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These components dictate the range of a spell.

ComponentDescriptionRestrictionsSA Cost ChangeCost for Component
1 Area Block Have your spell's range increased by or affect 1 area block (outside of battle use). N/A +4 SA 20 skill points
1 Hex  Increases or adds 1 hex range to your spell. When creating a spell, you can decide the spell has 1 hex range without increasing the spell's SA cost. However each additional use of this component on that same spell will increase its SA cost by 1 per application. N/A +1 SA (first application free) 5 skill points
1 Target Use this component if you want your spell to affect any 1 target on the battlefield. If you create a spell you can apply this component once without increasing its SA cost. However, you can also apply this component more than once if you have a multiple part spell that has the potential of attacking more than 1 target, so any additional application of this component will increase the spell's SA cost. N/A +4 SA (first application free) 10 skill points
Targeted Spell The allows a spell to target a body part, you can only choose one per application. This has the benefit of reducing the amount of PR or MR since only the PR or MR of the targeted body part applies.

Body parts you can choose are:

  • Arms (both): +10 SA
  • Head: +15 SA
  • Torso: +5 SA
  • Legs (both): +5 SA
Can only be applied once per spell. See Description 25 skill points