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These components dictate the area a spell could affect.

ComponentDescriptionRestrictionsSA Cost ChangeCost for Component
Large Area of Effect This is a spell creator defined range that covers a large area outside of battle. This is typically used to indicate a long range that spans a level on an area map, or across long distances on the world map. N/A +10 SA 50 skill points
1x1 Hex Area This is an initial 1x1 hex area, meaning it only affects 1 block or hex on a battlefield. You will want to apply this component for each additional hex that you want to cover. If you wish to have a 3x3 hex area of effect spell, you will need to apply this component a total of 9 times (simply 3*3=9).

If you applied this component 9 times, the SA cost will only increase 8 times, thus giving your spell an SA increase of 8.
N/A +1 SA (first application free) 5 skill points
All Allies Use this component to either make the spell affect all allies or to make all allies immune to an area of effect effect. N/A +10 SA 25 skill points
All Enemy Targets Use this component to cause your spell to effect all enemy targets or make it so that enemy targets cannot be affected by your area of effect spell. N/A +10 SA 25 skill points
Aura Causes an aura that provides the spell's effect for the applied duration, around a target where hitting or interacting with the protected target could cause the spell's effect to take place. N/A +2 SA 10 skill points
Battlefield Use this component to cause your spell to effect the entire battlefield and everyone on it. N/A +5 SA 10 skill points
Line of Sight Adds a line of sight area of effect component to your spell. With line of sight, you can add 1 target components to affect any target in the caster's line of sight. You can also add area of effect 1x1 hex components to make a spreading cone. Line of Sight can be limited as well. By default line of sight has no real limit, it simply is as far as the caster can see. However, a limit can be placed by specifying a limit. For example, one can say "line of sight up to 8 hex".

As long as the limit placed is 10 battle hex or less, applying a limit decreases the SA increase by half.

If you want to make a cone effect, simply make use of 1x1 area hex components. Stat with 1, then 3, then 5, and so on. You can specify when the cone widens. You only need to apply the cone SA increases and character point costs when you add another width to the cone, so if you do two rows of 3x1, you will only have the SA increase for those three 1x1 components once.
N/A +4 SA 10 skill points