With some professions, once you reach a certain point in character development, you can open up a combo profession. This combo profession would allow you to to learn new skills and gain new bonuses along with your main profession. This is called a Combo Profession.

Combo Professions are not usable from the start. You must meet certain requirements to open a combo profession. Once the combo profession is open you can choose to move into it or not. It is up to you.

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1) What Happens When You Choose A Combo Profession

When you choose to use a combo profession that has opened up to you, it replaces your primary profession. The profession that you have chosen at character creation is your primary profession. It will be replaced by your combo profession. Once that happens both the skills in your combo profession and what was your primary profession are in profession for you, meaning that you will acquire them at the in profession cost. Profession growth however will now follow your combo profession.

You will not loose any of the benefits you had already acquired through growth of your primary profession, however you will not aquire any new benefits. All growth benefits will now come from your combo profession.

Your combo profession may also change any weapon or armor restrictions you may have, as well as your salary.

If you do not choose to go into an opened combo profession you will stay in your primary profession.

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2) The Combo Professions

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