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For far too many ages to count, there has only been one narrative - Zodo is the villain. Often classified and vilified as the Dark God, many wars have been waged against his followers and his pretenders over many countless years. Many who sought power either took up the claim of Zodo or the noble intentions of cleansing this world from Zodo's corruption. The wars against Zodo and his kind have driven the world to the brink and lead to many breakings, the greatest and most deadly being the Ablution Event that ruined the world and left magic vastly instable. Nor'Ova was on the verge of collapse, and the corrupt only seemed to be gaining in power.

I carry this sword not out of desire but simply to stop those lusting for power from claiming it. In truth the only way to save Nor'Ova is not to kill Taal Zodo, but to save him. All things bear light and darkness, even Zodo, and for Nor'Ova to ever be right again that balance must be restored.
- Saint Tiana, Beholder of Legend in the Fourth Era

Few, if any ever truly believed the words of Tiana. They simply saw her as a woman driven mad for her love of the enemy, Taal Zodo. And for good reason. Not only was Taal Zodo's rule iron-clad and harsh, but the destruction from his war with Ardatha over eight centuries prior and the constant teachings of the Church of Mogen David about just how evil he was instilled a great amount of fear and hatred for the once celebrated paladin. The war against Taal Zodo was inevitable, as was the coming destruction of Ablution that would follow. The world was blind to the truth, unable to see who the true villain was.

I fear this power that I have awakened. His grand promises of safety and renewal have turned out to be out right lies. Even now, I gasp silently in abject horror as He steals the souls of the highest ranking rube knights, replacing them with the destroyed souls of his reapers. Truly, He wishes nothing more than to wipe the slate clean and start anew with only mindless slaves to serve him. I can only hope that those five find her and are successful in the path destiny set them on, for I fear that I haven't much longer before I lose my soul and the world breaths its last breath.
- High Priest Amos in a letter to a friend regarding Kious Zodo

It seems that from the very beginning of time that it was not Zodo that was the enemy, but merely an aspect of him - the Will of Zodo. The Will set into motion the very acts that would lead to his separation from Zodo, the destruction of Zodo's created world, and even the sealing away of the part he damaged the most - Soul. The Will then worked to instill in the hearts and minds of all life a fear of Zodo. His greatest farce was to take the story of Kymara's (the Life of Zodo) sacrifice, removing even her name and replacing it with the created title of Mogen David to create a whole movement and religion that overtime would move away from a religion of good deeds to a religion against Zodo.

The Will's plan was simple. He wanted to be the one and only god and to have all life to worship him faithfully and completely, with no will to do anything but.

Behold, the great utopia in the sky - Xenopolis. A floating remnant of Xenodelphia that no one no matter how great their magic or technology can reach unless he so desires it. There a created race worships the so-called void, bending to his every Will. I wonder, what will become of them when he tires of them and is finally ready to make his move.
- Kami-Yuri (the Spirit of Zodo) in a warning to Arameas Mercleis about an Ablution to come and the dangers to follow

For countless years since, the Will of Zodo ruled Xenopolis, a floating set of fragments from Zodo's destroyed world of Xenodelphia. He created a race there that worshipped him entirely, and to distract them from the outside world he created dangers for them to defend their home from. All the while the Will stripped from his own name any traces of Zodo, replacing it with the Void, and continued to fuel a hatred for all things Zodo and even all things different. Using his servant, Joasri the Lord of the Shadow Realm, the Will pushed forward his own agenda to get Taal to take on the Power of Zodo which he had already corrupted. What the Will had not and could not count on, is the strong will of Taal overpowering the destructive tendencies of Power. So the Will secretly led Tiana to discover the parts of the sword Legend and set into motion a great confrontation that would bring the world to its knees.

The Ablution Event. It wrecked the world like no other breaking prior had done, resulting in a world sliding ever further into ruin and decline, plagued by rogue magic and magic storms and made the natural power of elemental magic unstable.

It was during the Fifth Era that the villain, the Will of Zodo, finally showed his face. He first appeared before a wildman named Amos, mostly restoring his sanity and making him the head of his new church. He then would later possess a man named Kious, the illegitimate and unfortunate orphan offspring of Taal and the elf queen LieAnia Na'Dir. Making Capa City the seat of his power, he rose an army of Rube Knights, the highest of which he would "bless" with the soul of a departed reaper, and set into motion a grand scheme designed to push the world into a war that would lead to its destruction. He even secretly moved to make Tiana and Taal's daughter, Tala, start to find the pieces of the sword Legend, willing for her to use it to destroy Kious and bring about a final Ablution.

But thankfully for everyone's sake, a curious spirit awoken in five newly knighted rubes, which would lead them not to blindly follow the Will, but to seek to restore all of Zodo and restore the balance. This awakening is often accredited to their chance encounter with the Informer, who was really the Spirit of Zodo in disguise.

Look around you, what do you see? The long dead of the very people who served the Will without fail, trapped in a repeating nightmare so that even their souls can't find rest.
- Kami-Yuri (the Spirit of Zodo) to the five rube knights that would come to save us all when she showed them Xenopolis

After many great struggles, the five, working with the other parts of Zodo and with the hero of Chalcedonia, Ian Mercleis, and the once host of Power, Taal Zodo, managed to defeat the Will of Zodo and not only force a restoration of Zodo, but also a great balancing of Zodo and all of Nor'Ova. From the ritual performed, two Zodo's emerged. Taal Zodo became the Divine Zodo and Tyrius Zodo the Dark God. And with their birth came a great change to all Nor'Ova as some lands floated into the sky and parts of Xodod merged with the surface. Nor'Ova became perfectly balanced, and remaining true to Saint Tiana's proclamation almost seven centuries prior, life and stability returned. A glorious new Sixth Era was born, an era of hope, magic, life, and the ever delicate balance between light and darkness.

It would take five centuries before the people of the world, protected by the combined power of Taal Zodo and Tyrius Zodo, would emerge upon the changed world and rebuild. The knowledge of technology that they had to cling to to survive in the Fifth Era was lost, forever replaced with greater control and understanding of magic. Magic based technology now reigns supreme with great magic-powered airships uniting the skylands above and magic domes protecting the cities of the Sundered Lands below.

What is the Sixth Era Campaign?

The Sixth Era, unlike the other campaigns listed in the wiki, isn't itself truly a campaign but a setting for campaigns. Forsaken Legends and Saga of Ablution both have a distinctive narrative, a set end goal, and while other stories can be made in those settings they are limited in a way. The Sixth Era though isn't made to be like that. Instead, it is a grand setting for you to make your own campaigns and stories in. There is no longer a defined villain or a set adventure to follow. Instead within the pages of this setting you'll only find the tools to help you flesh out your Sixth Era story.