"The Holy Land. The Broken Land. The Cradle of Life. All of these things Chalcedonia claims."
- Nikolai de'Carte


The Continent of Chalcedonia is perhaps the largest of the great continents of Nor'Ova. It is also the continent with the most history and storied past. From the O'Lennon to the Andron, from the Miden Shelf to the Aech, this great land is peppered with ruins and ancient reminders of wars and civilizations long past.

Regarded as the Birthplace of Humanity, Chalcedonia is held as the holy land for most religions and cultures. It is here where Mogen David supposedly walked and were Xerxes Zodo ruled with an iron fist. It is here where Spector is said to make his home and the Winds originate. Add in fertile plains and the highly mineral rich Crystal Mountains, and it is no wonder why Chalcedonia has seen more wars and conflicts than any other land in Nor'Ova.

Chalcedonia is divided by four great kingdoms: Asteria, Celestia, Midengard, and Nethil. Chalcedonia also holds lands both unclaimed and unclaimable: the Paralax, Neurostenia, the Chalcedon, and the Austerlands.

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