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1. Basic Info

Type: Spirit, Undead

Alignment: evil

Moral Points: -40

Build: small

Habitat: Bog Imps prefer bogs, swamps, marsh lands, and other wet lands, though will also be found living in river deltas.

Appearance: The rage spirit appears much as it did in life from the waist up.  They have no legs, nor any real physical form.  Their features are twisted into a constant rictus of anger and hatred. They have a constant heat aura about them and seem to be on fire.

Runic Element: Fire

Runic Element Information:

  • Effects on Magic Damage: Increase magical damage done against those of the earth element by +10. Decrease magical damage done against those of the water element by -10.
  • Effects on Magic Defense: 20% chance for immunity to fire and earth magic attacks.
  • Supportive Effects: Automatically increase offensive powers (melee, bow, and throw) by 5.

2. Vital Stats

Stat NameCurrentFullModifiers
 HP 100 100  
 SA 120 120  
 EP 120 120  

3. Armor Stats

Stat NameCurrentFullModifiers
 PR 0 0  
 MR 0 0  
 Block 50 Weapon 0 Armor (also blocks magic)

Spirits take 1/2 physical damage.

4. Main Stats

Stat NameStatRace MaxModifiers
Fortitude 50 80  
Speed 35 45  
Mental 60 90  
Strength 60 90 *being a spirit, Strength is simply a copy of Mental
Luck 30 60  
Will 35 75  

5. Secondary Stats

Stat NameStatModifiers
Influence 35  
Perception 40  
Weight Limits Carry:  120
Lift 1H:  20
Lift 2H:  40
Success Points 7  
Failure Points 5  
Move Rates World:  3
Area:  30
Battle:  6
Area Ranges Throw:  6
Jump Up:  3
Jump Across:  5
Battle Ranges Throw:  12
Jump Up:  6
Jump Across:  10
Aim 30  
Actions Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Support: 1
Magic: 1
Attack: +2
Support: +1
Magic: +1
Initiative 3 +3
Evade 42  
Offense Melee:  6
Throw:  8
Bow:  4
Critical:  45
Melee: +10
Magic Stats Magic Power:  6
Critical:  45
Magic: +10

6. Equipped Weapons

LocationItemAttackBlockDPRangeWeightRune Stone or Enhantments
Right Hand Spectral Sword
Flaming: + Magic Power Damage
12 + 2d8 50 N/A 2 N/A Does magic damage, not physical damage;
Can't be stolen or disarmed;
Disappears upon death

Skills & Abilities

Skill or AbilityEffectStat & Action CostRange & AreaDurationSkill Points to Skill MasterySkill Mastery
Possession Possess target. Target gets a will check to avoid possession when first possessed and once each round. If the target is possessed and fails the will check, the rage spirit controls the target. N/A;
2 support
1 hex affecting 1 target 1d8 rounds 2 skill points =
1 skill mastery %
Fire Streak With this manipulation, you create a long tail of fire that chases after the spell, dealing 2d12 points of damage to the enemy target as it hits the target. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Trained Strike With this skill you preform a trained strike at an enemy with a weapon of your choice. This attack does +8 points of damage in gives a +5 to Critical Hit%. 5 EP;
1 attack
weapon's range instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
2-Hit Combo This skill lets you quickly attack twice. This skill does Melee Weapon and Melee Power damage with the first hit, but the following hit you only add your weapon damage. You can attack a seperate target per hit as long as you can reach that target without moving. This counts as two seperate attacks for the purposes of evading or defending. 20 EP;
1 attack
weapon's range affecting 1 to 2 targets instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
Enraged Aura 30% chance targets in a 2x2 hex area around spirit will be berserked for 1d4 rounds
Burning Aura Any target that comes within 1 hex of spirit will take 2d8 + Magic Power magic damage and have a 20% of burns for 1d6 HP damage per round for 6 rounds.
Flame Source There is a 25% chance that anything that is flamable will instantly catch on fire if within 3 hexes of the rage spirit.

Combat Notes

The rage spirit is formed when someone strongly aligned with the fire runic element dies in a moment of extreme anger.  That anger then consumes the spirit of the individual in a flame over the course of 1 to 10 days.  At the end of that time, a small spark lights above the spot where the individual died and forms into the rage spirit.  While they retain their memories, and even some of the personality of the person they once were, the rage spirit focusses all it’s energies on physical combat, especially with regards to getting revenge on their killer.  Some are less revenge oriented, and are more dangerous.  Those who don’t care about revenge, or simply do not have a killer to focus their rage against, are more dangerous and capable of wreaking havoc on a scale rivaled only by dragons, armies, and the more powerful spellcasters.

The rage spirit’s attacks are simple and they focus on one oponent until they drop (generally into a smoking heap).  They beat anything down with its fists, claw at it, or slash at it with its spectral sword.  Being composed of spiritual flame, the spirits’ native attacks are only minorly damaging, but deal successively more damage with each hit. The damage increases by 1d8 per each attack done to the same target, meaning the first attack is 28 + 2d8, the second attack is 28 + 3d8, the third attack is 28 + 4d8 and so on. They also stand a chance of setting any flamables nearby alight (25% chance).  Revenge motivated rage spirits can be negotiated with and are generally willing to help anyone who will aid them in their quest to destroy their killers.  Once the focussed spirit kills its killer, it burns out leaving only a fine ash behind.  Rogue rage spirits, those without killers, attack anything they see with a single minded purpose until their target is dead.  All rage spirits have an innate distaste for anything and anyone aligned with the water runic element and will attack such beings over any others except their killer.

9. Spoils

0.2 pounds of Rage Spirit Ash: A defeated rage spirit will become ash which has alchemical properties and is worth 10.00 per pound.

  • Effect 1: 1d10 Fire Damage
  • Effect 2: Berserk for 1d4 rounds
  • Effect 3: Searing Aura spell for 1d4 rounds
  • Effect 4: +10 to Melee Power