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"And from the roots and branches of Tre'Eryn, the great Tree of Life, came forth Eleusia and all elven kind."

- an old elven creation story


Eleusia is a land divided. Once it was the great kingdom of the elves, and even said to be the mythological birthplace of the elves, but with the fall of its great leader came a bitter divide. This divide is present even now, within this enlightened age.

The top of Tre'Eryn and Eleusia

Eleusia in the Sixth Era is an oddity even considering the magical state of this time period. Unlike the other lands that has great floating skylands over a sundered surface merged with the physical lands of Xodod, the great tree named Tre'Eryn holds its lands with the dark elves at its roots. How and why this is is a subject of debat and myth even among the royal monarchs ruling the four elf kingdoms.

The History Of Eleusia

No one truly knows the origins of Eleusia, or at least the name Eleusia. While there are myths and legends of an ancient Eleusia, these have always been regarded as stories for evidence to back them  had never been uncovered. The stories state that at the time beefore the fall of the great Chalcedon, there existed the great tree of life and spirit, Tre'Eryn. About its limbs and roots great lands formed as if they were the very fruits and leaves of this massive trees, and upon each land a race of elves was born. To watch over these elves, the great tree created the mother and father High Elf, who unlike all others were granted imortality. The land of the great tree was called Eleusia, and for many generations of elves throughout the first and second eras, Eleusia was the promised land for which they'd go to upon their death.

As to be expected, many elves and even others wishing claim, fortune, and immortality, had sought for this fabled land. But they had all failed. That is, of course, until the Third Era when a strange elf named Tannhauser Na'Dir, with the blessings of Asteria and his good friend Taal Mercleis, found a greatly forested island that bore a towering tree at its center. While this tree was no Tre'Eryn, strange lakes and fossified remains seemed to indicate that an even larger tree once stood there. Tannhauser was convinced that he had discovered at long last the mythical land of Eleusia. Over time he brought many elven families there and for his discovery they crowned him their king. One of the houses he brought to his new Eleusia had a daughter named LieAnia, who was equally different like him, and she became his queen.

The bliss wouldn't last however, for it wasn't long after this that Taal became Taal Zodo and his war with Saint Ardatha took place bringing ruin and darkness to the world. While helping his friends in Asteria, Tannhauser and LieAnia became seperated with LieAnia later becoming a prisoner to Taal Zodo. In their absence, Taal Zodo and his forces took control over the elven kingdom and he set in place a demon prince named Ammon to rule it. Eleusia became cursed by the demon's presense, with a torrential, supernatural rain enveloping most of the island and the great tree dieing.

Towards the end of the Fourth Era though, Tannhauser and LieAnia were reunited and freed their kingdom from the demon's rule. They then began to rebuild and prepare for a possible Ablution while starting a family of their own. All the while they never aged while many elves they grew up with aged, had children, died, and so on. This gave rise of course to the possibility that perhaps Tannhauser and LieAnia were the reincarnated High Elves, giving more weight to their presence and rule.

This would change though. Despite trying to prevent this, Ablution came with the fall of Taal Zodo, and with it Tannhauser fell into a deep slumber from which he would never reawaken. While not technically dead, no one knew how to reverse the grip of the Dark Paralysis, so Tannhauser was entombed within a special room deep within Palace Na'Dir. LieAnia would never leave her side until one day she had vanished, with many believing that the grief was too much and that she took her own life. Neither had chosen a successor before this tragedy, despite having by now four grandchildren. Each of the four believed they were the rightful ruler and began waging war against each other to assert his or her claim. Wishing to stop further bloodshed, the Elven Senate declared each a king or queen, and divided the land into four kingdoms, with a diplomatic senate at the center to encourage peace and civility among them. The hope was that eventually they would come to their senses and a peaceful, united Eleusia would be formed, but to this date this has yet to happen.

