Abilities, are not skills, but they work as part of the skills system. You cannot master or improve abilities. They simply give more perks to your character. There is no limit to how many abilities your character can get, and you can acquire an ability for your character at any time throughout your character's life. To acquire a new ability for your character you simply need to
spend the required amount of skill points, and make sure that you meet the abilities Requirements and Restrictions.

Unlike Talents, you can get abilities at any point in the life of your character. Also abilities do not have any handicaps attached to them. The do cost skill points to acquire though.

Abilities are categorized into similar categories as skills. These categories are Offensive Abilities, Defensive Abilities, Momentum Abilities, Character Abilities, Support Abilities, Magic Abilities, and Racial Abilities.

  • Offensive Abilities: Offensive Abilities are abilities meant to do or increase damage or the damage-dealing ability of your character.
  • Defensive Abilities: Defensive Abilities are abilities that help defend your character or other characters from harm.
  • Momentum Abilities: These are abilities that either affect your character's movement, other character's movement, or their momentum.
  • Character Abilities: These are abilities which affect how your character relates to others, or how other characters view your character.
  • Support Abilities: These are abilities which boost your character's abilities, skills, skill learning rates, or knowledge.
  • Magic Abilities: These are abilities that help with magic use, improve magic effectiveness, or help your character better deal with magic.
  • Racial Abilities: These are abilities that improve aspects about your character's race and racial skills.

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