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In the sixth era, magic has not only regain its stability, but has also become empowered. New energies long dormant have awakened within the runic elements, blessing their users with greater magical power. This is true for all magics, including Mysticism.

Mysticism has always been a magic of the earth, with its magical power balanced between the opposing energies of the spirit and the soul. In the sixth era, a third power has awakened, the power of the light. This greater control over all energy brings far more power to the capable mystic mage.

Below you will find a complete progression tree showing the spells of old with the spells new to this era. Only the spells new to the sixth era will be found here however, for the rest you need to look at the Mysticism page.

Mysticism Sixth Era Progression Tree

Mysticism Sixth Era Magic Spells Progression Tree v8

New Mysticism Spells

TierMysticismEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
1 Light Shield This spell provides you or your chosen ally a small buckler shield made of light. This shield can be used with the block or magic block skill and provides 5 MR. It has a block rating of 5d6. If the user doesn't have block and magic block, the ally will have the missing skill at 25% mastery during the duration of the spell, but the mastery will never increase. 10 SA;
1 magic
self or 1 ally 1d6 rounds 60 N/A 50
1 Glow With this spell you can cause a small object, weapon, or body part to glow brightly. This glow produces enough light to light up a 20x20 area block area.  10 SA;
Free Action
20x20 area block around enchanted target 1d4 rounds 60 N/A 50
2 Light Armor With this spell you provide yourself or an ally a set of armor made of light. The armor grants the wearer 1d20 PR and 2d20 Flat MR. 20 SA;
2 magic
self or 1 ally 2d6 rounds 55 Light Shield mastered 100
3 Embracing Light With this spell you surround yourself or your allies with a protective orb of light. That orb will absorb up to 5d12 points of any kind of damage. Once the orb has absorbed any amount of damage, the spell ends. Only one light orb per ally/self. 30 SA;
3 magic
self and allies until hit 50 Light Armor mastered 150
3 Light Jumping This spell allows you to teleport in a beam of light to anywhere you can see in the battlefield. If you grab onto anything or any other target (ally or enemy), that object or target will also teleport with you. 30 SA;
Free Action
self instant 50 Either Unnatural Strength or Light Armor mastered 150
3 Light Storm This spell covers the area of effect with a terrible storm of laser beams. Any target, ally, enemy, or yourself, that is caught in the area of effect during any point of the spell's duration will receive 8d8 magic damage, for each round the target is caught in the spell's area of effect.  30 SA;
3 magic
self 1d8 rounds 50 Flash Burn mastered 150
3 Star's Protection With this spell you summon the positive source of all light, a star. The star offers you or your ally of your choosing protection. The star will decrease all damages done to the protected by 1d% percentage during the duration of the spell. Furthermore, if anyone melee attacks the protected, the attacker will be struck with visual instability and a blast of light that deals the protected's magic power worth of magic damage. 30 SA;
3 magic
self or 1 ally 1d10 rounds 50 Bearer of Life mastered 150
4 Fire's Warding With this spell you summon the negative source of light, fire. Fire offers warding to you or an ally of your choosing, for a price, coating the protected target in a red glow. Any magic spell done to the protected target will be redirected back to the attacker. Any arrows or crossbow bolts will be burnt away before they can affect the protected. Any other projectiles will do half damage. Any melee attacks against the protected will cause the attacker 3d12 burn damage to HP for 1d6 rounds. The protected will suffer 1d8 burn damage to HP per round for the duration of the spell. 40 SA;
4 magic
self or 1 ally 1d10 rounds 45 Life Fire mastered 200
4 Flash Explosion This spell causes an explosion of pure light. All enemy targets will suffer blindness for 2d4 rounds. Any target in the area of affect, ally and enemy, will suffer 8d10 magic damage. Allies and the caster are protected against the blindness effect of the spell. 40 SA;
4 magic
a 4x4 hex area around a spot of your choosing instant 45 Light Storm mastered 200
4 Light Guardian This spell summons a being of pure light for each of your allies and yourself. During the duration of the spell, you can have the light guardian do one of three things: heal you for 4d20 HP, guard you blocking 4d20 worth of any kind of damage, or attack a single target doing 4d20 magic damage. 40 SA;
4 magic
self 1d10 rounds 45 Embracing Light mastered 200
4 Light Travel This spell allows you to travel to anywhere you have ever been at the speed of light.  40 SA;
Free Action
self instant 45 Light Jumping mastered 200
5 Fire's Death With this spell you summon the negative source of light, fire. This spell forms a magical red light that resembles fire within the target. For the first round the target is caught on fire, receiving 5d20 magic damage and unable to cast spells. When the second round comes, the fire instantly dies, and the coldness comes to fill the void left by the light fire. The target receives another 4d20 magic damage and must make a Fortitude check. A failed Fortitude check causes the target to suffer frost bite. 50 SA;
5 magic
1 target 2 rounds 40 Fire's Warding mastered 250
5 Mass Light Travel With this spell you and all of your allies can travel to anywhere you have been at the speed of light. 50 SA; Free Action self and all allies instant 40 Light Travel Mastered 250
5 The End of the Tunnel This spell begins a death countdown on the target. The target has 3 rounds to make a Fortitude check with a -35 penalty. If the target fails by the third round, the target dies instantly. 50 SA;
5 magic
1 target 3 round death countdown 40 Twins of the Inner Storm mastered 250
6 Big Bang This spell pumps every enemy target full of light. The target must make a Fortitude Check with a 30 point penalty. If the target fails, the target explodes violently, with the light exploding out of the target, and the target dies. Those that succeed their check are hit by the exploding target and the exploding light, receiving 10d20 magic damage. If all targets succeed, the light still explodes dealing each 7d20 magic damage, but the targets themselves don't explode. The caster and allies are protected. 60 SA;
6 magic
all enemy targets instant 35 Fire's Death mastered 300