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"Capere has always been a very savage and brutal land. If anything it has become more so since Ablution." 

- Townsend McClure, Estabon Village, Capa City

Capere lies in the southern quadrant of the western hemisphere of Nor'Ova. It is surrounded on three sides by water; the O'Lennon Ocean to the east, the Andron Ocean to the west, and the Antiech Ocean to the south. This is a vast land that stretches 3000 miles west to east and 4250 miles north to south. Capere almost completely consists of nothing but desert until you reach the southern mountains. Beyond that is a small area of forests.

  Most of Capere is a completely broken and wasted landscape. The already massive Pyre Desert expanded greatly during the Ablution  Event, claiming more than three fourths of the entire continent. Any  area north of the Caperian and Pantagruel Mountains is claimed by this  desert, with very small exceptions of some fertile land in the Ebon  area, and right around Capa City. The magic-blasted wastelands cover  most of what the desert doesn't. South of the Caperian and Pantagruel  Mountains is like a completely other world from that of Capere. It is a  rich land covered by a large forest, a completely different landscape  from that of the rest of the continent. Though it too isn't free from the destruction caused by the Ablution.

1. The Situation with Magic

Understanding the situation concerning magic as it applies in Capereā€¦

Magic is as it has been for the past six hundred and twenty eight years; unstable, unpredictable, and chaotic. Magic storms are the most visible aspect of this, causing mass chaos and destruction with flame wrapped twisters, raining giant, electrified spears of ice, death and plague inducing black lightning, and more. However these are not the only aspects one must worry about. There is also rogue magic and magic radiation.

Rogue magic is basically magic which is seemingly cast out of nothing and from no source. It is as if the very world is casting this spell, or it is forming out of the magical ether randomly with no rhyme or reason. Some have speculated that it is the casting of the long vanquished soul of Zodo, still terrorizing this world even while imprisoned in the pits of Xodod. Whatever their true source is, one thing is for certain, these random castings cause terror and fear in the hearts of would be travelers and the exiled more than anything else. Just imagine walking through a serene forest, all is calm and peaceful. Then, out of no where, the very trees and flora seem to come to life and reach forth to rip you apart. Or you are walking out in a wide open plain on a sunny day and out of no where it begins to rain large fireballs. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of rogue magic is that of rogue death magic. Witnesses to this rare but very real event say that they have felt their very soul being pulled at and watched in horror as their friends would drop dead without warning, some seemingly returned back to life just as quick, others though not being so fortunate.

Magic radiation is present everywhere within Nor'Ova, and that is no less true in Capere. Believed to be from the fallout of the Ablution, low amounts of magic radiation is not harmful or dangerous. It is the prolonged exposure to significant amounts of even brief exposure to high amounts that is dangerous. Too much magic radiation, also known as magic saturation or magic contact, can cause magic poisoning, magical mutation, mental instability, or death. Magic poisoning is the most common side effect which itself can lead to magical mutation or death. Even the very rocks, metals, and other minerals can't escape being affected by magic radiation. Long periods of heavy magic radiation has transformed many materials, sometimes making new materials, and other times giving certain materials sentient thought and even a life of its own.

2. Caperian Geography

Understanding the past and present Capere

Capere is a large continent full of distinctive geography, interesting locations, history, and people trying to survive. The successful explorer should come to understand Capere if he or she is to survive.

Besides the desert and mountains, and the three communities, Capere is also dotted with ruins from the past ages of Nor'Ova's history. Here is a brief description of each area.

2.1. Places of the Living

The Ruined Metropolis of Capa City: Capa City was the largest city in all of Nor'Ova (eclipsing by a large margin the largest cities of earth). When the Ablution Event happened, Capa City, like all of Nor'Ova,fell to ruin. Now days what can be found in the ruins of this great metropolis are sections of the rebuilt old neighborhoods, known as "villages". These "villages" are all identified together still as Capa City, or as some call it, New Capa City, and they all answer to one man, Boss Xyster Xeric. However they are also semi-independent as they have their own mayors. All of the villages are connected, either via high altitude sky-walks or by underground passageways. Passage ways and cork-screw elevators maintain open passage throughout the layers. There is of course the ground paths, but the ground level is extremely dangerous. Do not go and mistake these "villages" as small settlements. They are large neighborhoods that extend upwards and downwards in various levels. The combined villages of Capa City as a whole is a very large city, the largest in all of Nor'Ova, boasting a growing population of over ten million people. Capa City is also one of the most advanced cities in steam and magic tech technology, second only to Sanctuary, and as such make use of magicteck shield generators to protect from the occasional magic storm. It is a steam-powered town, with large stacks seen bellowing clouds of smoke and the flicker of electricity seen from the electric lights illuminating the town at night. Sirens are stationed throughout the town as are community radios to warn or inform the populace. Some of the areas of the city and its "villages" are worse off than others.

Ebon: Ebon is a small town of about 1500 people. It is a walled village that is largely agricultural. It has very little in terms of steam tech or magic tech, but does at least have plumbing and crude electricity. It is situated on the coast of Eros Bay.

Sanctuary: Sanctuary is a city that is built within the Caperian Mountains. Unlike the other cities of Nor'Ova, it is a city that was built near the end of the Fourth Era, designed by a brilliant designer and hero who fought against Taal Zodo, Saint Aitre. At the time it was built, a large forest of iron and other metal, designed to look like trees, kept it hidden. The city was also built originally with the ability to pull within the mountain caves the city platforms on which the parts of the city where built. It did just that to escape the Ablution Event. After 500 years, it came back out, but only partially, as the mechanism broke, leaving parts of the city forever stuck within the mountains. The city currently boasts a population of more than 200,000, and steam and magictech technologies far greater than the rest of Nor'Ova.

New Aleut: New Aleut is a small city of about 2800 people. It is an agricultural city that is treated as a protectorate of Sanctuary. It is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Aleut.

2.2. Natural Places

Pyre Desert: A massive desert that takes up the majority of Capere. This is a very hostile environment that claims the lives of many foolish adventurers and travelers who dare to cross it, boasting very hot daytime temperatures and unusually cold nighttime temperatures. Tales of massive sand worms and of a ghost ship that sails the sands are common among the roaming nomadic tribes that actually live here.

Caperian and Pantagruel Mountains: Two mountain chains that separate most of Capere from the lush and fertile aleutian lands. Old ylem minds dot these mountains. Spirits of the giants that once lived there are believed to haunt them. One city, Sanctuary, is built within the Caperian Mountains.

Yerk Wood: A large forest that covers most of the land south of the Caperian and Pantagruel mountains. The very atmosphere of this forest is heavy, always making it feel like you are being watched. Parts of this forest are still dead.

Pyre's Scar: A set of huge craters that break up the massive Pyre Desert. These are some of the largest "wounds" created from the Ablution Event that are evident in Capere. It is said that on clear nights strange lights can be seen coming from these craters and dancing across the night time sky.

2.3. Places of the Past

Ruins of Old Capa City, Aleut, Ylem Factory, Yente Kente's Palace, and Temple of Zephyr: Not much is known of their current state, with the exception of Old Capa City, where they have rebuilt new Capa City, only of what they were. Towns, palaces, and such structures of the previous age and before. Some have claimed to seen men and women, frozen into stone, in some of the old cities, but these reports are regarded only as rumors.

Unnamed Ruins and Places: Ruins of places and other structures that had been lost to the ages. No real knowledge exist as to what these places where or what lies within.