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~1,000,000,000 BTE: Zodo rebels against the creator Archelus who was creating the universe before creating life. Zodo insists that all life should be created on a massive singular world, with their god present to be worshiped. To prove his point, Zodo secretly broke apart the worlds Archelus was creating, and formed them around a massive void, creating a world that was the size of a small galaxy. Zodo then took all the not yet living and aware lifeforms (humans, dwarves, race of lore) and placed them on this world, and showed it off before Archelus and his host. Infuriated by Zodo's blatant show of disrespect and disobedience, Archelus banned Zodo from the eternal realm, but not wishing to destroy any life, he let this world stay in place. Zodo's show of power at creating such a world helped Zodo to 'convince' 1/3rd of all of Archelus's host that Zodo was the true creator, and thus they followed him out of exile. For their punishment, Archeilus took away their angelic form and gave them a monstrous reptilian form, creating the first dragons. Zodo and his dragons took residence on his newly created super world which he named Xenodelphia. There he prematurely awakened all races and life, and created within a human womb two children to split the world between, Xeno and Kamele. He gives them the surname, Mercleis, starting the Mercleis family name and forbade any mortal to take up that name.
 ~955,000,000 BTE: Zodo gives half of all races the ability to use magic but weak physical abilities and bodies, and the other half great physical powers and attributes, but bars them from using magic, sowing seeds of greed in them stating it as a test of whether magic or physical prowess was better. He did the same with his two sons, giving Xeno all his magical power, and Kamele all his physical power and prowess.
 ~250,000,000 BTE: Seeing the devestating effects Zodo's toying with the races of Xenodelphia have on their lives, Xeno and Kamele decide to step in and help them. Joining together, they match Zodo in power, and with the aid of the mortal races, they are able to overpower Zodo. Using their combined arts, they fashion powerful orbs, divide Zodo into 5 parts; Will, Power, Spirit, Mind, and Soul. They trap Spirit, Will, and Power ino the three orbs before Zodo can regain himself and fashion a new body. Zodo's Soul could not be contained and Zodo's Mind went straight to the realm of eternal damnation, Xodod. They then sealed the orbs away, in three remote locations, so that no mortal race can be swayed by them. They then beg Archelus to awaken the mortal races free will, a trait that Zodo had kept buried from them. For their act, Archelus granted Kamele and Xeno a pardon and made them official members of his host. They chose to stay on Xenodelphia to help the mortal races there deal with Zodo's world and live peacefully, but this time they did so with Archelus's blessing and support.
 ~240,000,000 BTE: It doesn't take much longer before the seeds of dischord that Zodo has sowed in all life begin to awaken in the weaker minded of his two sons, Kamele. He began to grow distrustful of magic, seeing it as Zodo's power and forgetting that his physical ability was also Zodo's power, for Zodo is the god and creator of all forms of power and skill. He began to see Xeno as a pupet of Zodo, and took the Orb of Power  away to his palace in the western hemisphere of Xenodelphia.
 ~235,000,000 BTE: Kamele and Xeno both fell in love with a mortal woman, Isaria. However desiring his brother to be happy, Xeno helps Kamele, unknowingly to Kamele, win her heart. Kamele weds her and has a son, Boris Mercleis. Xeno instead weds Ester, and has a son named Sargon
 ~230,000,000 BTE: Xeno learns that Kamele had moved the Orb of Power, and questions his brother about it. Outraged about being questioned, and even more suspicious of Xeno and his magic, he declares war against Xeno and all magic users, declaring them the final part of Zodo left in the world. The war lasts four one thousand years, during which time Kamele's son, Boris, becomes possessed by the Orb of Power, and what is inside, the Power of Zodo.
 ~130,000,000 BTE: Overwhelming Kamele's forces, Xeno offers peace. Kamele, filled with deep anger and hatred and distrust, pretends to accept, and when they meet to discuss the terms, tries to kill Xeno. However Xeno's mind was quicker than Kamele's sword, and in an effort to protect himself and subdue Kamele, he instead accidentally kills Kamele, ending the war. After attending the funeral, Xeno breaks up the hemispheres into many nations govern by the mortal races, stating that no deity should directly govern men and the fates of men. Then, in a state of sorrow, relinquishes his title of a god of Xenodelphia and instead takes the position of Archelus's angel of death, becoming the Spector hoping to one day in that way find his brother's soul and make peace with him. Boris did not attend his father's funeral and instead made wedding plans for the very same day, that is when he married Vera, a well known and equally disliked sorcerer. However at the wedding he did promise to avenge his father's death and reclaim his father's lost empire. He started with wrestling control of a small but resource rich mortal nation, which in time grew to become a powerful empire with the help of the Orb of Power, but never did he acquire more than 1/4th of of his father's land, 1/8th of the entire world. Within 100 years time after his wedding to Vera, Boris had given birth to many children, Lea, Norma, Sataar, and Kaine. All of which would be made rulers of their 'state' in Boris's empire.
