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"Behold! Forged from the very spoken word of Mogen David and given unto men to defend against the evils of Xodod!" 

- The Epic of Saint Taal, Chapter 34 'The Finding of Legend'

The Sword of Legend is considered the most sacred artifact in Nor'Ova by the Church of Mogen David. While it's construction is said to predate Nor'Ova itself, it has ever played a crucial part many Nor'Ovan myths and legends, hence its name. Some have argued that the sword doesn't exist while others have argued that it may exist but its power and significance is grossly exaggerated. One thing is clear though, the sword itself is legendary.

1. The Myth and History of Legend

The true origin of Legend, assuming that you even believe in its existence, is often in debate. True Legend believers claim that the sword was first created on the mythical world of origin, Xenodelphia. They point to the various scattered ruins that are believed to have come from this world where descriptions can be found resembling the popular conception of the sword.

But there are even more who believe that if Legend is real, it was constructed here on Nor'Ova. They point to the popular belief concerning Legend being the embodiment of the Word of Mogen David as why, saying that it could not have been made elsewhere because Mogen David has only ever been on Nor'Ova.

The problem lies in that no one credible has seen or possessed the Sword of Legend. It is widely believed that Saint Taal Mercleis, the hero who defeated Xerxes Zodo ending the Great Magic War of the First Era, wielded Legend. But the only written record of this is the Epic of Saint Taal which is a highly romanticized retelling of a classic church tale and not a detailed recording of a historic event. So the fact is that no one knows anything factual concerning Legend. All that we have are the myths and legends of this sacred sword, and perhaps a few very vague references to it in the holy book of the Church of Mogen David, the Book of Truth.

According to the myths, Legend is the physical embodiment of the Word of Mogen David. It is described as a sword meant only to bring hope and to chase away the darkness. According to scriptures, the sword works like a normal sword in that it cuts, but if used against an innocent it would shatter into seven pieces and depart from its wielder. It also states that once a true evil is slain with the sword, the evil would be thoroughly destroyed and wiped from the consciousness of the world.

According to the tales, there have only been one wielder of the Sword of Legend here on Nor'Ova, that being none other than Saint Taal Mercleis. It is said that he used the sword only once and it was against Xerxes Zodo. Some fringe tales that are considered blasphemous by the Church of Mogen David state that Xerxes was innocent because he was controlled by Zodo, so when the sword struck its killing blow  it shattered.

Since then crazy tales have come up with the sword being used by all sorts of heros slaying dragons and the like. But these stories are often regarded as nothing more than fantasy, even by the Legend believers.

Perhaps the most puzzling story concerning Legend comes from the Book of Truth's endtime prophesies. Here is the excerpt below.

"It shall come when the world has twisted all of the words of this tome that the Corrupter shall take by deception a sanctified vessel and shall rule the world in darkness and fear for eight great lifetimes of man. When the eight cycle is but at its peak shall come a serpent transformed carrying the Sword of Light and Judgment, and shall strike down the Corrupter scattering him to the four corners, bringing about a terrible ablution and eventual renewal." 

- Visions 34:18, Book of Truth

As you would expect, few can agree what that verse means, but most says it shows Legend being used to defeat evil before the ablution that would reset all things. Many point to Saint Taal's defeat of Xerxes Zodo and the ending of the First Era as fulfilment of this vision, but some say that this has yet to happen.

2. The Sword of Legend Today

The popular belief that is widely accepted by most who accept the Sword of Legend to exist, is that the sword exists in seven pieces. Despite the Church's insistence that this cannot be so, many believe the tale that Taal wielded the sword and struck Xerxes down who was actually innocent, so the sword broke and its pieces are scattered all over.

Over the course of time many have sought the pieces of Legend, but none have ever been successful. Some believe that this is simply because the sword has yet to be truly needed and others claim that only the chosen who is meant to wield it shall find it. Still there are many even today looking to claim this prize and many who would pay a great many shillings to have it. The Church of Mogen David has even put out a reward for it, promising sainthood and glory to whoever brings them the parts of Legend.

3. The Sword Parts in Roleplay

Now that you understand some of the story significance of the Sword of Legend, let's discuss how the sword would function in a role play story.

As indicated above, the sword is a holy weapon meant to only be used on true evil. It is broken in seven pieces, so finding the pieces of the sword could be a grand quest, with the one who finds them being the chosen Beholder of Legend.

The pieces of the sword are the Hilt of Legend, the Sacred Tear, and 5 blade pieces.

3.1. Hilt of Legend

The Hilt of Legend is the handle, cross guard, and a part of the broken blade that is about 4 inches long. It would at this point be more of a dagger than a sword and is very sharp. If used in combat it has an attack value of 15 and does double damage against the undead. It has a reach of 1. It cannot yet be blocked with, and has no weight.

3.2. Sacred Tear

The Sacred Tear is a round pearl-like jewel that sits at the end of the pommel. It can be thought of as a holy anima stone in that it contains a part of the Spirit of Mogen David. Attaching this to the Hilt of Legend makes the sword sentient as you can actually communicate with the Spirit. It also grants the sword a phantom hunter ability, removing any penalty from attacking spiritual enemies.

3.3. 5 Blade Pieces

Each blade piece is roughly 4 inches long and is very sharp. When presented to the Hilt of Legend bearing the Sacred Tear, it will magically fuse with the sword. If the Sacred Tear is not present, the blade pieces will not fuse with the sword.

Alone the blade pieces could be thrown dealing double throw power damage. However once attached to the sword each blade piece increases the sword's damage by 2. Once all blade pieces are put together an extra 5 points is added to the sword's attack power.

3.4. The Sword of Legend Made Whole

Below are the stats of the Sword of Legend once it is made whole.

ItemAttackBlockDPReachWeightOther Information
Sword of Legend 30 25 unbreakable 3 weightless does double damage to undead
no spirit penalty
Adds your positive moral points to attack against dark, evil, or fallen alignments
no damage against alignments of light or better