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1. Quick Reference

RaceRace MaximumsBuildsWeight RangesHeight RangesLife ExpectancyGenders
Type depends on Runic Element
Fortitude: 100
Speed: 50 
Mental: 70 
Strength: 70
Luck: 70 
Will: 60
S: 90-125
M: 126-210
Male: 5'-7'
Female: 5'-7'
Male: 800
Female: 700


2. Brief History

Saurians are often mistaken for dragonians, or sometimes referred to as draconians. However Saurians have never cared much, and usually simply corrected the mistaken. Saurians have no wings, and appear completely reptilian. They have no dragon in their blood nor do they have any human. The fact is, the first saurians were a by-product of water nymphs, who mutated these lizards into walking, sentient beings to guard their homes and waterways.


3. Positives & Negatives

Saurians can swim, hold their breath for an incredibly long time, and have a high heat tolerance. However

Quick List of Modifiers

+10 to Max Success Rate for defensive skills
+20 to Fortitude 
+1 to Defense Actions
+20 to HP, SA, and EP
Natural PR 
of 30
Magic Protection of 15%

Saga of Ablution: +5 to Magic Stability

Saurians are somewhat stereotyped, and thus gives them a bad reputation. There are various classifications of saurians based on their color, which is decided by their runic element. Each different type of Saurian has unique talents, though no saurian has a breath weapon.

Saurians benefit from bonuses of +10 to Max Success Rate for defensive skills and +20 to Fortitude. They also possess a natural PR of 30 , a natural Magic Protection of 15% to all spells , +1 to Defense Actions, +10 to HPSA, and EP, and can breath underwater. Saurians are also immune to poison, sickness, and nausea. Saurians have sharp teeth that can bite for 20 damage, a tail that can bash for 10 damage, and claws that can do 40 damage. Furthermore Saurians have an increase on their spell's damaging and healing power of + 10. They are deeply connected to their runic element, making them great mages.

In the Saga of Ablution campaign, saurians have a natural +5 to their chance for casting stable magic.


4. Lifespan

Saurians have three stages of life. The first stage, childhood, last from birth until 14. During this stage the young saurian grows and develops it’s many skills needed for survival. The young saurian stays at home during this stage.

The second stage, adolescent, last from 15 until 24. During this stage the saurian leaves his parents and lives with relatives. The final stage, adulthood, last from 25 until death. During this stage the saurian travels the world, looking for a purpose for their life. Death is feared by saurians. They view death as an end of life, and usually fight it to the very end.


5. Appearance

Saurians are tall and fit. They have the appearance of walking upright lizards, with the scale color to match their runic element. They have no hair.


6. Living Habitat

Saurians can be found all over, and it is common to see a saurian travel.


7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Saurians require 3 meals a day consisting of meats and water. They must sleep a full night’s cycle every night or suffer from fatigue (-5 from endurance per missed hour).


8. Culture

Saurians are very much tied to their family and their tribe and usually work for the better of their fellow tribe members. Saurians are often polytheistic in belief.

Saurians typically do not use last names unless they are living in a society where that is common. Instead they will refer to their tribe or clan as their last name. For first names it can be anything and often sounds quite reptilian.


9. Racial Relations

Saurians are more commonly seen and widely accepted than the other reptilian races. They are basically friendly and are able to get along with most races.


10. Racial Skills & Abilities

For all saurians



Stat and Action Cost

Range and Area


Success Rate

Swimming While Armored
Tier 2
This ability allows for treading water and movement through water without sinking or drowning while wearing armor. You do not need this ability to swim without armor. This grants you the ability to swim while armored at the EP cost of swimming, refer to Exploration and Gameplay rules for more details. N/A self permanent 100


11. Elemental Effects

ElementSaurian TypeScale ColorSpecial Attributes
Earth Mercury red-silver blend Scales can excrete poison, causing 1d6 HP damage per round to whoever touches them; 75% resistant to earth based magic
Air Gold gold 75% resistant to air based magic; doubles success points for aeromancy magic
Water Blue blue 75% resistant to water based magic; doubles success points for aquamancy magic
Fire Red red 75% resistant to fire based magic; not affected by heat
Life White white 75% resistant to life based magic; has a low regeneration effect of 2 HP recovered per round or 10 seconds.
Death Black black 75% resistant to death based magic; has a deadly venom that does 3d6 damage per round and can secrete poison from its talons that does 1d6 damage per round
Time Silver silver 75% resistant to time based magic; +1 to all battle actions and cado an extra activity during a round once per battle
Space Mythril blue-silver blend 75% resistant to space based magic; psionic magic effects are doubled