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8450 BTE: The inhabitants of the newly combined world of Nor'Ova come out to find a new landscape in front of them, seemingly void of anything that was familiar. Daunted by the tasks of having to rebuild, the Yerks and the Ascians begin to blame each other. The debris from the collided worlds takes form as Nor'Ova's ring. Part of the core and shell of Ovara form Nor'Ova's moon. A mercury and heavy metal rich dust forms the moon's atmosphere, giving it a pale purple color.
 8425 BTE: The first war in Nor'Ova's history begins. Known as the Judges War, is is a war primarily out of anger and fear where the two races blame each other for what happened to their worlds, and fight for dominance over the new world.
 8380 BTE: The war comes to an abrupt end when the first fragment of Xenodelphia hits in the middle of a battle field, destroying both armies on impact. The fragment itself did not contain any life, but upon researching it they developed the first Nor'Ovan language (besides the already spoken ascian and yerkish), calling it xodian, a word that seemed repeated most on this strange rock. One of the first words they found in the rock was Zodo, which they both quickly assimilated into their lore as the terrible god of wrath (Zodo remained Zodo in yerkish, but became zodarius in ascian).
 7590 BTE: The first life bearing fragment plummeted into Nor'Ova's north polar region, crashing through ice, water, and into Nor'Ova's magma layer. Having heard and accepted Spector's plea earlier, Archelus intervenes and creates for these people their own realm separate from Nor'Ova's physical realm, rich with powerful magical energy needed to have created such a separate mini-universe, and had the fragment transport to this location just before hitting Nor'Ova's magma layer. This realm became known as the Magic Realm, and the polar crater became the first realm gate. The impact caused a major earthquake, opening up fault lines throughout Nor'Ova. This caused a permanent separation in the continents of Talusia and Capere, as well as separated off from Talusia the Eleusian Isles.
 7100 BTE: Having resolved their differences, the ascians and the yerks entered a long era of peace. However the yerks began to grow arrogant and thought that they could reach the realm of Archelus and become gods themselves. Thus they gathered together to build a tower to reach the heavens. Angered by this, Archelus destroyed the tower and scattered the yerks throughout Nor'Ova, changing some of them into different elf races, giving birth to the silver, plains, wood, grey, and dark elf. He put them at odds with one another to prevent them from working together on such a project ever again in the future.
 7000 BTE: The people of Nor'Ova begin worshiping the idea of Zodo as the Soul of Zodo was the first to appear on Nor'Ova.The Soul of Zodo had come to Nor'Ova, identifing it is the planet that Archelus favored most. They begin to turn away from Archelus, frustrated at their own mortality, and seek to instead enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. Many of them begin fornicating with hosts stationed on Nor'Ova.
 6500 BTE: The sinfulness of the Nor'Ovan's gets out of hand and they begin to fornicate with anything and anyone, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, same gender, and even with beasts of the wild. They erect statues of Zodo and practice community orgies and sacrifices. Angered by this, Archelus lets loose a great flood covering all of Nor'Ova with water. He spares the clean and honest by providing them vessels and takes the clean beasts of the wild from Nor'Ova during this flood which lasted for 1 year.
 6499 BTE: The flood ends and the water recedes. The landscape is altered slightly. Archelus directs the vessels upon different continents, one vessel per continent, except for the polar regions. Archelus released the clean beasts upon the land. Instead of killing the product of the host and Nor'Ovan mating, and the hosts that participated in the act, he transformed them both into various types of hydra. Archelus then placed the heavy burden of protecting the wildlife and nature upon them.
 6400 BTE: Archelisim is created as prophets begin to hear the words and laws of Archelus and begin to record them and teach them.
 6000 BTE: The first nations of Nor'Ova take shape.
 5000 BTE: Further bombardment from aftershock waves from Xenodelphia's destruction pushes Nor'Ova farther away from it's sun. This results in a great Ice Age, which lasts for 1000 years. Many people and many animals and plant life die off.
 4000 BTE: Archelus forms a small star behind the current Nor'Ovan star, making a pseudo-binary system. The extra gravity pull brings Nor'Ova closer to the stars, ending the Ice Age, and resulting in a warmer, larger tropic and temperate region. The star remains visible as a small sun in the Nor'Ovan daytime sky for the rest of Nor'Ova's time, and becomes known as the Morning Star.
 298 BTE: Zodo's Soul once again has been hard at work at warping and perverting the minds and souls of the Nor'Ovans. Knowing that only his own spirit could protect the souls of Nor'Ovans and satisfied that the other Hosts had their respected parts of the Universe well tended to, Archelus set in motion a great plan. He transformed himself into a mortal man, Mogen David, and descended upon Nor'Ova. He was discovered as a young boy coming down from Cardinal Point, a singular reddish mountain in the northern most part of what was then called the Ascian Continent. He was discovered by a farmer plains elf, Arnoth of the Cardinal Point tribe, who became known as Arnoth Lightbringer.
 276 BTE: Mogen David's messages and teachings of peace, forgiveness, and love as well as his disdain for the traditions that the Archelist priests made law in Archelus's name caused the Archelist priests to view Mogen David as a false prophet. Customary to the rules and laws of the time, false prophets were hung from trees or temple walls and gutted. Such was the case for Mogen David, hung from a tree in garbage dump of the ascian town of Bellitose. But when they went to gut him, Mogen David had already given up the ghost, but not before stating that he forgave them.
 200 BTE: The first churches of Mogen David, of the new religion of Davidism, began to show up. They were created by the original disciples of Mogen David. Each differed than each other though, as there was no singular written record of Mogen David's teachings. Instead, each disciple had recorded what they remembered.
 180 BTE: The Spirit of Mogen David first descended upon Nor'Ova and could now be called upon those who desire protection from the Soul of Zodo's spiritual perversions. This event was marked with a event where the first believers of Mogen David started speaking and understanding the divine language of Archelus, who they now regard as transformed into Mogen David.
 60 BTE: The leaders of the various churches of Mogen David gather in the town of Aureas, where they not only finally record a common book for the young religion, the Vitale Scribius, which became more commonly called the Book of Truth or the Book of Life; they also established a central church.