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1. Basic Info

Type: Insect (crab but will be considered as an insect)

Alignment: neutral

Moral Points: 0

Build: medium

Habitat: River Quakes prefer marsh lands, wet lands, rivers and river deltas, and near or in lakes.

Appearance: This giant, greyish brown colored crab is roughly 3 feet across on average, but specimens with shells as large as 30 feet are not unheard of.  In general they grow larger in the oceans than in the lakes and rivers they are more commonly found in.

Runic Element: Water

Runic Element Information:

  • Effects on Magic Damage: Increase magical damage done against those of the fire element by +10. Decrease magical damage done against those of the air element by -10.
  • Effects on Magic Defense: 20% chance for immunity to water and fire magic attacks.
  • Supportive Effects: 20% chance for poison immunity.

2. Vital Stats

Stat NameCurrentFullModifiers
 HP 100 100  
 SA 10 10  
 EP 150 150  

3. Armor Stats

Stat NameCurrentFullModifiers
 PR 0 0 30 Natural PR
 MR 0 0  
 Block 30 Weapon 0 Armor  

4. Main Stats

Stat NameStatRace MaxModifiers
Fortitude 50 95  
Speed 10 30  
Mental 5 20  
Strength 75 95  
Luck 10 30  
Will 5 20  

5. Secondary Stats

Stat NameStatModifiers
Influence 5  
Perception 13  
Weight Limits Carry:  245
Lift 1H:  40.84
Lift 2H:  81.68
Success Points 1  
Failure Points 1  
Move Rates World:  1
Area:  10
Battle:  4
Area Ranges Throw:  N/A
Jump Up:  N/A
Jump Across:  N/A
Battle Ranges Throw:  N/A
Jump Up:  N/A
Jump Across:  N/A
Aim N/A  
Actions Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Support: 1
Magic: 1
Defense: +2
Initiative 1 - 2
Evade 9  
Offense Melee:  7
Throw:  N/A
Bow:  N/A
Critical:  43
Melee: +20
Magic Stats Magic Power:  0
Critical:  8

6. Equipped Weapons

LocationItemAttackBlockDPRangeWeightRune Stone or Enhantments
Right Hand Large Claw 4d12 30 40 1 8 Can't be stolen or disarmed
Left Hand Small Claw 2d10 0 40 1 2 Can't be stolen or disarmed

7. Skills & Abilities

Skill or AbilityEffectStat & Action CostRange & AreaDurationSkill Points to Skill MasterySkill Mastery
Claw Slash Slashes at target with both claws doing an extra 2d10 damage 10 EP;
1 attack
1 hex affecting 1 target instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Quake Pound Pounds the ground hard with the large claw causing all within the area of effect to be knocked down 5 SA;
1 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the crab instant 2 skill points =
1 skill mastery %
Grab Grabs target with large claw, required for the river quake to use the enemy attack skill. 5 EP;
1 support
1 hex affecting 1 target instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Enemy Attack This skill allows you to lift up and use your enemy target as a weapon against another enemy target and then throw your enemy target at that enemy target. Damage done to both enemies for the bash is Melee Power + 25. Enemy being used as a weapon is dropped after the attack. 10 EP;
1 attack
1 hex affecting 1 target instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
Ambidexterous Allows for dual wielding with no penalties.

Combat Notes

These nocturnal, amphibious creatures are meat eaters, but they prefer to eat carrion over hunting for themselves.  They are a greatest danger to those who camp near a body of water they inhabit as they will ‘attack’ sleeping creatures as though they were dead meat (which they often are after encountering the ‘quakes’) and are completely unafraid of fire.

River Quakes are rarely aggressive except when defending their meals, but when they attack they are capable of severing limbs with their claw (one of which is half the size of it’s shell, the other being much smaller and weaker).  Their smaller claw is used only to bring food to it’s mouth.  The attack that gives the River Quake it’s name, however, is a powerful quake attack.  Any creature with fewer than six legs on the ground at the time of a pounding must succeed in a speed check to remain standing. 

9. Spoils

10 pounds of Crab Shell: Valued as Iron
10 pounds of Crab Meat: Use in alchemy or in meals. Value is 5 shillings per pound.

  • Effect 1: Restores 2 HP
  • Effect 2: Restores 2 SA
  • Effect 3: 1d6 shock damage
  • Effect 4: Melee Power +10 for 1d4 rounds