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In the sixth era, magic has not only regain its stability, but has also become empowered. New energies long dormant have awakened within the runic elements, blessing their users with greater magical power. This is true for all magics, including Necromancy.

Necromancy has always been a magic of death, with its magical power balanced between the opposing energies of the serenity and pain. In the sixth era, a third power has awakened, the power of decay. This greater control over all stages of death brings far more power to the capable necromancer.

Below you will find a complete progression tree showing the spells of old with the spells new to this era. Only the spells new to the sixth era will be found here however, for the rest you need to look at the Necromancy page.

Necromancy Sixth Era Progression Tree

Necromancy Sixth Era Magic Spells Progression Tree v8

New Necromancy Spells

TierNecromancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
1 Scent of Decay This manipulation lets from you a terrible scent that smells like that of a decaying dead animal. This causes all targets within the area of effect the Sickness status effect and causes anyone outside of the area of effect to make a will check to come within the area of effect. 10 SA;
1 magic
a 4x4 hex area around caster 1d6 rounds 60 N/A 50
2 Deterioration This spell causes objects such as doors, locks, even walls to deteriorate until they fall apart. The length of time it takes depends upon the object and is up to the GM. The stat cost is per minute. A good example of this spell is to use it to break an easy lock. After two minutes the lock breaks and falls in pieces to the ground. You cannot use this spell on armor or weaponry or on living things.  20 SA per minute;
Free Action
1 target within 6 feet until ended, SA depletion, or object destroyed 55 Deconstruction mastered 100
2 Elemental Decay This spell causes targets within the spell's area of effect to have their magical potency deteriorate as their very control over their runic element fade. Those caught within the spell's area of effect will have their total magic power, be it total spell damage or even spell healing power, decreased by 1d% percentage. Furthermore, this spell adds a 1d20 worth of points penalty to casting any spells for the affected targets. 20 SA;
2 magic
a 3x3 hex area around a spot of the caster's choosing 1d6 rounds + the effect lasts an additional 2 rounds after the spell ends or target leaves the area 55 Graveyard's Warding mastered 100
2 Muscular Dystrophy The power of this spell wrecks havoc on the muscles of the target, causing the target to require making strength checks to attack and balance checks to remain standing. Each check has a 2d12 penalty. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 55 Deconstruction mastered 100
3 Deadman's Shell This spell changes your skin or the skin of an ally of your choosing, to that of a dead man. Physical damages are reduced by 30% and there is a 15% chance that the attack will heal the protected instead of harm it. 30 SA;
3 magic
self or 1 ally 1d6 rounds 50 Vampiric Strain mastered 150
3 Mental Decay Casting this manipulation causes those within the area of effect to experience a loss of mental capability. Their SA is halved and their magic actions are decreased by 1. Their magic power is also halved.  30 SA;
3 magic
a 3x3 hex area around a spot of the caster's choosing 1d6 rounds + the effect lasts an additional 2 rounds after the spell ends or target leaves the area 50 Elemental Decay mastered 150
3 Rise of the Doomed This spell starts as Release of the Doomed. It isn't until a target makes a successful strength check that it is realized something has changed. When the target frees itself, the doomed comes out of the ground and tackles the target to the ground, requiring the target to make another strength check and loose another round. The target can make an evasion check with a 15 penalty to avoid this. 30 SA;
3 magic
all enemy targets read description 50 Release of the Doomed mastered 150
3 Stages of Grief This dark spell inflicts all of the classic stages of grief all at once. The first round is denial, where the target won't admit to anything is wrong and acts as normal. The second round is anger, where the target goes full on berserk, unable to do any skills or spells but does triple melee damage. If the target was casting a spell that would have casted during this round or would still need to be in casting during this round, the spell ends and is not cast. The third round is bargaining, where the target protects the caster with hopes that the caster will end the spell in return. The fourth round is depression, where the target looses all will to fight so every damage and healing spell or attack is reduced by half. The fifth and final round is acceptance, where the target finally accepts its fate and makes a will save with a 20 point penalty. If the target fails, the target kills itself. If the target succeeds, the spell ends with the target left as it was. There is no saves for this spell, except saving grace with a death. This is an invisible spell for the purposes of evading. 30 SA;
