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1. Quick Reference


Race Maximums


Weight Ranges

Height Ranges

Life Expectancy


Dark Elf

Fortitude: 60
Speed: 70
Mental: 50
Strength: 60
Luck: 100
Will: 80


S: 90-115
M: 116-175

Male: 5'5-7'5
Female: 4'8-7'

Male: 500
Female: 550


2. Brief History

Dark elves are typically called the black sheep of the elfin community. They are an industrious group, similar to the dark dwarfs, who will typical do whatever benefits them the most with little or no regard for their fellow brother. Dark elves escaped Zodo’s purging of the elves by siding with the dark god and worshiping him. While a dark elf can change his ways, it is unlikely, unless his own life depended upon it.

3. Positives & Negatives

Dark elves are a fearful group. They are also highly industrious and can adapt to situations with a great ease.

Quick List of Modifiers

+5 to Max Success Rate for character and Knife & Dagger offensive skills 
+10 to Luck 
+5 to Will
+1 to Battle Attack Actions 
+5 to Melee Power 
+5 to Critical Hit % 
+1 to Initiative

However Dark elves are despised by many and distrusted by all.

Dark Elves benefit from bonuses of +10 to Luck, +1 to Initiative, +5 to Max Success Rate for character and knife & daggeroffensive skills, +5 to Will, +1 to Battle Attack Actions, +5 to Melee Power, and +5 to Critical Hit %. All elves are immune to sleep and to poisons that deal 1d20 or less damage, with higher poisons dealing half damage. Dark Elves can also see in the dark very well. They make great rogues and assassins.

4. Lifespan

Elves have three stages of life. The first stage, childhood, last from birth until 14. During this stage the young elf grows and develops its many skills needed for survival, though just a tad slower at developing than a human. The young elf stays at home during this stage.

The second stage, becomance, last from 15 until 25. During this stage the elf leaves his parents and lives with relatives. This is their adolescence, when they develop into young men or women.

The final stage, adulthood, last from 26 until death. During this stage the elf must first become accepted into the elfin culture, which varies from tribe to tribe, and then is allowed to live on his or her own. It is also during this stage that an elf may find a spouse. According to elfish law, the female must persuade her love to court her. After which it is up to the male to marry her. Elves never seem to change much during their adult hood until they reach around 350 to 400 years old. Then they begin to age quickly and look elderly. Death comes naturally and expectantly to the elves.

5. Appearance

Dark elves are tall and skinny. Their skin is a dark shade of brown, and have ears that measure to be about 2-3” long. Their hair color is usually white, and eye color is many shades of red, brown, and black.

6. Living Habitat

Dark elves can be found in dark alleyways, large cities, and the darkest parts of the forests. It is common to see a dark elf travel.

7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Elves require 3 meals a day consisting of fruits, vegetables, fungus, small fowl and woodland creature, and water. They must sleep a full night’s cycle every night or suffer from fatigue (-5 from endurance per missed hour).

8. Culture

Dark Elves by their very nature can be a treacherous lot, more ready to kill you when your back is turned than to embrace you as a friend or ally. This is often true even when dealing with their own kind and even their own family. Because of this Dark Elf societies usually involve a powerful matriarch who has established themselves via power, threat, and exaggeration. However these societies can change hands often. Dark Elves do not celebrate much as they are always scheming and preparing for unknown plans. Most dark elves are monotheistic choosing to worship the dark god Zodo.

Dark Elves take pride in family names and use them for their surnames, however being a matriarchal society, family names often follow from the mother's side instead of the father's. The only time this is not the case is if the father had developed a fame and reputation far exceeding that of the mother or mother's family, which is very rare. First names that are given are meant to sound intimidating and powerful.

9. Racial Relations

Dark elves do not get along well with other races, even those that are similar to them or have the same beliefs. Dark elves even rarely get along with one another. They choose not to, desiring power for themselves over anyone else at all costs, not caring who likes them and who hates them.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities



Stat Cost

Range & Area


Success Rate

Tier 2

This skill allows you to move about while making it hard for the enemy to notice you. It does so by requiring any enemy to make a Perception check with a 5 point penalty to notice you.

20 SA;
1 support




Tier 1

This skill allows you to hide, decreasing the enemy's Perception % by – 10 when trying to find you.

2 SA;
1 support action


1 round


Trained Strike
Tier 1

With this skill you preform a trained strike at an enemy with a weapon of your choice. This attack does +8 points of damage in gives a +5 to Critical Hit%.

5 EP;
1 attack action

weapon's range, affecting 1 target



Sleight of Hand
Tier 2
This ability allows you to move your hand faster than sight. This when used with an attack would decrease the enemy’s chance to evade or defend by 10 points. It cost 5 EP to use this ability. 5 EP; Free Action self instant 55
Dagger Berserk
Racial Ability
Tier 3
Dark Elves are masters of the dagger, and can use the dagger better than most other races. As long as the Dark Elf wields a dagger, knife, or similar weapon, he or she can use this ability. When using this ability you need to spend 5 EP and make a Speed Check with a 10 point bonus. If you spend 15 EP you will get a 20 point bonus, but no higher. If successful, your character will be able to make 2 normal attacks with the dagger using only 1 attack. If you make a critical success on the Speed Check ( roll a 001), your character will make 4 normal attacks with the dagger using only 1 attack. Since each attack action uses both hands, if the dark elf is dual wielding then the dark elf could get in 4 attacks (8 if critical success) for one attack. N/A self permanent 100

Night Vision

This talent gives the character night vision, allowing the character to see as well in the dark as he or she can in daylight. This talent removes any perception penalties due to lack of light.