Fire Elemental

Basic Info

Type: Summon, Elemental

Alignment: neutral

Moral Points: 0

Build: N/A

Habitat: Free Fire Elementals look for places of heat and thus can usually be found in or near volcanoes or near magma pools deep underground. You will never find fire elementals out at sea, in cold climates, or out in the rain.

Appearance: A fire elemental can appear any way its creator desires with humanoid shapes being the favorite and hell cats being a close second.

Runic Element: Fire

Runic Element Information:

  • Effects on Magic Damage: Increase magical damage done against those of the earth element by +10. Decrease magical damage done against those of the water element by -10.
  • Effects on Magic Defense: 20% chance for immunity to fire and earth magic attacks.
  • Supportive Effects: Automatically increase offensive powers (melee, bow, and throw) by 5.

Vital Stats

Stat Name Current Full Modifiers
 HP 100 100  
 SA 100 100  
 EP 100 100  

Armor Stats

Stat Name Current Full Modifiers
 PR 0 0 Natural PR: 25
 MR 0 0 Natural MR: 50


Main Stats

Stat Name Stat Race Max Modifiers
Fortitude 50 95  
Speed 50 95  
Mental 50 95  
Strength 50 95  
Luck 50 95  
Will 2 10  

Secondary Stats

Stat Name Stat Modifiers
Influence 2  
Perception 35  
Weight Limits Carry:  N/A
Lift 1H:  N/A
Lift 2H:  N/A
Success Points 6  
Failure Points 4  
Move Rates World:  5
Area:  50
Battle:  8
Area Ranges Throw:  5
Jump Up:  5
Jump Across:  7
Battle Ranges Throw:  10
Jump Up:  10
Jump Across:  14
Aim 45  
Actions Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Support: 1
Magic: 1
Initiative 5  
Evade 50  
Offense Melee:  5
Throw:  7
Bow:  3
Critical:  50
Magic Stats Magic Power:  5
Critical:  50
Magic Power: +10

Skills & Abilities


Skill or Ability Effect Stat & Action Cost Range & Area Duration Skill Points to Skill Mastery Skill Mastery
Pyromancy Magic Able to cast any pyromancy spell with its mastery depending on the tier. Tier 1 = 90%, Tier 2 = 70%, Tier 3 = 50%, Tier 4 = 30%, Tier 5 = 10%, Tier 6 = 5% depends on spell depends on spell depends on spell N/A Tier 1: 90
Tier 2: 70
Tier 3: 50
Tier 4: 30
Tier 5: 10
Tier 6: 5
Magic Absorb Using this skill allows you to absorb ½ of the magical damage, having only 1/3rd of it affect your SA. This is a free action. 1 /3 rd damage to SA self instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Magic Redirect This skill allows you to redirect either 25%, 50%, 75% or all of the stored magic damage into your magic spell attack, increasing your total damage by that amount. This is a free action. N/A spell's range instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Magic Store This ability allows you to store your absorbed magical damage so that you can release it later with the Magic Redirect skill. Using this ability to store absorbed damage costs 25% of the stored damage to SA per round.

Combat Notes

Most fire elementals want to return to the fire, seeking volcanoes and other sources of fire to return to. Some elementals are upset and go on rampages. If there is a large fire, a fire elemental is usually to blame.

Fire elementals cannot go through water and prefer to avoid it. They have access to any pyromancy spell. A fire elemental has a 5% chance of catching anything flammable nearby on fire. Anything flammable a fire elemental touches burns for a full round. A fire elemental’s attacks cannot be protected against by armor, unless the armor is made to protect against fire
elemental magic attacks. Contrary to belief, fire magic is simply absorbed by the fire elemental but does not regenerate the fire elemental’s HP.

Fire Elementals are immune to physical damages. Fire Elementals attack with a burning fist that does 1d20 extra points of damage and has a 20% chance of catching fire anything that is flammable.



1⁄4 pounds of Red Glass: Make a luck check to see if the elemental leaves behind 0.25 pounds of red glass.
1⁄4 pounds of Silver Ylem: Replaces Red Glass if successful luck check is lower than 5.
1⁄4 pounds of Ruby: Replaces Red Glass if successful luck check is 5 and greater but lower than 11.

There is no monetary or equipment reward.

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