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In the sixth era, magic has not only regain its stability, but has also become empowered. New energies long dormant have awakened within the runic elements, blessing their users with greater magical power. This is true for all magics, including Aeromancy.

Aeromancy has always been a magic of the air and the winds, with its magical power balanced between the opposing energies of the west wind and the tornado. In the sixth era, a third power has awakened, the power of the Siren. This is the power over the sound of the world, the power of audiomancy. In the time before, audiomancy was a power without an element, an unstable form of magic pioneered by the runeless that could somehow manipulate sound. But now with the balance restored, the powers of sound have become one with the powers of air and have greatly stabilized.

Below you will find a complete progression tree showing the spells of old with the spells new to this era. Only the spells new to the sixth era will be found here however, for the rest you need to look at the Aeromancy page.

Aeromancy Sixth Era Progression Tree

Aeromancy Sixth Era Magic Spells Progression Tree v8

New Aeromancy Spells

TierAeromancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
1 Auditory Imbalance With this spell you cause an imbalance in the target. The target will need to make Speed Checks each time the target moves. If the target fails a Speed Check, the target falls down and needs a move action to get back up. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 60 N/A 50
1 Echo Perception This spell allows you to hear the slightest echo. If you are blind or have visual instability, you no longer suffer the perception penalty or need to make a perception check for the duration. If you are not blind or have visual instability, you gain +2d8 to your Perception for the duration. Deafness renders this spell ineffective.  20 SA;
2 magic
self or 1 ally 1d8 rounds 60 N/A 50
2 Otic Tearing This spell sends a powerful sound pitch into the ears of the target where it tears and pulls from within. This causes the target deafness for 1d4 rounds and deals the target 4d8+5 magic damage. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target within 10 hexes instant 55 Air Burst mastered 100
2 Siren's Lullaby This spell calls upon the positive aspect of sound, the siren. The siren appears and sings a slow paced lullaby. All enemy targets must make a resistance check or will fall asleep until something wakes it. 20 SA;
2 magic
all enemy targets instant 55 Auditory Imbalance mastered 100
2 Sound Dislocation This spell lets you send any sound you desire to a different place. You can send the sound of your words, the sound of noise, the sound of other people's words, any sound at all but only one source of sound and only a minute of that sound at a time. You can send this sound to any place you can see or any place that you have been. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 source of sound to another location 1 minute of sound 55 Echo Perception mastered 100
3 Auditory Hallucinations With this spell you cause the target to hear things that are not there. This distracts the target. The target will have to make perception checks with a 20 point penalty to distinguish real from not real, to defend, to evade, to attack, to do anything. The target will have to make a mental check as well or may believe that his or her ally is an enemy.  30 SA;
3 magic
1 target 1d12 rounds 50 Siren's Lullaby mastered 150
3 Sonic Shot This spell concentrates sound into a tight orb which it then sends in a straight line from the caster in the direction you are facing. Any target, ally and enemy, in the shot's path is dealt 6d10 magic damage. 30 SA;
3 magic
straight line from caster instant 50 Otic Tearing mastered 150
3 Sound Location With this spell you let out a high pitch echo in the hopes of finding something that you wish to find. As you get closer to that something, you will hear a hum that will get louder. The spell can also be used to warn you of any nearby traps or other dangers. No one else can hear the sound. 30 SA;
3 magic
self until destination is reached 50 Either Sky's Perception or Sound Dislocation mastered 150
4 Audio Blast With this spell you cause an explosion of sound. All in the area, including yourself, will take 4d20 magic damage. 30 SA;
3 magic
a 3x3 hex area around a spot chosen by you instant 45 Sonic Shot mastered 200
4 Banshee's Reaping With this spell you call upon the dark side of the siren, the banshee. The banshee will go to every target, ally and enemy, and attempt to reap that target. Enemies must roll a 1d6, with 6 killing the target. Allies must roll a 1d% with 100 killing the ally. You are immune. 30 SA;
3 magic
battlefield instant 45 Shriek of the Lost mastered 200
4 Molecular Vibrations With this spell you let loose a very high frequency sound that no one can hear at an obstacle in your way. The sound causes the molecules of the obstacle to vibrate at such high intensity that you can walk through the obstacle.  40 SA;
Free Action
affecting up to 6 feet from you effect lasts for 10 minutes 45 West Wind's Charge mastered 200
4 Suggestive Whisperings With this spell you make strong suggestions to the target of your choice. The target must make a Self Control check with a 15 point penalty. You can increase that penalty by 1 with every 2 extra SA you spend. If the target fails, it must do whatever you suggest it to do. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target instant 45 Auditory Hallucinations mastered 200
5 Audio Slave With this spell you make a target your slave. You have complete control over the target for the duration of the battle. The target can make a self control check with a 20 point penalty to avoid this and a self control check with a 40 point penalty per round to break free. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target duration of battle 40 Suggestive Whisperings mastered 250
5 Song's End This spell creates a countdown of sorts for the target. A song will start above the target and last for three rounds. At the end of the third round, the target must make a will check with a 20 point penalty or kill itself. 50 SA;
5 magic
1 target 3 round countdown 40 Audio Blast mastered 250
6 Vibrations of Creation This powerful spell recreates the violent sounds and vibrations of creation on the battlefield. All the sudden the battlefield shakes and shutters in the violent throws of creation. Every enemy target takes 10d12 magic damage. The caster rolls a 1d3, multiplying the damage against the number rolled. The caster and allies are protected in sound proof bubbles. 60 SA;
6 magic
all enemy targets instant 35 Song's End mastered 300