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The Saga of Ablution Campaign takes place in a potential Fifth Era of Nor'Ova. In this setting, the world of Nor'Ova had been blasted by the terrible effects of an almost completely cast spell of Ablution.

1. Background Information

The despotic leader of the Fourth Era, Taal Zodo, was in the final steps of weaving Zodo's version of the spell of creation and destruction when he was interrupted and defeated. Taal Zodo of course was unlike any of the other bearers of Zodo in the past because Taal Zodo did not hold an orb of Zodo. Instead, the Power of Zodo had escaped its orb and possessed Taal, making Taal Mercleis the first ever physical embodiment of any part of Zodo. This made Taal Zodo very powerful and dangerous indeed, as it removed the restrictions of the orb from the Power of Zodo, allowing the Power of Zodo to not only connect with the other parts of Zodo but also removing the restrictions to his unlimited power that the Orb had on him. The only thing that really kept Power of Zodo from going crazy was the strong will of Taal Mercleis – but by the time of the casting of Ablution, Taal's will was almost destroyed.

The heroes of the Fourth Era defeated Taal Zodo, using Ithlamar to free Taal from Zodo and Legend – the sword of the Spirit of Mogen David – to destroy the Power of Zodo. This disperses chaotic power combined with the interrupted spell and the now unbalance that existed caused a great Magic Apocalypse known as the Ablution Event. The Ablution Event basically reset most of what Taal Zodo did during the Desecration that started the Fourth Era, returning the world nearly to how it had been in other eras, however, magic is now very much unstable.

2. Quick Campaign Info

The Saga of Ablution campaign makes use of the Legends of Nor'Ova Core Rule Book, found within this wiki. However the Core Rule Book was designed around a more traditional fantasy setting and this campaign is a post apocalypse steam punk like setting. This campaign book will introduce the changes needed to make such a setting work with the Core Rule Book.

In this book you will not find anything repeated from the Core Rule Book section of the wiki, unless it must be repeated due to changes made for the campaign.

3. Downloadable Materials

This campaign does make use of a modified version of the character sheet.