 ~100,000,000 BTE to ~5,000,000 BTE: This is the time period of Boris's wars of expansion, a seemingly never ending war that constantly destroyed the landscape and took many lives, but there were no powers great enough to undo the power of Zodo, which Boris weld through the Orb of Power. Floating high above world within his magically constructed fortress "Paradise", Boris proclaimed himself as Zodo and demanded worship from all in the lands he controlled, and sought eagerly to expand his control. However Xenodelphia was very, very, very large and the Orb did dampen to great extents Zodo's power and reach. Plus now Zodo, through his puppet Boris, had a new obstacle to try and overcome, freewill, an obstacle that proved ever so difficult. But that did not stop the amount of destructive power Boris could wield through Zodo. It had gotten so bad, that Xeno, now the Spector, disguised himself as a powerful mortal wizard, and lead an army against Boris and his empire. Xeno and his army were proving very successful, especially since Xeno's powers weren't 'filtered' through a magic dampening Orb and a xodian - as those born of Zodo's blood were known as, who was still fighting with free will and growing moral issues as Boris was in the growing days. Vera and Zodo seemed to begin to loose control on him. Sometime around ~5,000,000 BTE a time traveling dragonian named Tiana Escarius used the hilt of an uncompleted holy weapon to free Boris from Zodo's control, at least temporarily. This would later become the basis of the creation of Ithlamar the Redeemer. Boris begged Tiana to take his daughter Norma with her out of this time as she was with him in his palace and his other children were scattered across Xenodelphia  but she could not. When Tiana left, Boris allowed Paradise to land within an old lake, where he surrendered himself and the Orb of Power to Xeno. Not knowing what to do about Boris's new found regret and remorse, Xeno turned him over to the mortal leaders of the world who imprisoned him and sought out his other children. Boris's children had several chidlren of their own during this time period: Marus Clairstory, Cecilia Mercleis, and Trismegitus Mercleis were all born during this time period.
 ~15,000,000 BTE to ~10,000 BTE: By this time Archelus had finished creating the worlds as by his design in the universe and began to populate the ones he saw fit. The others he left barren but there as artwork as places for his host to enjoy without mortal influence. Two worlds were of note, not only because the shared an orbit around the same sun, and they were close to one another in their orbit, but also because they were both chosen to support life, which was unusual for two worlds so close to each other to support advanced life. These were Noracada, which Archelus populated with the Yerk Elf, and Ovara, which was populated with the Ascian elf. These words grew rapidly to and advanced state in relative peace, and even shared technologies with one another. Being so close to one another spurred quickly the interest of space travel amongst the two worlds, and technology rose quickly to reach that point.
 ~5,000,000 BTE to ~10,000 BTE: Back on Xenodelphia, Spector (Xeno) had taken the Orb of Power into safe keeping. Now being a direct member of Archelus's host and his angle of death, he was not effected by Zodo's spirit within. One was Boris, who was imprisioned nearby. Being imortal as all Xodians are, Boris had no trouble with age, and over time his human captors later generations had no memory of Boris's atrocities. Boris escaped, and once again being controlled by the Soul of Zodo, he managed to find the Orb of Will and the Orb of Spirit. With those two, he discovered the Orb of Power. With the three Orbs in place, Boris began working to break them, creating a crack in each one, so that he could become the new Vessel of Zodo. Spector, learning of this, sought to intervene once again on behalf of the world, and looked for a way to stop Boris. Using his power he went atop the the mountain where Zodo's palace once stood (before being torn apart and used to build Boris's palace), and opened a tunnel straight to the very black hole void that was the center core of the planet and tossed Boris and the Orbs in, hoping it would crush the Orbs and Zodo with it. But what Spector didn't count on was Zodo's desire to live and rule. As the Orbs neared the void, Zodo shot out with all his power at it, destroying the black hole. This immense power had a powerful backlash though, one that destroyed the entire world of Xenodelphia. Spector sensed this as soon as he'd dropped Boris and the Orbs, seeing ahead of time the many deaths he'd be responsible for. Using his power, Spector got as many as he could into the strongest structures in the strongest sections of the world. He himself holed up in one section with Trismegitus and others, and he used his power to put everyone in a protective death-like stance, where even time and lack of air could not affect them. He then prayed that Archelus would guide them to safety, awaken them when there, and take care of those he could not. In exchange, Spector swore then and there to never interfere on the mortal's behalves ever again, even when dealing with the likes of Zodo. A promise Zodo himself heard as his power blasted apart his world, and thrusted his Orbs into three different fragments of the world. The fragments of Xenodelphia shot through the universe but way ahead of it was the power that escaped the destroyed world. This power ended worlds, caused stars to be born and stars to supernova, and caused Noracada and Ovara to collide with one another.
 ~10,000 BTE to ~8450 BTE: Out of mercy, Archelus allowed these worlds to be combined instead of destroyed. He also allowed the inhabitants of these worlds to know of the coming calamity, allowing them to take shelter and protecting those that did. Using his power, Archelus also brought a quick recovery time to the world, quickly covering it with new life and making it livable once again. However, except the decedents of those that took shelter, all of the old worlds were destroyed and the technology forgotten. Archelus called this new world Nor'Ova, even before those on the world called it such. And such is the origin of Nor'Ova.