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The Divine Incantations is the holy book of the Church of the Holy Body, aka the Church of Zodo. While this here wouldn't be the whole book this page will contain parts of the book. 

This page is provided to those who are curious as to the beliefs of the church that honors such a dark god, including those who might want to play as people who worship Zodo. The Church of the Holy Body is unique in that there isn't really a real world equivalent that you could look at so hopefully having this page here will be helpful to those who are interested in the Holy Body. 

It should be noted that this is written from the point of view of the Holy Body. Many things in this book would not be agreed upon by those of the Church of Mogen David, and other beliefs. I decided to write this after being asked for some Incantations or sayings from the Divine Incantations for a zodoist character to use, so here it is.

You can help build this page as well If you have ideas for verses to go in this book, please feel free to PM or email them to me. If they fit with the over all theme of the book, I'll accept them as part of the book. 

1. The Incantations of Genesis

- The Holy Body's Beliefs of the creation of all things

Incantation 1: "In the beginning there was Zodo and Zodo was the beginning."
Incantation 2: "Zodo desired worship, and thus he brought about life. From Zodo came the elements of earth, air, fire, water, life, death, time and space, and from these elements all things came to be."
Incantation 3: "At first all of life and creation was together with Zodo and shared in his great brilliance. Other beings came from his power that grew jealous of Zodo, Archelus being one."
Incantation 4: "Archelus conspired with the other gods which fragmented from Zodo's Power to bring down Zodo and take all of creation for themselves. They created a series of weapons meant to undo Zodo and brought to ruin his great creation, but Zodo was always a step ahead."
Incantation 5: “And a great plan was conceived to ensure that man kind and Zodo would never be separated and for the keeping of the promise of Ablution. Into three great pearls made unbreakable Zodo placed a part of himself – Will, Power, and Spirit. Zodo's Soul stayed with man and His Mind left to plan. In time a Vessel of Zodo's Choosing would come and with these pearls he'd fulfill the promise.”

2. The Incantations of Faith

- What the members of the Holy Body must believe in in order to truly be one of the Church.

Incantation 1: “Any who faithfully and wholly call upon my name and promise to give me praise, for them I will give all.” 
Incantation 2: "There may be many other beings of great powers and many other gods, but there is only one supreme being and only one Zodo, who is the supreme being."
Incantation 3: "The Mind of Zodo is ever with us. Through the Mind, Zodo listens to our prayers and knows our thoughts. Nothing can be hid from Zodo, no good goes unnoticed and no sin goes unpunished."
Incantation 4: "One should not shy away from troubles and tribulations for these are the times we can truly show our faith. Instead of hiding from hardships, embrace them in Zodo's name and any hardship shall be overcome."

3. The Incantations of Truths

- What the Holy Body teaches as the absolutes that justify their faith. 

Incantation 1: “Man kind has the power within themselves to be something great. Each were created to be gods of their own domain, and should they realize this and awaken their inner power this they may become. United together those with this knowledge can become greater than anything of the cosmos, save Zodo who has given them this power.”