3 magic
1 target 5 rounds 50 Last Cry mastered 150
4 Bitterwood Pandemic This terrible spell brings forth upon the victim the terrible symptoms of Bitterwood without unleashing the highly contagious and deadly disease. Bitterwood is a plague that causes the target to rot as it lives, feeling every pain of the process. This spell causes similar feelings without any actual rotting. For each round the target will receive 3d20 magic damage, with each round adding a 1d12; so that the first round is 3d20, the second is 3d20 + 1d12, the third is 3d20 + 2d12, and so on. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target 2d6 rounds 45 Plague mastered 200
4 Physical Decay This terrible spell brings forth physical decay to all affected. Everyone effected will have their EP and Strength cut in half, and their melee, bow, and throw power further cut in half. 40 SA;
4 magic
a 3x3 hex area around a spot of the caster's choosing 1d6 rounds + the effect lasts an additional 2 rounds after the spell ends or target leaves the area 45 Mental Decay mastered 200
5 Army's Decay This powerful spell is the dark cousin to the mystic spell, Balance of Forces. This spell works best if your party is outnumbered. This spell counts the amount of companions with you, including yourself. Then it seals away all but the same amount of enemies within a small energy orb with only enough room to fit the target it captures. That way, the magic sees the combat as fair. For every member of the party there is one target. Every time a free target dies, another is released until all targets of the spell are released. If there becomes more allies than enemies, the magic will take a random ally away as well, to make things even. The differences are that you cannot make an orb to trick the spell, and any target that was taken away and then returned is returned at half HP, SA, and EP.  50 SA;
5 magic
battlefield duration of battle 40 Death of Magic mastered 250
5 Death Unattained This spell creates a feeling of terrible depression and pain within the target. Each round and at the start of the spell, the target will make a Self Control check with a 30 point penalty. If the target fails, the target will attempt to kill itself, but be unable to. Instead, the target will do normal melee damage to itself, with at least 10% of it going to HP. If the target's HP is dropped to 0, the target's HP is restored to 1 and the target passes out for the remainder of the spell having terrible dreams of trying to kill itself and failing. If the target succeeded its Self Control check, the target is spared for that round and can act as normal until the next round when the target must try again. 50 SA;
5 magic
1 target 1d6 + 1 rounds 40 Bitterwood Pandemic mastered 250
5 Grave's Beckoning With this spell the shrill tone of the grave affects the ears of every enemy target. During the spell's duration, the target will not try to defend, evade, or make any saving throws - including saving grace or will checks. 50 SA; 5 magic all enemy targets 1d6 rounds 40 Death of Magic mastered 250
5 Nightwalker's Curse This spell transforms the caster into a powerful vampire. Craving blood, the caster is unable to cast spells. However, the target's melee, bow, and throw power double. The caster's speed also doubles and the caster can use magic actions as a second set of attacks per round. And finally all damage done to the caster is reduced by 30%. Each attack the caster does drains 10% from the target's HP to restore the caster's HP. 50 SA;
5 magic
1 target 1d10 rounds 40 Serenity's Protection mastered 250
6 Zombification This strange spell allows the caster to grant an ally all of the benefits of a zombie, by turning that ally into a zombie for the time being. The ally can no longer use spells but can still use skills. All damages done by the ally is tripled and all damages done to the ally is halved. Furthermore, the ally has a 25% chance for the damage dealt to actually heal the ally.  When the spell ends, the ally returns to normal but dazed for 1 round. 60 SA;
6 magic
1 ally 1d10 rounds 35 Death Unattained mastered 300