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1. Introduction

Greetings and welcome fellow adventurers! Gulf Dome Ruins is the first ever produced adventure module for the Legends of Nor'Ova RPG.

This adventure module is a simple dungeon crawl. It contains maps, treasure lists, and suggested foes.

This adventure module is not a full quest or campaign. It is simply a dungeon that you can use with your quests or campaigns. It does not include any role play elements. Those things need to be added by the game master and the role players themselves.

This adventure module uses a dungeon found on the Continent of Chalcedonia – Third Era map, but you could use this adventure module for any of the dome ruins and not just Gulf Dome Ruins if you like. Furthermore you could use this adventure module with your own world setting. This adventure module does require use of the Legends of Nor'Ova RPG Core Rules, which is this wiki, and doesn't require use of any of the campaign settings. The objectives that this module provides can be substituted with any other objective if you so desire.

2. Adventure Info

Here is some quick information regarding this adventure module.

Objective: The GM should provide an object that best fits the campaign. One possible objective is looking for a certain item or artifact that is rumored to exist here. Another objective could be needing to clear it out as it has become a nest of imps. That is the objective we will use in the module.


“The adventuring party have been commissioned by the leadership of South Port (nearby city) to clear out the imp hordes that have made these ruins their den. These imps have been attacking travellers of the nearby road and are suspected of having snuck into the town at night, robbing homes and shops. There is a substantial reward of 1,000 shillings for the eradication of this menace.”

Dungeon Description: Gulf Dome Ruins is an ancient structure from the late First Era. It was at that time a research center where the government of Xerxes Zodo was preforming race creation and modification experiments. The Great Magic War that ended the First Era, the Ascian Conflict during the Second Era, and the slow march of time has claimed much of the Gulf Dome. The portion that is still standing has recently become a den of imps.

Traps: none (unless set by the GM)

Foes: imp groups of each element – available in the Bestiary

Doors: The doors on the maps are color coded. The colors mean different things.

  • BROWN: These are normal doors which are unlocked. Despite their color these doors are not wood. They are made of steel like all doors in these ruins.
  • TEAL GREEN: Easy Lock doors – these doors are locked but can be picked using the Pick Easy Locks skill.
  • GOLD: Normal Lock doors – these doors are locked but can be picked using the Pick Normal Locks skill.
  • RED: Hard Lock doors – these doors are locked but can be picked using the Pick Hard Locks skill. Perhaps there is a key to unlock these doors.
  • PURPLE: Very Hard Lock doors – these doors are locked but can be picked using the Pick Very Hard Locks skill. Perhaps there is a key to unlock these doors.

3. Treasures

The following is a suggested list of treasures that could be found in the Gulf Dome Ruins. These treasures all come from the Core Rule Book. The GM can substitute this list for his or her own treasures or add to the list.

ItemDescriptionSell Value EachWeight EachSpace Taken EachQTY to Find
Diamond Gauntlets Attack: 7; Block: 7; DP: 110; Range: 0 25.00 1.2 5 2
Crystal Armet PR: 3; MR: 9; Other Info: +5 MR against magic of your element 11.69 1.32 6 1
Crystal Scale Cuirass PR: 10; MR: 33; Other Info: +17 MR against magic of your element, -2 Initiative Penalty 180.75 16.5 20 3
5 Four Point Silver Hira-Shuriken Attack: 5 + 1d6; Block: 0; DP: 45; Range: throw range x 2; Other Info: + 1d6 against undead 1.38 0.3 0.1 5
5 Silver Arrows with Serrated and Ripping heads Attack: 5 + 1d8 + 1d6; Block: 0; DP: 45; Range: 0; Other Info: + 1d6 against undead 1.66 0.3 0.05 5
Silver Long Sword + serrated, broad Attack: 10 + 1d6; Block: 6; DP: 45; Range: 2; Other Info: + 1d8 damage against undead 65.86 10 3 1
2d% Shillings 2d% worth of shillings (money) N/A N/A N/A 5
5 Tinticure Restores 10 SA 0.50 0.04 1 2
5 Tonics Restores 10 HP 0.38 0.04 1 2
5 Sugar Water Restores 10 EP 0.25 0.04 1 2

4. Maps

Here is the map, it is a link to the full size map.
Whole Map of Gulf Dome Ruins

As noted before, Gulf Dome Ruins isn't a large set of ruins. It shouldn't take the adventuring party long to explore.

I do hope that you find this adventure module useful and fun. May it add enjoyment to your role playing campaign and provide inspiration for you to create your own dungeons.