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General Goods & Services is where you can purchase the everyday things you need for your adventure. Here you can stock up on rations, camping supplies, tools to aid in your adventuring, and supplies for your guns should you have any. You can even pick up some reading material and tools to help you catch and even grow your own food.

These items are often overlooked or put off as a last-minute thing. This could be very dangerous. Here you can find the one major item that your character’s life may depend upon… food. If you do not stock up on enough rations you will be forced to try to live off of the land, a task that may prove too difficult for you and one which may result in your character’s early demise.

Therefore it is very important that you save enough money for at least some rations, and that you take into consideration all of the items that you may purchase here.

Selling General Goods

You can sell any general goods that you do not need. You will be offered half of what the selling cost is.

Equipping and Storing

Most items found here need to be stored in some form of storage device. You should be certain to list the item name, quantity, weight, space taken, and any description that you need to understand what the item is and does. Some items found here can be equipped, but for the most part, these items should be stored.