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The Great Awakening, also called the True Ablution and the Great Restoration, changed a great many things in Nor'Ova. The unification of Zodo and the split between light and dark brought about a new era of unprecedented balance and greater magical power. This is not to mean that the world became a paradise. Instead it became a world true to its name, a world teeming with magic and possibility, split between the light and the dark all in the name of true balance.

One of the first acts of Taal Zodo and Tyrius Zodo, as the two great deities became known as, was a restoration of all that had been lost in this world due to their great many wars. The races of old lost to the Desecration and Ablution events were reborn into this world, and any powers lost to the races were restored. Together they came to live with the races that survived and the races of Xodod upon the Sundered Surface and the Great Skylands.

Races Restored

All races of the core race lists are playable again in this era. Races that have lost their abilities or their runic elements, such as Deztunians, have had their abilities restored. As such, you can play any race in the core race list as they are written.

Races of the Fifth Era

The new races of the fifth era; the Xenian, Banshee, Shade, and Celestial also remain. However they are no longer runeless and can use any of the runic elements. In fact, the runeless state no longer exists in this era. Xenians furthermore are no longer able to use the magic of Xodod as Xodod is rumored to be no more, now merged with the surface.

New Races

There are a few new races in the sixth era. One race isn't really new and that is the Kaba'ni. In fact they have existed since the late First Era. However they have hidden themselves away from the world and have only returned after the dawn of the new era. The Namara however are a new race rumored to be the direct result of great magical power upon an already mutated class of plant life.