weight Ranges

Height Ranges

Life Expectancy



Fortitude: 50
Speed: 80
Mental: 100
Strength: 50
Luck: 80
Will: 60


S: 80-180

Male: 4'-7'3
Female: 4'5-8'

Male: 500
Female: 525




2. Basic History

Deztunians are a mysterious race with spider like abilities that can also teleport. It is believed that deztunians actually started out in a similar way as the Talusians, in other words as an attempt to clone and create more xodians. This time Xerxes Zodo didn't start from scratch, but instead he took a small segment of elves known as Destune Elves, infused them with xodian blood, and used the Power of Zodo to give them shadow walking. Instead, they became spider like and gained the ability to teleport. They shed their original name and became the Deztunians.


3. Positives & Negatives

Deztunian’s power of teleport has lost power over the years and now can only be used to teleport to places they can visibly see. All deztunians learn this skill at the age of 60, (approximately the equivalent of a 14-year-old human.) Once they learn it, they must practice it till


Quick List of Modifiers

+5 to Mental
+10 to Perceive
+1 to Battle Support Actions
+5 to Magic Power
+2 to Critical Magic %
+10 to SA
+1 to Initiative

they can do it with little effort. It does drain a deztunian’s endurance to teleport, but only by 5 points. Deztunians also possess small hook-like skin-colored scales on the palms of their hands, their feet, and their shin which allow them to climb up walls and walk upside down along ceilings. Deztunians have multi-faceted eyes which catch more color and visual clues than most races. They also have natural danger sense. A deztunian’s drawback is their care-free attitude, which makes them less persuasive and less liked than other races. They also suffer from varying degrees of pyrophobia, though continual exposure to fire will lessen this. Those born under the elemental sign of fire have a 50% chance of not having any pyrophobia. Fire elemental deztunians who have pyrophobia must make a will check when casting fire spells until they reach Tier 2 in pyromancy.

Deztunians benefit from a bonus of +5 to
Mental, +10 to Perceive (can exceed 95%), +1 to Battle Support Actions, +5 to Magic Power, +2 to Critical Magic %,+10 SA, and +1 to Initiative. They also have a natural Magic Protection of 5% to all magic types . Deztunians have the natural ability to teleport and climb walls and because of this they make great rogues and adventurers.


4. Lifespan

Deztunians have three stages to their life-cycle; Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Childhood last from birth until 12. During this stage they are completely dependent on their parents and seem and look like normal humans. This is also the stage that they learn all they need to know to make it out in the world.

During adolescence, which last from 13 until 20, deztunians learn and master their short-range teleportation, begin to resemble adult deztunians, begin to take on a deztunian personality, and become more independent of their parents.

During adulthood, which last from 21 until death, deztunians fully take on the form of adults, have the deztunian personality, and are completely independent of their parents. In fact, they break all ties with their parents during a ‘Departing’ ceremony held on their 21st birthday. After a deztunian reaches this stage of life, he or she begins to age a lot slower than humans.

While the aging of a deztunian's body can be affected by various environmental and psychological situations, most follow a similar slow aging process. A deztunian will not appear middle aged until he or she is near 200 years old, nor will the deztunian appear elderly until he or she is near 400 years old. A deztunian’s death does not necessarily come when they reach their max age. It usually comes up to 10 years sooner.

5. Appearance

While as a child a Deztunian looks like a human, an adult Deztunian looks more elven. After becoming an adult other things have also changed about a Deztunian’s appearance. Their hair turns to either a dull gray if male or a brilliant silver if female. Their hair usually becomes long and thick because a Deztunian has lost the interest to keep up with it. Their nose becomes short and pug-like, and their eye color changes to a faint gray- almost white color. They develop scaly skin under their hands, feet, and on their shins that can cling to most surfaces, and they become multi-jointed.


6. Living Habitat

Deztunians like living in the mountains and hills but good luck finding them there because of their ability to hide. The only time one would usually see a Deztunian is either in the market or out causing mischief.


7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

A deztunian must eat solid food and consume water at least twice a day to keep up their energy. A deztunian must sleep at least a full night’s cycle and 1/4th of a day’s cycle. Failure to do so will cause the deztunian to be cranky, worn-out, and twice as lazy as normal. It also drains 5 points from their endurance for every occurrence.


8. Culture

Deztunian children are very compassionate while deztunian adults are carefree, sarcastic, and rude. Deztunian adults tend to enjoy watching others suffer the blunt end of their practical jokes, and love to brag and exaggerate about their latest prank. Ask a deztunian to work and he will laugh, as they rather lie around and watch other do the work than work themselves. But tell a deztunian of treasure and he will search until he dies to find it, for they have an obsession to have the rarest and most unusual items. Deztunians only celebrate stages of life and are monotheistic in their beliefs.

Deztunians make use of the family surname simply because that is the simplest way to do things, and deztunians are all about doing things as simply as possible. For first names they will typically pick the first thing that comes to mind, which more often than not leads to deztunians being named weird things.

9. Racial Relations

Deztunians are more willing to deal with other races than most races are, however often times the deztunian’s carefree attitude and practical jokes turns relations with other races sour. Deztunians are one of the few races who are not afraid of the orc. They are also one of the few human types that have managed to get along with the ascian elf. They are distrustful of the dark elf though will give them a chance. They are also tolerant of the xodian race.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities



Stat and Action CostRange and AreaDurationSuccess Rate

Racial Ability
Tier 1

Allows you to teleport to areas that you can plainly see. It costs 5 EP.

5 EP; Free Action self instant 100

Racial Ability
Tier 3

Allows you to separate your spirit from your body and travel around as a spirit until EP wears out. IF EP reaches 0, your character dies. It costs 10 EP to activate and 5 EP per round. You must purchase this ability for your deztunian, you do not start out with it. It costs 200 skill points to purchase.

10 EP to activate; 5 EP per round; 1 support self instant 50 (once purchased)

Wall Clinging
Racial Ability
Tier 1

Deztunians can cling to walls and ceilings, allowing them to scale walls and walk on ceilings almost as effortless as walking. It simply costs 2 EP each time a deztunian wishes to climb or cling to a wall or cling to a ceiling.

2 EP; Free Action self instant 100

Heightened Senses
Defensive Ability
Tier 1

This ability allows your character to sense if there is any danger in a room or around the corner before opening that door or going around that corner. It doesn't let you know what the danger is, just that there is danger ahead. This increases your Perceive by + 10. This is an permanent effect ability.

N/A self permanent 100

Quick Evasion
Defense Ability
Tier 2

This skill lets you make a second quick evasion chance even though you have no defense actions left but gives you a penalty of 10 to your evasion.

20 EP; Free Action self instant 100
Removes Spiritual Placement Death
Racial Ability
Tier 4
This ability improves the Spiritual Displacement racial ability so that instead of your character dying when your character's EP reaches zero, your character will automatically be returned to your character's body when your character's EP falls below 10. This increases the stat cost of the Spiritual Displacement ability to 20 EP to activate and 10 EP per round. You must purchase this ability to have it, you can do so by spending 200 skill points. N/A self permanent 100 (once purchased)