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Zodo is perhaps the most complex of the Nor'Ovan gods. He was once whole, but during his rebellion against Archelus during the time before Nor'Ova (the Xenodelphian Era) he was split into six separate parts.

Each of the parts of Zodo contain a piece of who he was, except Life of Zodo. If they were ever combined somehow, Zodo would be whole again which likely would be disastrous. Every Part of Zodo that was ever a part of Zodo had been corrupted and thus is in some degree evil, but the evil of each part varies. Only Life of Zodo remains pure.

1. The Three Classic Powers

Ryo, The Power of Zodo: Scattered at the end of the 4th Era causing the Ablution Event,  this aspect is male and is chaotic neutral at best. This was the power of Zodo that was most known and observed. When most people talk about Zodo, they are usually talking about the Power of Zodo. Many would see the Power of Zodo as evil, but Power is simply that, power and while corrupted by the influence of Soul, it has no real aligment of its own. Power is male.
Yurei, The Spirit of Zodo: The Spirit of Zodo is seen by some as benevolent, however those who really learn the ways of the Spirit of Zodo discover that it can also be quite cruel. The Spirit of Zodo openly declares that it wants worship and wants people to willingly worship it. To achieve this end, the Spirit of Zodo will stop at nothing, often deceiving others and often causing about situations in which the only way to overcome the situation is to ask the Spirit of Zodo. The more someone comes to depend upon the Spirit of Zodo, the more their spirit comes to belong to Zodo. The Spirit is female.

Kokoro, The Will of Zodo: The Will of Zodo is sometimes seen as neutral and other times seen as the most dangerous of the three principal powers. The Will of Zodo has the ability to change the wills of others and often does so. Those that can resist their will being changed often find themselves destroyed by other creatures that the Will does control. The Will is seen also as the most patient of the three, and is able to form strategies and plan out multiple paths to achieving its… will. Because of this, the Will of Zodo is very dark and almost as dangerous as the Soul of Zodo. The Will of Zodo seems to have an agenda of its own, even conflicting with the overall desire of Zodo as a whole. The Will is male.

All three were once in orbs, but the Power of Zodo was actually freed from his orb after seducing Taal Mercleis, a xodian, turning him into his oracle. The defeat of Taal Zodo caused the scattering of the Power of Zodo. Will was recently released by Kious Hildegrade, who it soon possessed. Spirit is still within its orb, hidden away from the world though some seek desperately to find it.

2. The Lesser Known Powers

Ky, the Life of Zodo: Typically this one surfaces once an era but sometimes more, and most time remains a simple observer of things. Life of Zodo only surfaces by being "born" as a pure spirit individual until that vessel is killed off. Unlike the other aspects of Zodo, Life creates her own vessel and needs not to possess another. Life of Zodo is benevolent but its desires are not always known or clear. The Life of Zodo acts competely different from the other aspects of Zodo, leaving some to wonder if it is really a part of Zodo at all, or perhaps the good part pushed away by Soul.  This causes many theologians to therefore not refer this as a part of Zodo, the popular name being 'Ky' who was one of the most known reincarnations of the Life of Zodo. 
Kokoro, Mind of Zodo: This is a constant global thought if you will. It is the devil's advocate which tempts, questions, and whispers into the minds of those that will listen. Its only power is to be very suggestive, which for the weak minded is power enough. Under the influence of the Mind of Zodo many of done things they normally wouldn't have thought to do. Mind of Zodo is usually seen as evil but it is actually just the adversary, a tester of wills, and therefore neutral.
Akuryo, Soul of Zodo: This is the very dark being of the once very complex god, Zodo himself. He was trapped in Xodod by Archelus and his two sons, but he conquered the realm while there. Soul of Zodo is the most dangerous and most evil aspect of Zodo (power became evil due to corruption). Soul of Zodo's ultimate desire is to be free from Xodod and reunite with the other parts of Zodo and to destroy the Creator and any that follow the Creator. Luckily, he's trapped in Xodod and the other powers won't come together. He takes his anger out on the souls that he claims, using them to empower his demons and servants, and tortures them in the process.