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1. Quick Reference

RaceRace MaximumsBuildsWeight RangesHeight RangesLife ExpectancyGenders
Yeti Fortitude: 100
Speed: 50
Mental: 50
Strength: 100
Luck: 60
Will: 60
Orc-Large O-L: 350-650 Male: 7'5-11'
Female: 7'-10'
Male: 40
Female: 35


2. Brief History

Yeti are a violent, nomadic, and strong race. Their history is filled with wars, and most wars go on for centuries, even if the reason was forgotten.


3. Positives & Negatives

Yeti are a strong and rugged race. They have impressive strength and can easily hold their own in a fight. They

Quick List of Modifiers

+30 to Melee Power
+30 to Throw Power
+10 to Critical Hit %
+10 to Strength
+10 to Fortitude
+1 to Attack Actions
+1 to Reach
+25 to EP
-5 from Initiative
-15 from Evade 
Flat PR of 25

Saga of Ablution: -15 to Magic Stability

are natural mountain climbers and have a good tolerance to the cold. They are also the only orc race to have any natural armor, their thick hair. However they are very quick to anger. They also have no concern for politeness and tact which often puts them at odds with other races.

Yeti benefit from bonuses of +30 to Melee and Throw Power, +10 to Critical Hit %, +10 to Strength, +10 to Fortitude, +1 to Attack Actions, +1 to Reach (they have a reach range of 2 instead of 1), and + 25 to EP. Yeti also have no terrain movement penalties when traveling through or climbing mountains and hills and possess a natural Flat PR of 25. Yeti are also unaffected by the cold. Yeti have a penalty of -5 from Initiative and -15 to Evade. Yeti are not as mentally strong as other races and therefore are best suited to being a warrior instead of a scholar or spell caster.

 In the Saga of Ablution campaign, yeti have a penalty of -15 to their chance for casting stable magic.


4. Lifespan

Yeti have two cycles in their extremely short life span. The first stage, which last from birth until 9 is their childhood. During this stage they are completely dependent upon their clan, as the entire yeti clan helps out with the children. They will learn skills needed for survival in this stage, as well learn what it means to be a yeti.

The second stage, which last from 10 until their death, is their adulthood. They still usually stay part of the clan, unless it is decidedly better for them to go off on their own. Death is met with open arms as yeti long to be with their ancestors.


5. Appearance

All yeti are generally tall, large, rarely fat. Yeti have thick hair that covers their entire body except their face and the palms of their hands and soles of their feet. They have a uni-brow over their eyes. Their hair color is typically white however brown, black, and red are possible colors.


6. Living Habitat

Yeti dwell within the mountains and high plains of Nor'Ova, and are nomadic.


7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Yeti will eat anything they can find or catch, and require at least 2 meals a day. They must sleep a full night’s cycle every night or suffer from fatigue (-5 from endurance per missed hour).


8. Culture

All yeti have a similar culture. They are typically all nomadic and have a very barbarian lifestyle. They are polytheistic worshiping gods of power and brutality.

Yeti of any kind do not use a last name. Yeti only have one name, which often sounds primitive and guttural to other races.


9. Racial Relations

Yeti don't relate to other races as other races. Instead they relate on an individual basis. If the other person has wronged them, a friend of theirs, or their family, that other person and his immediate family becomes the yeti's enemy. If another person is respectful and helps the yeti, the yeti's friends, or family, then that person and his immediate family is considered a friend to the yeti. Otherwise the yeti is indifferent towards others.


10. Racial Skills & Abilities

SkillEffectStat CostRange & AreaDurationSuccess Rate
Damage Absorb
Tier 1
Using this skill allows you to absorb ½ of the physical damage, having only 1/3rd of it affect your EP. This is a free action. 1 /3 rddamage to EP self instant 60
Damage Redirect
Tier 1
Allows you to redirect 25%, 50%, 75%, or all of your stored damage into your melee strike, increasing your damage dealt by that amount. This is a free action. N/A weapon's range affecting 1 target instant 60
Damage Store
Tier 1
This ability allows you to store your absorbed physical damage so that you can release it later with the Damage Redirect skill. Using this ability to store absorbed damage costs 25% of the stored damage to EP per round. 25% of stored damage to EP per round self until stored damage is released 100
Yeti Roar
Tier 1
Skill that lets the yeti let out a loud roar which unnerves the affected targets, causing them to need to make a will check to attack or use any skills or spells against the yeti. The unnerving effect lasts for 2 rounds. 5 EP;
1 support action
3×3 hex around user instant 50
Support Tier 1
This ability allows you to carry and lift two times your weight limit with no penalties to your movement rate or actions. 15 EP; Free Action self 1d10 hours 60
Skillful Climbing -
Mountains, Cliffs
Tier 1
This ability allows you to climb difficult to climb areas successfully. You must purchase each climbing specializations seperately. The specializations are: MountainCliff, Tall Tree, and Flat Wall. There is no need for climbing ability for easy to climb trees and other areas that can be climbed without training. Each specialization grants you the ability to climb those difficult to climb situations at the EP cost of climbing, refer to Exploration and Gameplay rules for more details. Mountain and Cliff specialization applied. N/A self permanent 100
Ice Immunity
Racial Ability
Tier 2
Yeti's are immune to any ice spell. N/A self permanent 100
The Barbarian
Tier 1
Your character is a natural barbarian. As such you are not keen on using wimpy projectile weapons or flashy spells. Give the barbarian an axe or a hammer any day. Due to this ability, you may choose either Blunt Weapons or Axes for Basic Weapons Proficiency free of charge to start with. Your character will also increase their damage power with chopping or bashing weapons by an extra + 5. However your character's damage power with other weapons that are not chopping or bashing is decreased by -10. N/A self permanent 100
Tough Skin
This talent permanently reduces all damage done to HP by 25% of any felt physical or magical damage. This would be 25% of any damage that would actually be felt by HP, after any absorption or blocking done by armor. This does not lessen ongoing damaging effects, such as poisons or burns.