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1. Quick Reference


Race Maximums


Weight Ranges

Height Ranges

Life Expectancy


Rune Elf

Fortitude: 60
Speed: 60
Mental: 100
Strength: 50
Luck: 70
Will: 80


S: 80-120

Male: 4'5-6'
Female: 4'-5'5

Male: 500
Female: 550



2. Brief History

Rune Elves are elves which are highly sensitive to magic, specifically to magic of their element. It is unclear how Rune Elves came to be. Some rumors state that rune elves were once silver elves who aligned themselves with Zodo and thus were granted incredible magic power. Other rumors state that rune elves are the descendants of silver elves who were involved directly in the Great Magic War, and thus were altered because of such high magical contamination. There are even rumors that rune elves were once enslaved silver elves who suffered through tons of magical experimentation. Whatever the true history may be one thing is for certain, rune elves were once silver elves.


3. Positives & Negatives

Rune Elves are incredibly sensitive to magic. Not only do they have a natural magical sense, enabling them to

Quick List of Modifiers

+5 to Max Success Rate for magic spells and magic skills
+5 to Mental
+1 to Battle Magic Actions
+15 to Will 
+10 to Magic Power
+5 to Critical Magic %
+1 to Initiative
Magic Protection of
+20 Magic Effects against element strong against

Saga of Ablution:+10 to Magic Stability

see magic as a hue of color, they also learn and master magic spells at an accelerated rate and preform magic that is more powerful than normal. They also feed off of the magic surrounding them, naturally restoring their magic power. Rune elves are however more susceptible to magic damage, receiving more damage than normal against their weak-against element. Rune Elves also share their silver elf brother's elitist attitude.

Rune Elves benefit from bonuses of +5 to Mental, +1 to Initiative, +5 to Max Success Rate for magic spells and magic skills, +1 to Battle Magic Actions, +10 to Magic Power, +15 to Will, and +5 to Critical Magic %Rune Elves regain 2 SA points every minute and have a natural Magic Protection of 15% to all spells . Their magical damage against those of the element they are strong against is increased by +20 (this increase is after their runic element effect). Rune Elves however have all magical damages they receive from those who's element they are weak against increased by +20. All elves are immune to sleep and to poisons that deal 1d20 or less damage, with higher poisons dealing half damage. Rune Elves make ideal wizards and battle mages.

In the Saga of Ablution campaign, rune elves have a natural +10 to their chance for casting stable magic.


4. Lifespan

Elves have three stages of life. The first stage, childhood, last from birth until 14. During this stage the young elf grows and develops its many skills needed for survival, though just a tad slower at developing than a human. The young elf stays at home during this stage.

The second stage, becomance, last from 15 until 25. During this stage the elf leaves his parents and lives with relatives. This is their adolescence, when they develop into young men or women.

The final stage, adulthood, last from 26 until death. During this stage the elf must first become accepted into the elfin culture, which varies from tribe to tribe, and then is allowed to live on his or her own. It is also during this stage that an elf may find a spouse. According to elfish law, the female must persuade her love to court her. After which it is up to the male to marry her. Elves never seem to change much during their adult hood until they reach around 350 to 400 years old. Then they begin to age quickly and look elderly. Death comes naturally and expectantly to the elves.


5. Appearance

Rune Elves are skinny. Their skin is a peach color, and have ears that measure to be about 2-3” long. Their hair color and eye color matches the color of their element; earth = green, air = teal, water = blue, fire = red, life = yellow, death = black, time = gray, and space = blue-gray. They are shorter than other elves, likely due to magic mutation.


6. Living Habitat

Rune Elves live in forest communities as well as human cities, though are more at home in the forest. They do travel, usually in a desire to understand their magical world better.


7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Elves require 3 meals a day consisting of fruits, vegetables, fungus, small fowl and woodland creature, and water. They must sleep a full night’s cycle every night or suffer from fatigue (-5 from endurance per missed hour).


8. Culture

Rune Elves are typically polytheistic in their beliefs. They enjoy celebrations and festivals and are an open race, but are somewhat leery of outsiders.

Rune Elves take great pride in their family name and use it as their surname. For first names rune elves typically choose names that sound dignified or important.


9. Racial Relations

They do not get along with dark elves, dwarfs, or orc races. They are not necessarily violent to those races, rather they tend to avoid them and ignore them. They are aloof which tends to put many other races off, and have a bit of a superiority complex .


10. Racial Skills & Abilities



Stat and Action CostRange and AreaDurationSuccess Rate

Skilled Concentration
Tier 1

This skill grants you a bonus of 10 to your concentration stat.

N/A self permanent 100

Enhance Magic
Tier 3
Magic Skill

This ability allows you to increase the damage or healing value of your spells by spending SA into them. Every 2 SA spent into a spell with this skill increases your Magic Power by 1 point, for that one instance or one round of that spell’s effect.

spent SA; 1 support per increase of 10 self instant 50

Magical Sight
Race Ability
Tier 1

This ability allows you to see magic as a glow which color corresponds with its element, coming from any magical or magically enchanted target. This effect can called upon at any time by simply spending 2 SA.

2 SA; Free Action self instant 100

Study Habits
Tier 1

This skill allows you to gain skill points even when you fail at using a skill. The amount of skill points is 1/2 that which you would normally gain, but not less than 1. If your Mental stat is 10, you'd gain 1 skill point for success and for failure, but if your Mental stat was 30, you'd gain 3 for success and 2 for failure due to rounding up.

N/A self permanent 100

Battle Mage
Tier 2
Magic Skill

You can use this ability whenever your character defends from a magic attack or is hit by a magic attack. This ability causes your character to absorb 20% of the spell damage and use that absorbed damage to restore his or her SA by that amount. It costs 5 EP to use this instant effect ability.

5 EP; 1 defense self instant 55

Create Rune Stone
Tier 1
Magic Skill

This ability allows you to pour your SA into a ylem stone to make a rune stone. Please refer to the rules about making rune stones in the magic section for more information.

N/A self permanent 100

Magic Sense
Tier 1
Magic Skill

This ability allows you to sense and identify magic in the immediate area. With this ability you can determine the element of the magic, what the magic is , and another properties as determined by the GM. This is a permanent effect ability that has an area of 40 x 40 area blocks or 200 x 200 square feet.

N/A self permanent 100