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These are components that cure status effects, including poisons and death.

ComponentDescriptionRestrictionsSA Cost ChangeCost for Component
Revive This allows this spell to bring your target back to life, thus curing the Death status effect. The amount of resurrection is determined by the applied healing power component. The duration of time you have upon death to be able to use a spell with this component by default is 1 round, but that can be changed by adding a duration component.

By default this component uses healing power components to determine the amount of HP restored upon revival. It also has a default of 1 round time that you can use this component to revive a dead target, which can be changed by applying duration components.

So if you wanted to recreate Spark of Life, you would need to add the following components:

  • Resurrection
  • 1 Flat Rate Healing Power
  • 5 - 1 round components
  • instant duration component
  • 1 target component

However, for a full revival, you can make use of the Full Revival Option:resurrect with fully restored HP for an additional 40 SA cost increase.

N/A +8 SA 50 skill points
Remove Status Effect This allows the spell to cancel or remove a status effect from a target or location. You can apply area and/or range components to specify the target of the spell. You add the status effect component that you wish the spell with this component to cure. Basically, you will need to add a status effect component with this component. This component will cause the spell to cure or remove the attached status effect. So if you wanted to cure weak poison, you would attach a weak poison component with this component. If you wanted to cure all poisons, you would attach a lethal poison component, as poison removal would remove the attached poison component and lower, unless of course your GM decides other wise.

If you wanted to make a remedy spell (remove all except death) you would add one of each status effect component except death and countdown.

If you wanted to make a dispel spell, which ends any on going magic effect, add the Death status effect component.
N/A +1 SA 20 skill points