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Year 0: One of the largest fragments of Xenodelphia to hit Nor'Ova, crashes into the Crysalis Sea in the then called Continent of Ascia. It is the first of such rocks to hold life. The Ascians name this mysterious, life bearing rock from the sky the Chalcedon, which means "mysterious rock". Those that come forth are the dwarves and some of the first xodians on Nor'Ova: Tyrius, Cera Mercleis, Marcus Clairstory, Cecila Mercleis, Trismegitus Mercleis, and Elmira.
 5 First Era: The Chalcedonian Crater fills in. The changes that the 'Chalcedonian Asteroid' brought to the continent causes most to change the name of the continent to Chalcedonia - land where the mysterious rock fell. The Ascians do not accept this change, insisting on calling it the Ascian Continent for the next 600 years.
 50 First Era: Many dwarves settle into the Midden Mountains and the Midden Shelf. While it was already claimed by a nation of gray elves, these dwarves are able to make a home for themselves there.
 120 First Era: The first spotting of the Yeti occurs in the Crystal Mountains in Chalcedonia; spotted by naturalist and explorer Yveni Oclure, an ascian elf. His well-written record of this spotting is discounted by many as mere imagination.
 385 First Era: Not all dwarves were happy to settle in someone elses kingdom. These dwarves searched for a land yet unsettled to call home. They find it in the Continent of Capere, where they create the Kingdom of Midengarde - a tongue-in-cheek reference to their brothers who had stayed behind in the Midden Mountains.
 400 First Era: The dwarves in Capere have their first run in with Orcs, who before now had lived undisturbed in the Pyre Desert with other orc races.
 420 First Era: The anthropoid races are identified in the deep forests of Talusia by the Yerk Elf explorer, Alron Naheist. He refers to each of them in simplified terms, giving birth to the races of Liontaur, Aquilian (yerkish for eagle man), Adolfite (yerkish for wolf man), and Turtalian. Gryphons wouldn't be discovered for another 50 years.
 560 First Era: Ormus Gailmore was born to Tyrius and Neela, a silver elf Tyrius had an afair with. At the time Tyrius's wife Cera was pregnant with Clara. When Cera found out about Tyrius's affair, she killed him. Clara would be born with her maiden name, Mercleis.
 580 First Era: Other fragments of Xenodelphia fell upon Nor'Ova, none as large as the Chalcedon Asteroid. Each held various races of lore which came forth from their slumber after impact. At this time now all of the Orbs of Zodo were on Nor'Ova, though they wouldn't be discovered until much later.
 640 First Era: Ormus, now a priest of Mogen David and an archeologist, was sent by the church to investigate a new asteroid that fell in the Pyre Desert, one which held ruins of an odd structure on them. There he discovered the Divine Incantations, a book that was written by Zodo himself back when he had a body. Only Ormus didn't know this as he could not read the  language. Ormus was instructed to translate the book.
 650 First Era: Over the 10 years of translating the book, the words of Zodo found a weakness in Ormus's lack of faith, and began to corrupt him. When Ormus was finished translating the book, he felt that the book contained a hidden truth. He started the Church of the Holy Body to spread this new truth, becoming the first organized church of Zodo.
 655 First Era: To protect his church, Ormus created a group of knights. Hearing them called rubes - basically beginners and worthless, Ormus grew to like that term. He thought that such a term would make the enemy underestimate his knights, giving his knights the advantage. So he had some armor made and colored ruby red, and named his knights the Rube Knights. They were called the Rubes for short.
 660 First Era: Returning to the site where he found the Divine Incantations, Ormus discovered the Orb of Spirit. He used its power to add power to his sermons and make the church grow.
 680 First Era: Ormus was captured by templar knights of the Church of Mogen David, as were some of his followers. They were all executed for the crime of Zodo worship. The Church of the Holy Body goes into hiding, as does the Orb of Spirit.
 710 First Era: A plague wipes out 1/4th of those living in the continent of Vega. It was only stopped by the invention of antibiotics by alchemist Malone Newood.
 920 First Era: Electricity is invented by the inventor Eskar Norvist. The Age of Steam and Industry begins.

1015 First Era: Photographic proof of Yetis in the Crystal Mountains is captured.
 1560 First Era: The first telephone call is completed between two cities.
 1590 First Era: The first telephone call is completed between two continents, via cable line laid across the O'Lennon Ocean.
 1730 First Era: The first computer is invented. It could only do simple math and all daa was stored on punch cards.
 1810 First Era: Lector Clairstory is born.
 1880 First Era: The Great World War begins.
 1910 First Era: The Great World War ends by the detonation of the first atomic bomb, invented by Lector Clairstory.
 1943 First Era: The first message is sent over a computer network. The TNCN (Trans Nor'Ova Computer Network) is created.
 1948 First Era: Construction of the Trans Chalcedonia Highway System begins with a treaty among Chalcedonian Nations.
 1961 First Era: The first artificial intelligence, free thinking, and free learning computer is created. It is called the Mind.
 1968 First Era: After having successfully sent many satellites into space, the Republic of Vega attempts to send a man into space. His rocket gets caught in the Nor'Ovan ring and explodes after a faulty calculation error.
