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1. Quick Reference

RaceRace MaximumsBuildsWeight RangesHeight RangesLife ExpectancyGenders
Fae Fortitude: 40
Speed: 100
Mental: 80
Strength: 40
Luck: 100
Will: 60
Small S: 50-80 Male: 3'-5'
Female: 3-4'6
Male: 300
Female: 350


2. Brief History

Fae are often remembered not for any great accomplishments, but for their mischief. For that reason, fae do not have a comprehensive history to them. Instead they interact with the histories of other races and people.

Faes are not present in the Saga of Ablution campaign.


3. Positives & Negatives

Fae are a quick, agile race which can shrink themselves as small as a large insect. However they are a physically

Quick List of Modifiers

+30 to Speed
+15 to Evade
+5 to Max Success Rate for support skills
+1 to  Support Actions
+5 to Magic Power
+5 to Critical Magic %
+4 to Initiative
-10 from Melee

weak race.

Fae benefit from bonuses of +30 to Speed, +15 to Evade, + 5 to Max Success Rate for support skills, +1 to Support Actions, +5 to Magic Power, +5 to Critical Magic %, and +4 to Initiative. Fae have a penalty of -10 to Melee Power. Fae are able to shrink and grow at will and are highly agile, making them great rogues, archers, and mages.


4. Lifespan

Fae have two stages of life. The first stage, age of development, last from birth until 20. During this stage the young fae grows and develops it’s many skills needed for survival, following the same path a typical human would follow. The young fae stays at home until he or she is at least 20.

The final stage, adulthood, last from 21 until death. During this stage the fae has left his or her family and tries to find a way to fit into this world. It is during this stage as well that a fae may mate and learn to make moral decisions. Basically this is the stage of life when a fae develops who he or she will be. At the end of their life span, the fae create a cocoon out of silk materials and hangs it in a tree. The fae will then seal him or herself in it and perish. The body of the fae during this time shrinks and transforms into a multicolored butterfly, which will fly out of the cocoon and join the natural world.


5. Appearance

Fae are your basic fairy. Though their true form is somewhat shorter than a human, they can shrink themselves to 3 inches tall. Fae usually all have long hair of either blond, reed, blue, pink, purple, or green color. Their eyes match their hair color. Fae also have large butterfly wings which match their hair color. They also have feelers that protrude 18 inches from their head.


6. Living Habitat

Fae live out in the woods in colorful huts within the trees. They are a very flirtatious race who will gladly tease and jest with other races, though are unable of reproducing with them.


7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Fae must sleep a full night cycle and eats a diet consisting of insects and nectar, or give way to fatigue. (-5 from endurance per missed hour).

8. Culture

Fae live in a matriarchal society where there is a queen fae that dictates the lives and routine of the fae race. While this is especially true in the small fae nation, the influence of the queen fae is felt no matter where the fae lives. In the household, it is the mother or the female who is the head while the males take on the domestic matters. Fae are extremely flirtatious and born practical jokers. They are polytheistic in belief, worshiping the four winds and nature, and as so in relationship matters with one fae female often having multiple fae husbands.

Fae do not care so much about surnames, but when relating to others they will state that they are the daughter of and give their mother's name. First names often have something to do with nature or magic.


9. Racial Relations

Fae’s are flirtatious and friendly and will try to get along with anyone, regardless of race. However their practical jokes often make more enemies than friends.


10. Racial Skills & Abilities



Stat and Action Cost

Range and Area


Success Rate

Race Ability
Tier 2
This ability allows the fae to shrink to 3 inches tall or return to normal height if the skill “Grow” was used previously. Speed is doubled but Strength is cut in half if smaller than normal size. It cost 5 SA to use this ability. 5 SA; 1 support self until use Grow 100
Race Ability
Tier 2
This ability allows the shrunk fae to return to normal height or the normal size fae to grow to twice normal height. Speed is cut in half but Strength is doubled if larger than normal size. It cost 5 SA to use this ability. 5 SA; 1 support self until use Shrink 100
Tier 1
This skill allows for flying at triple movement rates. If the fae is carrying more than 50% of its weight limit, then the fae cannot fly. It costs 5 EP to use. 5 EP; Free Action self move rate x 3 100
The Natural Bard
Tier 2
Fae's are natural bards. They get a +10 to Max Success Rate for dancing or singing skills, plus any point value effect (healing or damaging) of their dancing or singing skills is doubled. N/A self permanent 100
Herbal Knowledge
Tier 1
Using this ability you can identify all plants and know their properties. 15 SA; 1 support 1 item in sight instant 60
Acquired Immunity
AAfter becoming poisoned, sick, plagued, diseased, or any other health effecting status ailment, except burns and other such physical problems, the character can develop an immunity to the status ailment. When effected make a Fortitude check. If you pass after you are infected, then your character will develop an immunity to that particular infliction, no longer being able to be inflicted by the same infliction. This must be done for every new infliction of any new health effecting status ailment, including beneficial ones, and happens despite player or character will. This is a permanent effect. Your character can only develop one new immunity per game week.
Strong Willed
This talent makes it more difficult for others to con you, trick you, influence you, charm you, or seduce you in any way. It does so my giving your character a bonus of 20 points to Will to guard against any effect that would take away the control of your character.