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In the sixth era, magic has not only regain its stability, but has also become empowered. New energies long dormant have awakened within the runic elements, blessing their users with greater magical power. This is true for all magics, including Aquamancy.

Aquamancy has always been a magic of water, with its magical power balanced between the opposing energies of the sea and the glacier. In the sixth era, a third power has awakened, the power of the desert. Where the power of aquamancy has always been in manipulating water, with the power of the desert aquamancy can now completely remove water as well.

Below you will find a complete progression tree showing the spells of old with the spells new to this era. Only the spells new to the sixth era will be found here however, for the rest you need to look at the Aquamancy page.

Aquamancy Sixth Era Progression Tree

Aquamancy Sixth Era Magic Spells Progression Tree v8

New Aquamancy Spells

TierAquamancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
2 Aqua Pull With this manipulation, you hit the target with an aqua seed, only to pull back at the last minute. This causes the aqua seed spell to do double damage. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 55 Aqua Seed mastered 100
2 Hallucinations of Hope With this spell you pull away at the water of the target, causing the target to experience hallucinations. These hallucinations are that of hope, of friends and allies rallying to the target's aide and of success. Meanwhile while experiencing these visions, the target is dazed. The target can make a resistance check with a 10 point penalty to avoid the effects of this spell.  20 SA;
2 magic
1 target 1d4 rounds 55 Glimmering Hope mastered 100
3 Desert's Thirst This spell pulls away all the moisture from the target's mouth and throat. This causes the target to lose 1 of each action to drink while also causing 1d20 damage per round. If the target has no access to drink, the target receives 2d20 damage per round. 30 SA;
3 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 50 Evaporilion mastered 150
3 Ethereal Visions This spell allows you to cloud you or your ally's mind with dehydration just enough  to experience visions. Make a mental check. If you succeed, the visions are true visions which can show you upcoming dangers, past events, or even information on what you are fighting. Really the uses are limitless and should be worked out between you and your GM. If you fail however, the visions are all lies and false yet your character will believe them to be true. 30 SA;
Free Action
self or 1 ally instant 50 Hallucinations of Hope mastered 150
3 Scorpion Jab With this spell you sharply pull  away water from the target, replacing it with poison. This does instant damage of 3d20 and deals 1d20 poison damage per round until cured. There is no immunity to this poisoning. 30 SA;
3 magic
1  target until cured 50 Aqua Pull mastered 150
4 Deadman's Thirst This manipulation makes the target so incredibly thirsty that it takes damage. The target receives 6d12 magic damage per round. No amount of liquid can quench this thirst, it must run its course.  40 SA;
4 magic
1 target 1d8 rounds 45 Scorpion Jab mastered 200
4 Desert's Trick This terrible spell calls upon the incredibly parched desert to inflict the targets in the affected area with hallucinations. They will be incredibly thirsty and see a body of water. Each target will make a will check with a 30 point penalty. If the target fails, it will move its move rate until it reaches the destination you set. Once reached, the targets will be stuck in quicksand unable to move for 1d6 rounds. This spell can be used to cause targets to move to a spot where you set up a trap or set up an area of effect spell. 40 SA;
4 magic
a 3x3 hex area around a spot of your choosing, forcing them to move 12 hexes in any direction of your choosing until spot reached plus 1d6 rounds 45 Ethereal Visions mastered 200
4 Desert's Warding This manipulation places a warding around you and your allies which repels 50% of all water magic damage. 40 SA;
3 magic
self and all allies 1d4 rounds 45 Glacier's Armor mastered 200
4 Desperate Desires The effect of this dark spell is to cause the target to get so thirsty that the target will stop attacking and try to satisfy its thirst anyway it can. It will drink all of its water if it has any. It will then drink all of its potions the next round. And for the third round, it will harm itself attempting to drink its own blood before sense returns to the target. The target can make a Keep Self check with a 25 point penalty for the spell, and if it fails, a will check for round 2 at a 30 point penalty and round 3 at a 40 point penalty. Round 2 will cause the target to drink any and all potions, including poisons and acids so apply any of those effects. Round 3 is 4d12 HP damage with a roll on the d6 with 6 = death. Target cannot do anything else for those 3 rounds. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target you can see 3 rounds 45 Desert's Thirst mastered 200
5 Hypernatraemia This terrible spell marks the end of the target as the target is dying of dehydration. The target has 3 rounds to drink 1d10 uses of water to reverse the spell. By the third round if the target has failed to do so, the target is dead. If the target kills the spell caster, the spell will end. As this is technically a status effect, dispel or death of magic will not end its effects. 50 SA;
5 magic
1 target within 6 hex 3 round death countdown 40 Desperate Desires mastered 250
5 Mace of Water's Bane This spell summons a great mace to be your weapon. This mace deals 6d20 plus magic power damage as well as inflicts Desert's Thirst on the target with each critical hit (however the effects don't compound - only one desert thirst at a time). Finally, the mace will remove any water protective spells from the target. You can use mace or bashing weapon skills and the bashing weapon mastery abilities and effects with this mace.  50 SA;
5 magic
self 1d10 rounds 40 Desert's Warding mastered 250
5 Mermaid's Gasp This cruel spell causes the target to drown on air. The target must submerge its head (or however it breaths) in water to survive. If there is no water nearby, the target will protect the aquamancer  and beg the aquamancer to cast water spells such as drown upon it. If 3 rounds go by with no relief, the target passes out, but doesn't die. However, the spell is in effect for 4 rounds, so if the target gets within a body of water (or the spell Drown), the target will actually drown to death on the fourth round. 50 SA;
5 magic
1 target you can see 4 rounds 40 Deadman's Thirst mastered 250
5 Sandstorm This spell attempts to summon a terrible storm. However the storm is devoid of any water and instead fills itself with sand and debris. It rages across the battlefield doing 10d12 plus magic power damage to all enemy targets. Yourself and your allies are protected within bubbles. 50 SA;
5 magic
all enemy targets instant 40 Hail Storm mastered 250
5 Sub-Zero Desert This spell instantly freezes the battlefield into a sub-zero desert. All fire spells instantly go out. All water spells instantly freeze. Any liquids exposed freeze. The ground becomes frozen permafrost. Yourself and your allies must make a Fortitude check, if you succeed you will be spared from the frozen temperatures. If you fail, you will not. Enemies can make a fortitude check but with a 30 point penalty. Those who fail find themselves freezing to death, receiving 5d20 magic damage per round plus frostbite status effect. 50 SA;
5 magic
battlefield 2d8 rounds 40 Glacier's Last Breath mastered 250
6 Harbinger of Doom This spell turns you into an agent of the parched desert, a terrible chimera. This gives you your magic actions per head (3 heads), as well as making you immune to all water and fire based attacks. You are also granted 100 PR and MR yet your armor will not protect you in this form nor can you hold any weapons. Every physical attack you do deals 1d6 poison damage that does compound to any existing poison damage. 60 SA;
6 magic
self 1d10 rounds 35 Mace of Water's Bane mastered 300