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In the sixth era, magic has not only regain its stability, but has also become empowered. New energies long dormant have awakened within the runic elements, blessing their users with greater magical power. This is true for all magics, including Geomancy.

Geomancy has always been a magic of the earth, with its magical power balanced between the opposing energies of the mountain and the crevasse. In the sixth era, a third power has awakened, the power of the mother Ova. This is the power over the flora of the world, the very things that grow within the earth that the geomancer is linked to.

Below you will find a complete progression tree showing the spells of old with the spells new to this era. Only the spells new to the sixth era will be found here however, for the rest you need to look at the Geomancy page.

Geomancy Sixth Era Progression Tree

Geomancy Sixth Era Magic Spells Progression Tree v8a

New Geomancy Spells

TierGeomancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
1 Entanglement With this spell you summon thick vines to entangle the enemy target. The target must make a strength check to free him or herself to move or act. Others could try to hack away at the vines or burn them, which would release the trapped target but any damage done is done to the target. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target until strength check passed 60 N/A 50
2 Acorn Shot With this spell you shoot at great velocity 1d10 large acorns at a target in a straight line from you. Each acorn hits the target for 1d10 + magic power (per acorn) damage. A critical magic will daze the target for 1 round.  20 SA;
2 magic
1 target in a straight line instant 55 Entanglement mastered 100
2 Ova's Hand With this spell you conjure up a massive leaf that can either take you straight up or down, or up or down at a gradual angle, at a distance of three times your movement rate. The leaf can carry any amount of weight and can easily carry up to 10 people. The leaf however is flammable so beware. 20 SA;
Free Action
self and up to 9 people until movement done 55 Tracker's Mind mastered 100
2 Ova's Shield This spell grants you and your allies a one-hit protection spell. When you or your allies are hit, a great, thick wall of bark will appear absorbing 1d% percentage of the attack, before being destroyed. Each ally and yourself get your own "shield". 20 SA;
2 magic
self and allies until hit 55 Grounding mastered 100
2 Serpentine Roots With great rage you conjure up massive roots that seek out your target and run straight into your target. The damage done is 4d8 plus magic power and it is piercing damage, with 20% of the damage going straight to HP. 20 SA;
2 magic
1  target instant 55 Gravel Pelt mastered 100
3 Deadly Sap This spell causes you to sweat a deadly, toxic sap that you can coat your weapons with. Any target that touches you or is touched by your coated weapon, receives 2d8 poison damage until cured.  30 SA;
3 magic
self 1d8 rounds 50 Earthen Angers mastered 150
3 Ent Guards With this spell you create a massive ent. The ent is your personal body guard. It will block 75% of all damage done to you. You can order the ent to guard a friend for a round but then the ent will be unable to guard you for that round. 30 SA;
3 magic
next to self 1d4 rounds 50 Ova's Hand mastered 150
3 Oaken Skin This spell turns your skin into thick oak bark. This gives you a natural PR and MR that is half of your HP. Despite being natural though, the PR and MR can be destroyed if you take enough damage, however any healing spell that heals your HP can heal your oaken skin, and will heal it first. 30 SA;
3 magic
self or 1 ally until spells given PR and MR is depleted 50 Ova's Shield mastered 150
3 Rain of Thorns With this spell you send a volley of thorns up into the sky. The massive thorns come raining back down over the spells area, dealing 3d20 plus magic power damage to every target in the area, friend or foe. The thorns are piercing with 10% of the damage dealt going straight to HP. 30 SA;
3 magic
a 4x4 hex area up to 6 hexes from you instant 50 Serpentine Roots mastered 150
3 Whip of Thorns This spell grants you a great vine covered in thorns that you can use as a whip. It has an attack power of double your magic power plus your magic power, and a range of 8. You can use whip skills and apply the whip effects if you have whip mastery. The thorns give the whip piercing damage, with 10% of the damage dealt going straight to HP. 30 SA;
3 magic
self 1d10 rounds 50 Acorn Shot mastered 150
4 Awaken Dryad With this spell you awaken a spirit of the forest, a dryad. The dryad will stick to your side for the spell's duration,  doubling your magic power and SA while restoring 1d10 HP per round to you.  40 SA;
4 magic
self 1d10 rounds 45 Ent Guards mastered 200
4 Ova's Trap This spell summons a great flytrap that wraps its feeding leaves around the target. The target then has 1d6 + 1 rounds to be saved before being ate alive. The only way to save the target is to use fire magic on the trap or hit the trap with an axe or sword, but any damage done to the trap is also done to the target. Also each round the target's PR and MR decrease by 10. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target you can see until target is freed or dead 45 Whip of Thorns mastered 200
4 Skin of Thorns This spell coats you or your ally with a protective barrier of thorns. You cannot harm yourself with these thorns, however, anyone who melee attacks you will receive double magic power + 10 damage, with 10% of the damage going straight to HP. 40 SA;
4 magic
self or 1 ally 1d6 rounds 45 Oaken Skin mastered 200
5 Woodland Sentential With this spell you turn yourself into an ent. You become impervious to physical attacks and your geomancy spell power, SA, EP, and strength are all doubled. However, axes can do normal damage to you and fire does double damage to you. 50 SA;
5 magic
self 1d10 rounds 40 Either Chamelonism or Skin of Thorns mastered 250
6 Nature's Wrath With this spell you summon the fury of Mother Ova upon your enemies. A terrible hurricane comes raging onto the battlefield, and every enemy target must make a Balance check with a 25 point penalty. Any target that fails is instantly removed from the battlefield swept far away. Anyone who succeeds received 12d10 plus magic power damage. 60 SA;
6 magic
all enemy targets instant 35 Woodland Sentential mastered 300