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1. Quick Reference

RaceRace MaximumsBuildsWeight RangesHeight RangesLife ExpectancyGenders
Adolfite Fortitude: 90
Speed: 70
Mental: 50
Strength: 90
Luck: 60
Will: 60
S: 90-120
M: 121-210
Male: 4'-7'
Female: 4'-6'
Male: 300
Female: 320

2. Brief History

Adolfites are typically savage and reclusive. They keep themselves secluded from the outside world and thus little is known about their history. Their seclusion has also kept them out of Zodo’s grasps during the Magic War, and thus the only fights they have had are tribal conflicts.

Adolfites are not present in the Saga of Ablution campaign.

3. Positives & Negatives

Adolfites are basically wolf-men who have the ability to change into their wolf form at any given time. Being what

Quick List of Modifiers

+10 to Speed
+5 to Fortitude 
+1 to Battle Attack Actions
+20 to Perceive
+10 to Melee
+1 to Initiative
different bonuses in wolf form

they are, they also possesses added agility, strength, speed, and heighten senses in their human form. They also however are somewhat savage and violent in nature.

Adolfite benefit from bonuses of+10 to Speed, +5 to Fortitude, +1 to Attack Actions, +20 to Perceive, +10 to Melee Power, and +1 to Initiative when in man form.

In wolf form the adolfite's Speed and Strength is increased by x 2 , they get an extra +1 to Attack Actions, a +50 to Perceive, an extra +25 to Melee Power and a +20 to Critical Hit %. Wolf Form Adolfites also sport claws that do 50 damage and can bite for 45 damage . Wolf Form Adolfites can learn various skills that dogs and dog like creatures can learn and can use 2-Hit Combo with their claws.

They share many behaviors from their wolf cousins and make great trackers and hunters.

4. Lifespan

Adolfites have two stages of life. The first stage, pup, last from birth until 14. During this stage the young adolfite grows and develops it’s many skills needed for survival. The young adolfite stays at home during this stage. The adolfite also learns hunting and tracking skills during this stage.

The final stage, adulthood, last from 15 until death. To be accepted as an adult, and a member of the adolfite clan in which the adolfite was born into, the adolfite must undergo a long and difficult trial. Those who do not succeed, die. The trial is of course different for male and female, and varies among the various adolfite tribes. It is also during this stage that an adolfite may find a spouse. According to adolfite custom, the male must win the love of his hopeful mate by challenging and besting her other hopeful mates. If there are no other contestants for the female, then it is decided that the female is unfit to be mated and sent into exile. Death come naturally and expectantly to the adolfites.

5. Appearance

In human form, the adolfite would resemble a human of their gender with more than normal hair. Males and females both would have thick hair growth, long, bushy sideburns, and hairy arms and legs. Men also have well developed beards. In wolf form they resemble large wolves.

6. Living Habitat

Adolfites typically live in wooded areas, though they can also be found in mountains and plains, as long as it is far from civilization.

7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

They require one meal a day, and must sleep for one cycle, whether it be day or night, lest they tire out (-5 endurance per missed hour). The sleep cycle must come after five awake cycles.

8. Culture

They are a warrior race, and take great pride in the art of hunting and combat. If an adolfite was to travel, it would be to settle and old vendetta, or to fulfill the wishes of one’s elders. They are polytheistic in belief.

Adolfite do not use surnames. Instead they will refer to the tribe that they are part of, for example, Talon of the Black Moon. First names are often very beast-like.

9. Racial Relations

Adolfites have actually had very little interaction with most races partly because most of them live in the more remote areas of the world. Thus adolfites generally do not have a per race relationship, it is more of a per individual or per tribe relationship with their relationships being based on need, desire, or circumstance. The few races that almost always drive them to violence are the cathar and the liontaur.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities



Stat and Action Cost

Range and Area


Success Rate

Tier 2

This ability allows you to identify and follow tracks. You will be able to learn what made the tracks, how old the tracks are, and be able to follow them as long as they are able to be followed. This is a permanent effect ability. N/A self permanent 100
Tier 2

With this ability you can increase your damage against a predetermined beast type by + 1d20. You must make it know to the GM the type of beast you are wishing to hunt when you use this skill, which are: insect, small mammal, large mammal, small reptile, large reptile, small fowl, large fowl, skeleton, spirit, zombie, vampire, dragon, a particular race, water creature, etc. Once you have determined what you are hunting, the effects of this ability will only work for that type of target. If you wish to hunt another type, you will have to use this ability again. 

20 SA; Free Action self 1d10 hours 55
Race Ability
Tier 1
Allows the adolfite to take on either a humanoid or giant wolf form. Please see the Positives and Negatives section to understand what Wolf Form grants you. The ability for human speech and use of weapons are lost, but Animal Talk can be used to communicate. It cost 5 EP to use this ability. 5 EP; 1 support self instant 100
Night Vision
This talent gives the character night vision, allowing the character to see as well in the dark as he or she can in daylight. This talent removes any perception penalties due to lack of light.

11. Wolf Form Skills

SkillEffectStat CostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Claw Slash
Tier 1
This skill allows the wolf form adolfite to slash with his or her claws, doing an extra 5 damage on top of the claw damage.

5 EP;
1 attack action

1 hex affecting 1 target instant 60 N/A N/A
Powered Claw Slash
Tier 2
This skill allows you to spend SA into your Claw Slash to deal more damage. Every 2 SA spent increases the claw slash damage by 1. This is a free action used with Claw Slash. Must master Claw Slash first. Depends on SA spent 1 hex affecting 1 target instant 55 Claw Slash mastered 50
Powered Bite
Tier 1
This skill allows you to spend SA into your bite attack to deal more damage. Every 2 SA spent increases the bite damage by 1. This is a free action used with your bite attack.  Depends on SA spent 1 hex affecting 1 target instant 60 N/A N/A
Fearsome Growl
Race Ability
Tier 1
This ability allows your wolf form to cause fear in those that are within 4 hexes of your character. The affected can make a Will Check to avoid the Fear Status. This does not affect your allies who know you. It costs 2 SA and 1 support action to use this ability. 2 SA; 1 support a 4x4 hex area around user instant 50 N/A N/A
Warrior's Howl
Race Ability
Tier 1
This ability allows your wolf form to inspire your allies. All allies gain a +5 to their critical hit and critical magic rates and their melee damage is increased by 5. This affect lasts for 1d6 rounds. It costs 5 SA and 1 support action to use this ability. 5 SA; 1 support all allies 1d6 rounds 50 N/A N/A
Wolf Jump and Leap Attacks
Race Talent
In wolf form you can learn the jump and leap attack skills, using your claws instead of a spear. You would only be able to use these skills in wolf form, requiring you to relearn them for human form use.