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What is Legends of Nor’Ova?

First off let me be the first to say welcome. Welcome to a new world of intrigue and fantasy. Legends of Nor’Ova is a type of game known as an RPG, which stands for role-playing game. Like all games of this type, Legends of Nor’Ova is a game where you take on the role of a created character and live out his or her life in a fantasy setting.

There are dungeons and caves to explore and towns to interact in. There are dangers as well as treasures.

However Legends of Nor’Ova is a rpg unlike any other. Legends of Nor’Ova is designed with the player in mind. It is designed to allow the player to create a character that is as unique as the player, and truly become immersed in the game setting instead of focusing on building a powerful character. With its unique systems in place, the player can create a character that best represents what the player wants to play, and enjoy the game without having to focus so much on character stats and improvement.

In this wiki you will find everything you need to play the game. 


What is needed to play?

First of all, it should be noted that this game should not be played with less than three people. Legends of Nor’Ova can be played with as many people as the GM can handle as long as there is a minimum of three people. The reason you need at least three people is because one player will be the GM,. If there were only
two people it would not be as fun as there wouldn’t be any other player characters to interact with.

Once you have gotten together a group of players, you all need to decide on a player to be the GM (game master). This player needs to be fair and have good knowledge of the game. He or she should have read this book and have a basic understanding of how things work. It should also be noted that the GM should not play a character. This is to keep things fair and allow the GM to focus more on the story and providing the players with a good game. Having a character may unintentionally cause the GM to be biased. Also since the GM will know all the details of his or her campaign, the GM’s character may exhibit unnatural knowledge of what is going on and may be viewed as being unfair to the other players. 

Once you have decided upon a GM you need to make sure you have everything ready. The supplies you will need are…
✔ Character sheets for each player
✔ Skill sheets for each player
✔ Blank notebook paper for each player
✔ A set of polygonal dice consisting of at least 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d12, 1d20, and 2d10 or percentile dice
✔ A calculator is recommended
✔ A pencil for every player
✔ A battle mat or graph paper for battling or poster board with square grids drawn on it
✔ Indicators (figurines, coins, marbles, etc…) to indicate each player’s character
✔ The Legends of Nor’Ova Wiki (this site)
✔ Maps and an adventure ready

Once you have everything together and have chosen your GM it is time to get started. The following sections of this wiki will tell you everything you need to know to play the game. 


This Wiki Can Be Used With the Forum RP

The information in this wiki can also be used in the forum RP. You may need to ignore the stats part - unless the RP makes use of them, but for the most part, all of the information found in the Wiki also works for the forum RP.



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