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Year 0 Third Era: What would have been known as 916 of the Second Era, this started at the beginning of the new year, a little less than a month after the defeat of Sulnass Zodo. Instead of marking the new era right at the event later on by historians, this date was officially called and agreed upon by King Armeas Mercleis of Triskelias, Queen Campella of Acadia, King Armir Yerdorin of Middengarde, and Regent Governor Kalnor Res'va, as the official start of the Third Era. High Priest Lector Clairstory was not present to agree upon this declaration, having left with the Orb of Spirit on agreement with Arameas to hide the orb so that it could not be misused again. Within a week of the fall of Sulnas Zodo, Ascian Supreme Commander Jardin Aramir reportedly committed suicide. The ascian, Kalnor Res'va, took his place and surrendered to the Allied Armies. Before the four leaders, Kalnor pledged not only to end hostilities but also to assist in repairing the damages done, disbanding their armies, and releasing their slaves and prisoners of war. Arameas named him regent governor of the Triskelian parish of Ascia. The heroes returned with the Orb of Power and the Orb of Spirit, the later of which as part of their treaty was given to Lector Clairstory to hide. As for the Orb of Power, Arameas could feel well its evil power and the first joint act of Arameas and Kalnor was to develop a tomb deep within the Crystal Mountains to hide the orb, letting the crystal of the crystal rich mountains shield the rest of the world from its evil. Arameas then famously declared to Kalnor and the Ascians, “Your people unleased this horror upon the world, therefore it shall henceforth be your descendants that hide away this evil.”

Year 40 Third Era: Arameas moves the capital from Port Culus to the once ascian port of Bellitose, identifying it not only for its amazing architecure and beauty but also the highly defensive natural port. So enamored by the beauty of the city and the land, he remarked, “Truly, this place shine as if it were made of gems.” Looking for a way to undo the hurt of the long war of the past era, Arameas renamed the nation the Holy Kingdom of Asteria and pledged it to be a forgiving nation that would strive to forever follow the mighty example of Mogen David.

Year 42 Third Era: Lector Clairstory, still looking for a place to hide the Orb of the Spirit though his own spirit is breaking under the constant voices from the orb, comes across the dwarves of Miden Gard. He pledges to help them restore their city if they pledge to build a place deep underneath it to hold and protect his sacred orb. Most of the dwarf chieftains refuse him, knowing him as a priest of Zodo, but one tribe agrees, seeing this as their chance to become the mightiest of the tribes.

Year 45 Third Era: Armeas Mercleis marries Campella of Acadia. Acadia is then merged with the Holy Kingdom of Asteria, which now controls the entire continent of Chalcedonia. For the First time ever recorded, snow falls both on the Parallax and the Pyre Deserts.

Year 50 Third Era: With the help of the Orb of Spirit, Lector helps that clan rebuild a part of Midden Gard well enough for them. They in turn build a sanctuary for the Orb of the Spirit deep under the city, swearing to never to record it. With a conflicted spirit, Lector Clairstory releases the orb in their care. Lector Clairstory then goes on a soul searching pilgrimage, trying to understand his role in this new era and what Zodo would have him to do.

Year 58 Third Era: Armeas Mecleis is born to Arameas and Campella Mercleis.

Year 60 Third Era: Nikolai de'Carte departs Bellitose to undertake a sacred pilgrimage. The Orb of the Spirit begins to poison the minds of the dwarves, forcing their worship. When they wouldn't willingly do so, it releases a plague of Bitterwood upon them. One dwarf is said to have escaped the city and went back to the Caperian Mountains, though his name is never known.

Year 62 Third Era: Zama Aeristare, a xodian cleric of the Church of Mogen David with a very strong faith, is named High Pontiff of the Church of Mogen David by King Arameas Mercleis. He begins a campaign of church building and charity work.

Year 65 Third Era: Hothgard Mercleis is born to Arameas and Campella Mercleis. The birth of Hothgard claims the life of Campella. A mystic tried repeatedly to revive her for the grief stricken king until Zama declared that surely her soul must have went to Elysium the moment she gave birth. As a result, Arameas would ignore his second son, leaving him instead in the care of wet nurses and care takers.

Year 70 Third Era: A few tall yet slender race of giants that call themselves Xenolythians are found wondering the Crystal Mountains. Zama meets with them on behalf of the still grief stricken king to learn more about them. They claim that they are the progeny of a most unholy afair that started when the ascian, Sulnas Zodo, used his two orbs trying to actually create more soilders for his armies. The orbs did so by combining the fallen seraphim of the Light Realm with that of elven maidens, creating the few that were meant to be a new race of warriors. They warn that two dozen were created, and while those few meant no harm, the others may indeed. Zama relays this to Arameas, who in his grief declares that they must be Zodo-spawn and orders their execution. The xenolithians catch wind of this and flee. Zama sets his holy templars on this crusade to find and execute them.

Year 78 Third Era: Grentzen Estabon is born to an unwed couple. The mother was a female cosmopolitan human by the name of Elmira Estabon. The father was one of the twenty four xenolythians who went by the name of Aron. As he had no last name, Grentzen was given the mother's last name. Being part of the odd race, Grentzen is larger than most humans and even some orc races.

Year 82 Third Era: At the death of his mother, Grentzen Estabon joined the Monastary of Zama to become a paladin. He claimed that such was her last request of him, to give himself over to Mogen David fully and to the defend the world against a fear she held on her death bed, of a reemergence of Zodo.

Year 85 Third Era: Finally at peace once again, Arameas Mercleis asks Zama to end the witchhunt against the remaining xenolytes and publicly apologizes for having ever ordered one.

Year 135 Third Era: Arameas crowns Armeas as King. Hothgard, long absent from his father leaves to South Port, south of the Austerlands. Not wishing to have a war between his two sons, Arameas's last act is to decree all lands of the Acanthus Valley and south of the Auster River as belonging to Hothgard, and that neither should have the Austerlands as they should be uninhabited for now on and deemed a sacred site. The Kingdom of Celestia is thus formed and the remaining cities of the Austerlands are emptied, though not everyone agrees to leave. Those that stay behind find themselves cut off from society.

Year 140 Third Era: While dispatched as a paladin to help relocate the city of Silvenesti to just east of Turnkey Valley, Grentzen Estabon ran afoul of some water nyphs. For his trespassing, they berserked the overly large paladin. Before the berserk could be dispelled, Grentzen Estabon slaughtered over half of the citizens of Silvenesti. Armeas Mercleis took pity on his condition but knew he had to be punished, so Grentzen was stripped of his title as paladin and exiled. Wishing to go ahead and mercifully deal with other common criminals, Armeas gave Grentzen command of a ship of criminals and instructed him that he could go to any nation that would have him or settle any land not settled or claimed, but he could never come back to Asteria. Wanting to leave this land of painful memories, Xyster and his wife decide to go with Grentzen. Grentzen and Xyster would soon become best friends.