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Geomancy is magic that involves the manipulation of the earth element. Those born under the runic element of earth would use geomancy as magic. Geomancy focuses most on defense and defense empowerment, however there are some attack spells and shelter spells. Offensive geomancy magic tends to be mostly physical and thus armor would absorb some of it’s damage. Minor elemental manipulation usually involves effecting the natural fauna, causing small movements in the earth, and the strengthening of materials.

1. Some Possible Minor Elemental Manipulations

Please note that this is nowhere near a complete list of all the things that are possible with minor elemental manipulations of the earth element. This is just a short list to aid you by giving you examples on how minor elemental manipulations work so that you can come up with your own ideas.

ManipulationEffectRange and AreaRestrictions
Effect Plant Growth With this manipulation you are trying to increase or decrease the size of a plant’s growth. Say there are some poisonous vines blocking your path and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself with noise caused by cutting down the vines. You would use this kind of manipulation to cause the vines to slowly shrink back and give you an opening. Every 1 SA would allow you to shrink or grow the target plant by 1 inch. 1 hex or 3 feet, affecting 1 target You can only affect plant growth by up to 3 feet per day.
Hardening of Rock With this manipulation you are trying to make a rock or piece of dirt harder and more solid. This would be useful when trying to navigate a marsh, bog, or quicksand. With this manipulation you would be able to make the area you are stepping on to more solid for about a minute. Spending 2 SA points will affect one 1×1 foot area for 1 minute. You can spend 1 SA point per round if you wish to keep that area solid. 1 hex, affecting a 1×1 foot area You can only keep up to three area blocks (three 6×6 foot blocks) hard at a time.
Hardening of Armor With this manipulation you are attempting to brace your armor for impact. Every 5 SA points will increase your armor’s PR by 10 for only an instant. armor you are wearing This effect only lasts for an instant (one attack).
Hardening of Weapon With this manipulation you are attempting to brace your weapon for impact. Every 5 SA points will increase your weapon’s DP by 10 for only an instant. This is extremely useful if you are about to strike something that is considerably stronger than your weapon. weapon you are wielding This effect only lasts for an instant (one attack).
Added Weight With this manipulation you are attempting to add weight to an item, rock, or other target. 1 SA point will increase the target’s weight by 1 pound for 1 minute or round. 1 target You can only increase the objects weight by half of its original weight.
Weakening of Material With this manipulation you are attempting to weaken some rock or metal to make it easier to dig through or manipulate. You cannot use this to weaken armor. Every 1 SA point you spend into this manipulation will decrease the target’s DP by 1 for 1 minute. 1 target You can only decrease the target's DP by a quarter of its original DP.
Manipulation of Material With this manipulation you are attempting to manipulate some material into whatever shape you desire. This manipulation does not change the durability or strength of a material and cannot be used on armor being worn. With this you need to spend 1 SA point per 2 points of DP to match the target’s DP in order to shape the target as you desire. 1 hex, affecting 1 target N/A
Terrain Manipulation With this manipulation you are attempting to change the aspect of the terrain you are walking on so that the terrain penalties are decreased. Every 1 SA points spent will decrease the penalty by 1 point. around self, affecting a 3×3 hex area N/A
Aid in Tracking This manipulation causes the tracks to be somewhat more visible and the sounds more audible allowing your tracking to be more successful. Every 2 SA points spent increases your Perception % by 1 for 1 minute or round. self You can only increase your Perception % by 10 points
Create Outcropping With this manipulation you are attempting to create little outcropping that you can grab onto or place your feet onto when attempting to climb up a cliff or mountain or wall. Every 5 SA point spent creates 1 outcropping where you desire that lasts for 5 minutes. 1 target Only small outcroppings are produced, just large enough to grab on to or balance on, can maintain up to 5 at a time

2. The Two Iconic Symbols of Geomancy

In the elemental magic of Geomancy, there are two iconic symbols. They are the Mountain and the Crevasse. These symbols are said to be the very source of geomancy magic, even though like all elemental magic in Nor'Ova, geomancy is conducted not by incantations or potions, but by manipulating the element of earth to produce magical effects.