 1970 First Era: The Confederacy of Ascia successfully sends a man into space.
 1972 First Era: The Republic of Vega finally succeeded in sending a man into space. They try to land on the moon, but watch in horror as the mercury rich atmosphere of the moon eats through the rocket and kills the spacemen.
 1983 First Era: The Republic of Vega, Confederacy of Ascia, United Kingdom of Talusia, and several other nations ban together to work on the first space station. Numerous issues prevent the space station from ever being fully completed, but parts of it are made usable by 1990 of the First Era.
 1996 of the First Era: A major computer virus infects the Mind IV, which was responsible for regulating the world's economies and stock markets. This causes the system to produce odd values often too high or too low before crashing and sending the world into a terrible global depression.
 1998 of the First Era: Lector Clairstory finds the Orb of Spirit. He becomes the leader of the Church of the Holy Body, which had come out of hiding in 1940.
 2001 of the First Era: Controlled by the Orb of Spirit, Lector Clairstory forces himself on Clara Mercleis. Taal is born and given his mother's maiden name.
 2005 of the First Era: A silver elf by the name of Xerxes Ironwood finds the Orb of Power while treasure hunting with some friends deep within one of the ruins that were part of the asteroids of Xenodelphia; which fell near the Crystal Mountains. Upon finding it, out of greed, Xerxes kills his friends. The Orb transformed Xerxes into a xodian.
 2012 of the First Era: Triskellious Mercleis is born.
 2014 of the First Era: The xenodelphian asteroid bearing humans falls onto Nor'Ova, creating Lake Genesis. Forseeing the coming destruction, Spector pleads with Mogen David to keep the humans asleep. Mogen David agrees, protecting the asteroid from any exploration.
 2018 of the First Era: Xerxes and Lector Clairstory meet. Lector Clairstory agrees to follow Xerxes.
 2024 of the First Era: With help of Lector Clairstory, the Orb of Spirit, and the Orb of Power, Xerxes manages to become Prime Minister of the Republic of Ascia.
 2028 of the First Era: Xerxes declares himself emperor and renames the nation the Empire of Nor'Ova. The ascians, easily controlled by the two orbs powers, do not object.
 2029 of the First Era: The Global Depression ends, largely with funding from the Xerxes government on military building and scientific research.
 2034 of the First Era: Xerxes declares himself as Xerxes Zodo. He outlaws worship of Mogen David within the empire.
 2042 of the First Era: Using the power of the two orbs, Xerxes convinces the other nations of Chalcedonia to surrender to him, annexing them into the Empire of Nor'Ova. The Church of Mogen David goes underground.
 2044 of the First Era: Robotics takes a giant leap as the first singularity android is created. The Nor'Ovan Government commission many more to be made as part of the ever growing Nor'Ovan military.
 2051 of the First Era: The Nor'Ovan Empire defeats and annexes the nations of the continent of Vega and the nearby islands.
 2052 of the First Era: Xerxes successfully clones a xodian, but the xodian clone is soon able to take other forms. He calls the cloned race Talusians.
 2053 of the First Era: Looking to make spies on his own citizens, Xerxes creates Deztunians in the same way he created Talusians, but uses the Orb of Power to give them teleportation powers.
 2055 of the First Era: Ever becoming more paranoid, Xerxes Zodo orders more experimentation to create even more spies for him to control. As a result, the Kaba'ni are born.
 2058 of the First Era: The ruins of Paradise are rebuilt and made even larger. It becomes Xerxes palace, and is called by many "Forsaken".
 2060 of the First Era: Almost appearing overnight, the Lone Tower appears near Xerxes's Palace. Its top is never seen, reaching above the clouds and obscured by state-controlled satellites. Xerxes Zodo claims that it is a monument of his power and a testament to Zodo's power on Nor'Ova.
 2066 of the First Era: The Empire of Nor'Ova invades the nations of Talusia and Capere. The Second Great World War begins, which would later be known as the Great Magic War.
 2070 of the First Era: Taal Mercleis joins forces with Trismegitus Mercleis in the Austerlands. Triskellius is sent into hiding. Together, they declare the Austerlands liberated. The Kaba'ni, forseeing global destruction, disappear into the caverns of Cardinal Point, not to be seen again until the Fifth Era.
 2074 of the First Era: The Free Nations of Nor'Ova unite and wage war against the Empire of Nor'Ova. The Empire of Nor'Ova strikes back with nuclear warheads. The Free Nations strike back with nuclear warheads of their own. The global nuclear war wipes out all exposed technology and kills millions. Many go into hiding.
 2075 of the First Era: Ascians try to revolt against Xerxes Zodo. In return, he uses the orbs to destroy them, ripping away their physical bodies. Mogen David takes pity on them and allows them to exist as semi-physical beings.
 2076 of the First Era: Xerxes Zodo uses the power of the orbs and the nuclear radiation to give his warriors the power of magic.
 2078 of the First Era: The free people of Nor'Ova meet the army of Xerxes Zodo in what becomes Forsaken Valley. A major battle with the remaining nuclear weapons and the power of the orbs takes place, which lays to waste the region. Xerxes is killed, but the Orbs as well as Lector Clairstory have disappeared. Trismegitus also dies on the battlefield. Taal however is overcome by the battle and falls into a deep sleep known as Dark Paralysis. And thus marks the end of the First Era.