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Magic in Nor'Ova has went through many changes throughout time. From just being an unexplainable force that only a few could tap into before the Great Magic War, to a readily available force all could use following the Great Magic War, and then a terribly unstable force in the Fifth Era, the one thing that is certain is that magic has never been static.

The dawning of the Sixth Era brought about yet another great change to the magic of the world. Following a feat unimaginable with the unification of Zodo and the Great Balance, magic has not only been restored, it has achieved balance and greater control. Once again the world of Nor'Ova has become a world driven by magic and once again technology has fallen to the wayside, given rise only to the magic tech pioneered in the previous era.

The Elements and The Runeless

The great eight runic elements have refound their balance with the duo deities Taal Zodo and Tyrius Zodo ruling the world. Their greater balance has caused them to awaken even more power and siphon away power that once was boundless. As a result, the state of being known as Runeless has become extinct. Since the dawning of the Sixth Era, no more runeless have been born and it has become impossible to strip someone of their runic soul. The runeless born to the fifth era have all but died out, with only the few xodian runeless still holding on to this day.

It is therefore no longer possible to create and play as a runeless character. Your character must be of one of the eight runic elements in the Sixth Era.

New Magic Skills

As a result of greater magical power and use, a few new magic skills have been born into this world. One of the most interesting is the awakening of spiritual familiars, which we will cover in another topic in greater detail. However, the other skills are nothing to scoff at, for with them mages can now combine spells with casters of other elements, strengthen spells with their own life, and potentially even more.




Stat and Action CostRange and AreaDurationSuccess Rate


Cost to Acquire


Magic Combo

This ability allows you to combine a spell that you cast with that of an ally at the time your ally casts the spell, as long as your runic elements are not opposing elements. This allows you to combine the effects, including damaging or healing power, with that of the other spell, accepting the longer duration and larger area of effect of the two. For example, one could combine Fire Streak with Lightening Pins, so that both spells hit all the targets each round for the Lightening Pin's duration covering the area of effect of the Lightening Pin spell, despite the fact that Fire Streak is a 1 target spell. For this to work though, both must be able to be cast at the same time, with one of you forgoing your magic action on your actual turn for the combined spell to cast.

1 support per person self and 1 ally instant 55

a minimum of Tier 2 reached in your magic field, can't be used with an ally with an opposing element

100 skill points


Life Empowering

This ability allows you to expend some of your life to make your spell more effective. For every 1 HP you spend, your spell damage or healing power increases by 2. This cost a support action for every 25 HP spent. Spent HP cannot be recovered until the next round.

HP Spent; 1 support action every 25 HP spent self instant 55

a minimum of Tier 2 reached in your magic field

100 skill points