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1. Quick Reference


Race Maximums


Weight Ranges

Height Ranges

Life Expectancy



Fortitude: 60
Speed: 70
Mental: 80
Strength: 50
Luck: 100
Will: 70


S: 80-100
M: 101-135

Male: 5'-6'
Female: 4'3-5'2

Male: 120
Female: 130



2. Basic History

Talusians were said to originally have been an attempt to clone the xodian race near the end of the First Era. Using the advanced sciences of the era and the power of the Power of Zodo, Xerxes Zodo created them as an attempt to clone and make more xodians. Only what he had gotten was a race that could change form. He called this race Talusians. Talusians have since been a mistrusted race, despite the fact that many of them did work against Xerxes Zodo.


3. Positives & Negatives

Talusians are natural shape-shifters. From the time they are born they learn their first polymorph, and from then


Quick List of Modifiers

+5 to Mental
+1 to Battle Support Actions
+5 to Fortitude
+5 to SA
+5 to Magic Power
+5 to Critical Magic %
Magic Protection of 5%

on they prefect their art until the day they die. However having shape shifted for so long they have no real form of their own, no real identity, thus must steal the forms of others. They also have no real strengths, and cannot take the strengths of those they resemble, though they can take on any special movement advantages, such as flying, teleporting, dashing, or swimming.

Talusians benefit from a bonus of + 2 to Mental, + 1 to Battle Support Actions, +5 to Fortitude, + 5 to SA, + 5 to Magic Power, and + 5 to Critical Magic %. Talusians also have a natural Magic Protection of 5% to all spells . Talusians are shape shifters and their shape shifting skills make them great spies, adventurers, and treasure hunters.


4. Lifespan

Talusians have three stages of life. The first stage, which last from child-birth until they reach the age of 13, is called their childhood. During this time they are completely dependent upon their parents for support, and are still developing certain skills needed for survival as well as their shape shifting abilities.

The second stage, which last from 13 until 21 is their adolescence. It is at this stage in their life they begin trying to develop just who they are, and where they fit into this world. They also become anxious and seek more and more independence and tend to rebel against their parents. Though they are not yet considered full-fledged adults, some leave their parents in this stage.

Their final stage, adulthood, last from 22 until death. During this stage most talusians are already separated from their parents and rarely keep close ties with them. They generally have become more matured and stopped their growing and developing by now. Their death can be painful or painless.


5. Appearance

Talusians are tall and skinny in their main adapted form. They typically all resemble a generic human, bearing white hair, and pupil-less eyes. Even when they shape shift, any form they take still leaves them with pupil-less eyes.


6. Living Habitat

Talusians live in the same areas cosmopolitan humans do, and generally resemble them, making talusians hard to spot. They love to explore and learn more about other cultures and histories.


7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Talusians require one meal every three days, though can and usually will eat several times a day. They need to sleep at least 6 hours (one 1/2 cycle) every night or suffer from fatigue (-5 from endurance per missed hour).


8. Culture

Talusians tend to mimic the culture they are living among, which most time is cosmopolitan humans. They even follow the naming practices of the culture that they are mimicking.


9. Racial Relations

Talusians often try to work well with other races, even when the other race distrusts them. Sometimes a Talusian will take the form of the race they are trying to work well with to help ease the other race’s distrust of them. They are even willing to work with xodians when others wouldn’t be so willing. Like most races however they are fearful of the orc and are hateful of the Ascian Elf. They are also distrustful of the Dark Elf.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities



Stat Cost

Range & Area


Success Rate


Cost to Acquire

Shape Shifting
Tier 3

Allows the user to take the form of beings encountered. You must successfully take the form of the being upon encounter to gain that shape. The form cannot double or be smaller than your normal size and must be a living form.

10 SA,
1 support


user defined




Tier 4

Allows you to take the form of inanimate objects. The form cannot double or be smaller than your normal size. Costs 150 skill points to acquire.

15 SA;
1 Support action


user defined


Shape Shifting mastered


Tier 5

Allows you to change parts of your body into any form who's properties are known. With this you could for example change your arms into wings or weapons. Body part changed cannot exceed normal ranges.

40 SA;
1 Support action


user defined


Polymorphing, Polymorphous


Race Ability
Tier 4
Allows you to learn one observed racial skill at 25%. You must take the form of the target to learn the skill and practice the skill, but you can use in any form once mastered if you have the anatomy needed. It cost you 5 SA to use this ability when you want to learn a racial skill. 5 SA; 1 support self instant 45 Shape Shifting mastered 150
Poker Face
Character Ability
Tier 1
 This ability increases your luck by + 10 when you are bluffing to aid in fooling the other person. This is a permanent effect ability. N/A self permanent 100 N/A N/A