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1. Basic Info

Type: Large Xenic Creature

Alignment: neutral

Moral Points: 0

Build: large-buff

Habitat: Well populated forests or along their masters or old master’s walls.

Appearance: The green climber appears to be a typical woody vine. It generally has a cluster about its base that contains the remnants of it’s last meal, as well as anything it could not absorb through its root system. The base vine is extra thick and hard, and there are several minor vines which grow off of it.

Runic Element: Earth

Runic Element Information:

  • Effects on Magic Damage: Increase magical damage done against those of the air element by +10. Decrease magical damage done against those of the fire element by -10.
  • Effects on Magic Defense: 20% chance for immunity to earth and air magic attacks.
  • Supportive Effects: 20% chance to decrease physical damages by half.

2. Vital Stats

Stat NameCurrentFullModifiers
 HP 120 120  
 SA 50 50  
 EP 160 160  

3. Armor Stats

Stat NameCurrentFullModifiers
 PR 0 0 Natural PR: 100
 MR 0 0  

4. Main Stats

Stat NameStatRace MaxModifiers
Fortitude 60 90  
Speed 10 30  
Mental 25 45  
Strength 80 95  
Luck 3 30  
Will 50 95  

5. Secondary Stats

Stat NameStatModifiers
Influence 50  
Perception 26  
Weight Limits Carry:  410
Lift 1H:  68.34
Lift 2H:  136.67
weight limits x 2
Success Points 3  
Failure Points 1  
Move Rates World:  N/A
Area:  N/A
Battle:  N/A
Does not move;
Main vine can reach across 5 area, 10 battle;
Minor vines can reach an additional 2 area, 4 battle
Area Ranges Throw:  8
Jump Up:  N/A
Jump Across:  N/A
Battle Ranges Throw:  16
Jump Up:  N/A
Jump Across:  N/A
Aim 13  
Actions Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Support: 1
Magic: 1
all actions +1
Initiative 1  
Evade N/A  
Offense Melee:  8
Throw:  10
Bow:  N/A
Critical:  42
Melee: +30
Throw: +20
Magic Stats Magic Power:  2
Critical:  14

Skills & Abilities

Skill or AbilityEffectStat & Action CostRange & AreaDurationSkill Points to Skill MasterySkill Mastery
Strangle This skill allows the climber to latch onto the target and then proceed to strangle the target. The entire time the climber is strangling the target, the climber may use drain and dominion on the target. The target can be freed when the climber is finished with the target or the climber is defeated. The target may also attempt a strength check with a 20 point penalty to escape the climber, if not under the climber's control. This can only be used on one target per vine. This skill does melee power damage per round. 5 EP per round;
1 attack and 1 support
1 hex affecting 1 target 1d10 rounds 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
Drain The green climber must be latched onto the target, using the strangle skill, to use this skill. With this skill, the climber sends root tendrils into the target which begins draining the target. The climber drains from the target 1d12 of HP, SA, and EP, gaining those drained stats for itself and its vines. The climber cannot receive more than its maximum/full stat but can send absorbed stats to any of its vines. Armor does not protect against this. N/A;
2 support
latched on target instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
Entangle With this skill the green climber uses its vines to entangle the target by its legs temporarily, causing the
target to lose a round trying to free their legs. This is used by the base, regardless if the vines have any
actions left or not.
5 EP;
1 attack
4 hex affecting 1 target instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
Dominion The green climber must be latched onto the target, using the strangle skill, to use this skill. With this skill, the climber sends root tendrils into the target and uses those embedded roots to take control of the target. Armor does not protect against this, but the target can make a will check with a 10 point penalty to resist the green climber's control per round. 25 SA;
1 attack and 2 support
latched on target for remainder of strangle duration 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
Combustion This is an automatic effect. Each time any part of the climber and its vines is attacked by a physical weapon that slices, cuts, or pierces, there is a chance that the attacked part of the climber will catch on fire. The chance is 15% for the vines and 30% for the base. Should combustion take place, there will be an initial and immediate blast of heat that does 5d12 magic damage to any target in the affected area, including the vine or climber itself. The hit portion that caught on fire will stay on fire until the vine is dead or the green climber is dead. The fire will do 2d10 magic damage to the vine or climber per round. Any target attacked by the flaming vine will receive an additional 2d10 magic damage.
Regrow This ability allows the green climber to regrow one of its vines at full stats. It costs the main vine 10 SA and 1 magic action. The green climber has a 35% chance for this ability to work.

Combat Notes

Once these plants have grown large enough to cover a small, 5’ by 5’ area, they begin producing scents to lure prey. These scents range from mating musks to complex perfumes. Any target within 10 area blocks must begin making will checks to resit going to the green climber. When the target is within 5 area blocks, the green climber will use its Influence stat as a penalty to the target's will check. When suitable prey steps onto the covered area or tries to climb it, the green climber whips its vines back to wrap it’s prey and begin digestion. It digests by sending root tendrils directly into it’s victim and can digest a large horse in a little over a week. Fortunately they do not spread easily nor do they need to feed very often.

The Green climber whips about with it’s four to six vines, and may bring any amount of them upon an opponent, each have a reach of 4 hexes (battle). The main vine is however stationary at it’s base, but can reach up to 10 hexes (battle) away and wrap around a target to begin feeding. Hacking away at a green climber or its vines is dangerous as the sap is flammable and has a 15% chance of combustion when exposed to air (30% for the main vine). Hacking the vine to pieces does not kill the vine as its root system will still live but slumber until it can regrow. Its vines each have 1/2 of it’s parent’s HP, but make full use of the rest of the stats for the parent Green Climber. Each vine has its own actions but if the main base vine cannot move then the minor vines will not move unless there is a target in their range.

Once tamed, the root of the green climber can be dug up by the one who tamed it. If anyone attempts to dig up an untamed green climber, or if anyone else besides the one who tamed the green climber tries to dig it up, the roots will release a strong perfume which will cause the targets to feel tired. Should they continue they will fall asleep and unwittingly become part of the plants food source.

A tamed green climber can be planted at the base of their master’s walls and they will happily climb the walls to protect their master’s home and allow their master to take their blossoms and keep them trimmed, as long as their master also provides plenty of water and food. However should the master forget to keep the green climber trimmed back away from their own
windows, the green climber may inadvertently strangle their master while he or she sleeps.

8. Spoils

Perfume Oils: Valued at 80.00 per vial, there are 1d4 vials worth of oil per green climber.
Perfume Blossoms: Valued at 100.00 per blossom, there are 1d6 blossoms on any green climber.
There is a potential of monetary reward as well as other treasures within the decaying mass that is within the base's cluster. The treasures stored there, if any, and their condition are up to the GM.