These symbols are therefore nothing more than just symbols, representatives of the two opposing forces of magic, the positive force and the negative force. Magic as a whole is neither evil or good. It is simply a neutral force. Society doesn't judge based on what magic is used, only on how it is used and for what reason. Therefore, despite whether or not certain spells may be associated with what is considered the good or the dark side of magic, the use of spells has no effect on your alignment unless it is used for a wholly good purpose, or for a whole evil purpose.

In the elemental magic of Geomancy, the Mountain symbolizes the light aspect while the Crevasse represents the dark aspect.

3. Environmental Effects on Geomancy

Due to the fact that elemental magic is elemental, the environment can play an effect on the magic you are casting. If the environment has a larger amount of your element present, your magic will be stronger. If the environment has a lesser amount of the element you are casting, your element will be weaker. If the element present in your environment is about average, then there would be no change.

In the case of geomancy:

  • In earthly places or places where there is a lot of earth element present - such as represented by a lot of plant growth or a lot of exposed earth - geomancy effects are increased by x 1.25
  • In water or in places with a lot of fire element present, geomancy effects are decreased by x 0.75.

4. Geomancy Magic Progression Tree

Geomancy Magic Spells Progression Tree v6

5. Geomancy Magic Spells

5.1. Tier 1

GeomancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Dust Devil Dust Devil gathers dust, dirt, and other small particles and lifts them into the air. The magic begins to spin them together around a single target of your choosing. For the duration of the spell the dust devil will do 3d3 points of magical damage each round and blur the target’s vision causing the target to have to make perception checks to hit their targets and unable to use the Aim skill. At the end of the spell’s duration, the dust devil dissipates and the blurred vision ends. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d3 rounds 60 N/A 50
Gravel Pelt Gravel Pelt does exactly what the name implies, it pelts the enemy with small stones. The magic launches four stones at the target. The magic pummels these stones into the target doing 5d4 magical damage and then the stones fall to the ground, as ordinary as any other stone on the side of a road. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 60 N/A 50
Grounding This spell seals the target in place. This spell makes it so that no knock back, knock down, or any other moving or unbalancing action can affect the target. This causes the target to be immune to knock back and knock down effects. This spell also lowers  physical damage taken by the target by 5. The negative aspect, if used on allies or yourself, is that the target can't move from its location once grounded. 10 SA;
1 magic 
1 target 1d3 rounds 60 N/A 50
Pull of the Earth This manipulation causes all projectile weapons to be useless. Any projectile used will not reach the target and will just fall to the ground. The projectile will fall to the ground once it enters the area of effect, unable to reach the target. This spell affects any projectile coming to or from any target within the radius of the spell, including allies, enemies, and yourself.  10 SA;
1 magic
3x3 hex area around 1 target 1d3 rounds 60 N/A 50
Tracker's Mind This rather simple manipulation invokes an understanding of the earth. With this spell, you are gifted with the ability to discern tracks of all kinds, know what every plant in an area is and if they are safe to eat, and have knowledge of animals and how to deal with them appropriately. 10 SA;
1 magic
self 1 hour 60 N/A 50

