One of the first things a curious and intrepid roleplayer may notice in the role play is all this talk about eras. But what does that all mean?
In this topic I will give an explanation concerning all of the era's of Nor'Ova's existence and what triggers the change to a new era.

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1) What Are Eras

Eras are simply measurements of or periods of time. Currently the latest era in Nor'Ova is in the Second Era, but there has been actually three eras of Nor'Ovan history, four if you count the era before Nor'Ovan time. That is because just like earthlings have a Before Common Era, Nor'Ovans have a Before the Eras.

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2) What Are The Eras

The Eras of Nor'Ovan History and Time are:
The Xenodelphian Era: This is the Era of Creation, so to speak, the Era before normal time and space. During this era Archelus was still creating the universe and Zodo had taken parts of the material and created a galaxy-wide super world, Xenodelphia. When Xenodelphia was ultimately destroyed and its parts and stolen life were sent back across the cosmos in a big bang, the normal time finally began.
Before the Eras: This is the first era of Nor'Ovan Time, and perhaps the longest of the Nor'Ovan Eras. Counting backwards from the formation of Nor'Ova to the arrival of the Chalcedon, this period spans approximately 8,500 years (much longer though if you include the Xenodelphian Era as some scholars do).
The First Era: This is also known as the Modern Era as magic was still not a large part of Nor'Ova. Magic and the Runic Elements were always there since Nor'Ova's creation, it is just that the people pf Nor'Ova still could not interact with them. This is the age of technological growth and the era that would ultimately define what Nor'Ova was to become. It lasted exactly 2050 years before ending in the climax of a global nuclear war that ultimately became known as the Great Magic War? Why was the nuclear war referred to as the Great Magic War? Because this is when magic came about via the experimentation of Emperor Killian Xerxes, later discovered to actually be Kious Zodo, who was looking for more weapons as the nuclear war was destroying all modern weapons and via the nuclear mutation that eventually spread through every survivor and their descendants, unlocking in them the long dormant connections with the Runic Elements.
The Second Era: This is the era following the Great Magic War, though it took historians a while to start calling it a second era. This is the era the people of Nor'Ova discovered their connection with magic. This is an era of rebirth and rediscovery. At its start is a terrifying existence dealing with a failing underground society and the radiation left over after the Great Magic War. This era of course had its own conflicts such as the Ascian Conflict and the Dragon Wars.

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3) How The Eras End or Change

The event that marks the changing of the eras, with the possible exception of the change from Before the Eras to The First Era, are known as Breakings. Breakings are events of a global nature that are so massive that nothing is the same afterwards.
The Breaking was at the end of the Great Magic War and the defeat of Kious Zodo. It ended the First Era.

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