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Here is a basic listing of the gods and goddesses of the Nor'Ovan world with a brief description of each.

 Archelus: The Creator; he's the guy that created the universe, but he doesn't hang around the individual worlds much - he created gods to do the care taking. He is only about one thing, creation. His first creation was a god to create and maintain power, Zodo‚Ķ.

 Zodo: The god of power and magic, now broken into 6 parts, 1 of which are scattered now all over Nor'Ova. Why did he get broken up? Well, he thought he could out-create Archelus, so while Archelus was creating the universe, Zodo was stealing worlds and combining them into a massive galaxy-size world, where he would be seen by all and worshipped by all. Archelus didn't care for that, so he worked with Zodo's two created children and broke Zodo up into 6 parts. For information about the 6 parts, refer to the post on the Parts of Zodo.

 Mogen David: Created by Archelus to be the good god of Nor'Ova, he's basically the soul savor, made to save spirits from being taken up by the Soul of Zodo. Some believe Mogen David to be Archelus re-incarnate as Mogen David. Many hope for Mogen David to rescue them from all the evils of the world, unfortunately all he rescues are souls.

 Spector: The Grim Reaper, Death; Spector is the God of Death and the Dead. He was originally Xeno, one of the two created children of Zodo. When he witnessed his brother Kamele loose himself, Xeno volunteered to become death, practically begged for it, for he was suffering so from his brother's self-demise into hatred. Spector is in charge of determining the time of death and overseeing the sorting of departed souls - those that Mogen David doesn't immediately collect he has to send to Xodod.

 Norvus: The natural god, the god of the earth and rock, the geomancer's god. Norvus is the mover of mountains and sculpture of the land. He has been dormant for quite some time though.

 Ova: The mother goddess, of nature and of birth. The mystic goddess. Wife to Norvus.

 Zephyr: The West Wind, one of the Four Winds. Zephyr is the good wind, the favourable wind - friend to sailors and adventurers. Zephyr dislikes Zodo, any part of him.

 Eros: The East Wind, one of the Four Winds. Eros is the foul wind, the wind of ill news and the wind of bad fortune.

 Tyria: The North Wind, one of the Four Winds. Tyria is the cold wind, the goddess of winter.

 Solara: The South Wind, one of the Four Winds. Solara is the warm wind, the goddess of summer. Her dance with Tyria is said to make spring and autumn.