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This page details the changes made to races for the Saga of Ablution Campaign. If you are playing a standard game or any other campaign, the information on this page does not apply.

Core Races

Not every race survived the terrible Ablution Event. Here are the races that did survive into the Fifth Era. You can read more about those races in the Core Rule Book.

Humans: The human races are ingenious, creative, and highly adaptable. It would take far more than a great magic apocalypse to fully kill them off.

Deztunians: While  most of the deztunian race found themselves teleported to Xodod during the Ablution event, some did survive. Those that did survive had their very runic soul ripped from them and became runeless. Any decendants of theirs, including half breeds, were also found to be runeless. As a result, any Deztunian  alive in the Fifth Era is runeless and can only use photomancy, shadowmancy, or audiomancy.

Talusians: Talusians have found survival in the Fifth Era very difficult. While they weren't stripped of their runic souls like Deztunians were, their ability to shapeshift has become quite unstable. As a result, any Talusian that shapeshifts in the Fifth Era has a 20% chance of developing a mutation or having a part of what they shapeshifted into permantely a part of them.

Xodians: The xodian race are made to endure, but their numbers are waning. The terrible fear over xodians and the hunting down of xodians since the fall of Taal Zodo hasn't helped matters much. Thankfully the xodians look human enough to hide.

Elves (wood, dark, plains,  Rune): The main elven races survived primarily because they were wise enough to know the danger that was coming. Only the ascian elfs were not so lucky. Being formless, the Ablution Event ripped them apart and they ceased to exist.

Dwarfs: Being natural residents of the underground mines and caves, the dwarven races were largely spared.

Beast Men (cathar, canid): Most of these races died off during the Ablution Event. The few that survived did so as slaves and it is their descendants that continue on their races to this day.

Gnome, Goblin: These two races survived very much in the same manner as the dwarves. Being natural residents of the dark places of the world, they were largely spared by the Ablution.

Angerians: The angle-like race survived alongside the humans. Their numbers are much smaller than in the past but they still endure.

Fae: The Fae race that lives in the Fifth Era has lost all touch of their fairy side and of their runic element.  As a result, any Fae  alive in the Fifth Era is runeless and can only use photomancy, shadowmancy, or audiomancy.

Yeti: Unlike the other orc races, the Yeti are at home in the great mountain caves and chasms of the world. This has allowed them to survive the terrible Ablution Event where their outside loving orc cousins did not.

Dragonians: Being a tough race that can survive well in the deep caves of the world, dragonians did survive, but their numbers are significantly less than before. The decendants of the dragonians are often mistaken as mutants. It doesn't help that many dragonians have various mutations.

Saurians: Being naturally resistant to magic helped them survive, even those stuck on the surface. The decendants of those stuck on the surface did face magical mutations however.

Any race not listed here did not survive the Ablution Event.

New Races

There are four new races in the Fifth Era.

Banshee:  No one knows where the orignal banshees came from, though the large majority of them seem to have come from the great scar that was ripped through the Pyre Desert. It is believed by many that the original banshees were the screams of the countless lost manifested into human form. Banshees seem to resemble talusians who can't shape shift and can only use audiomancy - which they are masters of.

Celestial: Celestials are the decendants of the Light Bearers from the Light Realm and the human-kind they fell in love with. The Light Bearers came from the light realm to help their champion and leader Nikolai de'Carte and his allies during the Battle of Ablution at the end of the Fourth Era. Celestials are only capable of using photomancy, a magic similar enough to the magic of their Light Bearer ancestors.

Xenian: Xenians are the decendants of the demon-kind of Xodod and their mortal mates. Xenians are runeless and are only capable of runeless magic or the magic of their home realm, fondly named Zodomancy.

Shade: Shades are a unique race because they technically aren't ever born in Nor'Ova. They are the trapped souls of the Shadow Realm. During the Ablution, a great rift tore through the veil seperating the Shadow Realm with the Nor'Ovan Realm and many Shades crossed over. Occasionally a new shade is ripped from the Shadow Realm through a similar vortex. Shades can only call upon the power of Shadowmancy and are runeless.