Eleusia in the Sixth Era

The Reformation of Zodo and the Great Rebalancing brought many changes to all of Nor'Ova, Eleusia included. From the dead and withered tree stump of their old great tree sprouted a greater, taller tree yet. This massive tree towered up into the upper atmosphere and bore new lands among its branches. Since it fit well the fabled tree Tre'Eryn, this tree bore its name and the Eleusian Senate forged a compromise among the decendants of the family Na'Dir, the great grandchildren of Tannhauser and LieAnia. With the caverns of the Underdark destroyed by Tre'Eryn's roots, the dark elves under the rule of Erthos Na'Dir would lay claim to all of the surface. The darkness given by Tre'Eryn would produce for them conditions most similar to the Underdark. The Kingdoms of Din'Moor, Elgin, and Renila though would each be given a land on each level of Tre'Eryn's branches, with the senate doing its best to divide them as equally as possible and asigning the lands closest to where the kingdoms existed upon the surface. The land on the top of the great tree would belong to all elven nations and no elven nations. Named Na'Dir, a senate palace was built there and a city of trade and comerce were only the families of the senate would live was built.

This crafty negotion helped to keep the peace for another generation and the kingdoms of Eleusia prospered in relative peace. While each nation still remained technically at war with one another, no fights have yet broken out during this era. All the while, the sleeping body of Tannhauser Na'Dir is all but forgotten, with the old Palace Na'Dir lost along with him.

The Kingdoms of Eleusia

Herein lies the kingdoms of Eleusia:

The Kingdom of the Underdark: Ruled by Malnor Na'Dir, the great, great grandson of Tannhauser and LieAnia, the Underdark is the kingdom of the dark elves. While no Na'Dir has ever been a dark elf, especially Malnor, the matriacrhy of the dark elves have accepted him as the political ruler while he accepts them as the tribal rulers. With this odd relationship, the dark elves hope to reach a station of power greater than they've ever acquired while Malnor hopes to seize control of the Crown of Eleusia. With the old Underdark destroyed, the kingdom now claims the surface, under the perpetual shadow of the great Tre'Eryn.

The Kingdom of Din'Moor: Din'Moor is a kingdom largely inhabited by the plains elves, though other elves swear aliegance to their queen, Analiesa Na'Dir II. Din'Moor is largely a comercial nation, and its people have forgotten why the royals are even feuding with one another. However if asked, many of Din'Moor would say "I wish they would just stop this stupid spat and bow to our queen, is that so hard?"

The Kingdom of Elgin: Elgin is the kingdom of the Wood Elves and is ruled currently by Galvalen Na'Dir. Galvalen's claim to the throne of Eleusia is often regarded as the weakest one, due to the fact that he is actually a cousin by marriage and not by blood. The truth of the matter is that Galvalen is the regent king, and only so until Johannas Na'Dir comes of age. Johannas is merely 9 years of age, with both of his parents having died a few years back to unexplained causes. The wood elves don't care though, nore do they really care about Eleusia. The wood elves only concern is keeping strangers from their lands and being left alone, a promise which their kings and current regent king promises to deliver.

The Kingdom of Renila: Ruled by Cithrel Na'Dir, Renila is largely a kingdom of Rune Elves, and is an interesting one at that. Not only was Renila once the most ambitious of the kingdoms seeking to claim the Crown of Eleusia - a fact given by the fact that their kingdom name is a play on the elf word for "Royal Blood", but the heir apparant, Ann'hauser Na'Dir is both the only death element Na'Dir to be born since the days of the Second Era and Samhein Na'Dir, but also because unlike many Na'Dirs, she appears to not be a rune elf. Instead, she appears even more like Tannhauser and LieAnia, a fact that has gotten her both many followers and even many more enemies.

Tre'Eryn and its many levels

Tre'Eryn is the great, towering tree that makes up the majority of modern day Eleusia. Its branches hold the lands that three elf nations reside upon and its roots shelter the dark elves of the Underdark. Great tunnels in which magicteck elevators are built give transport throughout Tre'Eryn. Below are the maps of Eleusia and the various levels of Tre'Eryn:

Top - Na'Dir:


Second Level:

First Level:

Ground Level - The Underdark: