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1. Basic Information

Religion: Davidism

Religious Identity: The Church of Mogen David
Founding Date: Year 60 BTE though many of it's principals are traced back to an even older religion.
Religious Center: Since the Ablution Event there hasn't been a central location for the Church of Mogen David. Instead, each major city that worships this religion has their own set of doctrines and each church practices independently.

Religious Authority: Since the Ablution Event the leader of each church is the religious authority. There is no one main leader anymore and the titles and distribution of authority is different within each church.  

Religious Scripture: Their religious scripture is a book containing various "books" written by prophets and disciples entitled the  Vitale Scribius, which is more commonly called the  Book of Truth or the Book of Life
Core Values: They believe in the Laws of Mogen David. Teachings such as love thy neighbor, and judge not lest ye be judge, they teach that each must be like Mogen David in all aspects of life. Their teachings dictate to them the founding of all life to the end of all life. In their beliefs they will all go to spend eternity in the pits of Xodod after death if they do not accept the salvation of Mogen David, and repent of their sinful ways.  

Religious Holidays: Mogen's Day: 35th of Fore Yule; Resurrection: 3rd Solas of Narvinye; St. Tiana Day: 28th of Marpenoth; St. Calyna Day: 29th of Marpenoth

2. History

The Church of Mogen David was officially founded in the year 60 B.T.E. The leaders of the various churches of Mogen David gather in the town of Aureas, where they not only finally record a common book for the young religion, the Vitale Scribius, which became more commonly called the Book of Truth or the Book of Life; they also established a central church. The Orthodox Church of Davidism however did not start until after the Great Magic War, in the year 60 of the Second era, by a group of dissenting priests and bishops. They believed that the Church of Mogen David placed too much emphases on worldly leaders, and not enough of Mogen David.
According to their scriptures and popular belief however, the true founding father of the religion was the Mogen David himself. His name was also lost amongst various translations, and eventually the Great Magic War. However their oldest scriptures are linked back to the Archelians. The fact that they pray to same God does little to disdain any hard feelings among them. Another religion also holds some parallelism and similar text, the Ardathians.
According to the Church of Mogen David, in the year 298 BTE  Zodo's Soul once again has been hard at work at warping and perverting the minds and souls of the Nor'Ovans. Knowing that only his own spirit could protect the souls of Nor'Ovans and satisfied that the other Hosts had their respected parts of the Universe well tended to, Archelus set in motion a great plan. He transformed himself into a mortal man, Mogen David, and descended upon Nor'Ova. He was discovered as a young boy coming down from Cardinal Point, a singular reddish mountain in the northern most part of what was then called the Ascian Continent. He was discovered by a farmer plains elf, Arnoth of the Cardinal Point tribe, who became known as Arnoth Lightbringer.
In the year 276 BTE  Mogen David's messages and teachings of peace, forgiveness, and love as well as his disdain for the traditions that the Archelist priests made law in Archelus's name caused the Archelist priests to view Mogen David as a false prophet. Customary to the rules and laws of the time, false prophets were hung from trees or temple walls and gutted. Such was the case for Mogen David, hung from a tree in garbage dump of the ascian town of Bellitose. But when they went to gut him, Mogen David had already given up the ghost, but not before stating that he forgave them.
By the year 200 BTE the first churches of Mogen David, of the new religion of Davidism, began to show up. They were created by the original disciples of Mogen David. Each differed than each other though, as there was no singular written record of Mogen David's teachings. Instead, each disciple had recorded what they remembered. In the spring of 180 BTE The Spirit of Mogen David first descended upon Nor'Ova and could now be called upon those who desire protection from the Soul of Zodo's spiritual perversions. This event was marked with a event where the first believers of Mogen David started speaking and understanding the divine language of Archelus, who they now regard as transformed into Mogen David.
The church spread until the year 2034 of the First Era when Xerxes Zodo outlawed the belief. The amount of worshipers of the Church of Mogen David dropped drastically as it survived only hidden from few or in rebel freedom figther lands. Using great technologies, Xerxes Zodo persecuted the Davidists, proclaiming that they were bad for peace. And as technology advanced, so did new ways to torture Davidists. Religious scriptures were often destroyed when found, so Davidists had to find new ways to record their holy book. Often changing dialects and languages such practice accidentally led to the permanent removal of certain passages and names. But at least, the core messages remained intact. In the year 2066 of the First Era, The Second Great World War, known by many now as the Great Magic War began. Countless were still loyal to Xerxes Zodo's government, but many more, especially Davidists, longed for the times when Xerxes Zodo was not around. Under direction of the paladin Taal Mercleis, they were able to defeat Xerxes Zodo in the year 2078 of the First Era, also commonly called year 0 of the Second Era.
After the fall of Xerxes Zodo, and of first era society, referred to as The Breaking, the Davidists worked to reestablish society throughout Nor'Ova, and continue to work to spread the word of Mogen David to areas long forgotten. The Church continued to spread during the Second and Third Eras despite constant attacks by Zodoist and Zodo himself. In the Fourth Era the Church almost fell apart thanks to the deception of a man known as Sataar who was in fact the leader of the zodo-church Lector Clairstory. After the Battle of Capa City in 840 of the Fourth Era, Armeas Mercleis, emperor of Asteria, reorganized the church and removed the title of Priest Errant, making the Church of Mogen David answerable to him.>

After the defeat and supposed final death of Zodo in 850 of the Fourth Era (the fall of Taal Zodo) and the resulting Great Magic Apocalypse (also known as the Ablution Event) that started the Fifth Era, the Church struggled to survive. No longer existing as one unified church, the religion continued through word of mouth and teachings within the underground shelters. When the people of Nor'Ova finally came above ground and built their cities, they all attempted to build the central church for the Church of Mogen David within their city. Being cut off from others in other lands and too remote from other cities within their own land, the result has been that the church is not unified, and even the teachings vary from city to city. Perhaps the one thing they can all agree upon is proclaiming the heroes who killed Zodo as saints…  

3. Religious Symbols

Mogen's Sword
Mogen's Sword is the primary symbol used in the Church of Mogen David since the Second Era. It resembles a sword passing through something similar to a Star of David.
The sword is supposed to represent the word of Mogen David.
The Star of David that the sword passes through symbolizes the word coming from Mogen David.
The Sword of Mogen has been used since the reign of Xerxes Zodo, when worshipers were being killed for simply portraying a crucifix. However, the Sword of David could easily be worked into heraldry and other art forms and escape detection. Since the Magic War, many still cling to this symbol, and it has been ever since recognized as the official symbol of the Church of Mogen David.