5.2. Tier 2

GeomancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Catapult This manipulation creates an independent catapult that operates in one single position. Each round the catapult will attack a target of your choice dealing 1d20 1d10 points of magical damage with each shot. The catapult can be instantly destroyed by taking one physical melee hit. The catapult will remain on the battlefield, attacking the target of your choice, until the battle is over or the catapult is destroyed. Once created you do not have to maintain the catapult and can use other skills and spells. 20 SA;
2 magic
spell: any 1 location;
catapult: 1 target
until physically hit or battle ends 55 Either Dust Devil or Gravel Pelt mastered 100
Crevasse's Pull With this manipulation, you open a dark hole in the ground in a location of your choosing up to 5 hexes away from you. The diameter of the hole is exactly 3x3 feet or 1 hex. When any target, ally, enemy, even yourself, is on any adjacent hex next to the dark hole, that target will lose 1d20 HP and 1d10 SA, not protected by armor. That target will lose that for each round they are on any adjacent hex. This even affects flying and floating targets. The hole is invisible to everyone except yourself until they are right next to it. You may cast other spells or use other skills when the hole is in place.  20 SA;
2 magic 
read description 1d4 rounds 55 Pull of the Earth mastered 100
Earthen Angers With this manipulation you summon five good-sized rocks of a generic nature to pummel the target of your choice. Each rock bashes into the target before crumbling into dust on the ground. The final rock hits harder and knocks the target off its feet. The total magical damage is 3d12. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 55 Gravel Pelt mastered 100
Guardian Form With this manipulation, you rip up the soil from the ground and surround yourself in it until you appear to be a monster of earth. The dirt-form then balls one fist and punches the target doing 6d6 points of magical damage, having a punch range of 2 hex. As soon as the damage is done, the dirt falls away, leaving you as you were before the spell started. 20 SA;
1 magic
2 hex affecting 1 target instant 55 Dust Devil mastered 100
Mountain's Base When you create this spell dust will fly out in every direction over the entire battlefield, forming thick clouds of it from your body. To all enemy targets this creates a visual distortion effect. Every time they wish to attack they will have to make a perception check in order to be able to attack you or your allies. They will not be able to use the aim skill. They will also have to make a perception check to be able to move without tripping and falling. You and your allies can see clearly through the dust. When the spell ends, the dust settles.  20 SA;
2 magic
battlefield 1d3 rounds 55 Either Tracker's Mind or Dust Devil mastered 100
Quicksand The magic of Quicksand changes the ground to the same consistency of real quicksand that is 2 feet deep. The magical quicksand holds onto any target that walks into it or who is already on the spot where the magic is cast. The target cannot move from the spot once the target enters the quicksand. When the spell ends, the target may move again. The target may use spells and projectile weapons from the spot and may make any melee attacks that do not require movement. Enemy targets cannot see the quicksand however you and your allies know it is there. You can cast this spell while moving to reach each hex you wish affected. 4 SA per hex;
1 magic
movement range affecting at least 1 hex directly next to you 2d4 rounds 55 Pull of the Earth mastered 100
Repair With this manipulation you use earth magic to repair weapons and armor. You must be holding the item you wish to repair. This spell restores the item completely. For armor, its repair rate to restore PR and MR (together) is Magic Power. Critical magic would increase the total repair effect by x 1.25. This spell cannot be used in battle. 20 SA;
5 minutes per casting
touching range instant 55 Grounding mastered 100
Sculpted Mount With this manipulation you create a horse made completely out of stone. You may ride this horse. Its stats are the same as a War Charger Horse. It cannot be damaged, spooked, or destroyed and cannot attack. At the end of the spell the horse turns into a small pile of dirt and stone. This spell cannot be cast in battle but the horse can be road into battle. 20 SA;
Free Action
next to caster 1d3 hours 55 Tracker's Mind mastered 100
Solidity With this manipulation the target’s physical weaknesses are covered by a thin layer of stone. Any pieces of armor missing from the target’s set are filled with stone. The stone moves with the armor and is light not affecting weight or restricting movement. This protects the target by reducing all physical damage received by 10% and providing a natural PR of 1d10. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 55 Grounding mastered 100
Tremor This is a well known geomancy spell that causes the ground to shudder violently underneath the feat of everyone in the radius around the user. This causes a disorientation that causes everyone in the radius, ally and enemy, to fall down costing a whole movement to get back up. The fall causes 2d10 magical damage. 20 SA;
1 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster instant 55 Grounding mastered 100

5.3. Tier 3

GeomancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Ancient Sentries With this manipulation, you summon two old statues holding staff weapons around you. You chooses two targets, one for each sentry. Every round they are active, each statue attacks the target they were designated to attack. Those who get attacked by the sentry must attack the sentry back. Each sentry has 100 HP and takes only 25% magical damage but 100% magical damage. After the duration is reached, the sentries crumble. They have a battlefield movement rate of 5 and can only attack once. Their physical damage for each attack is 3d20, and has a range of 1 hex. 30 SA;
2 magic
any 2 targets; cast next to caster until destroyed or battle ends 50 Scultped Mount mastered 150
Crater Crater recreates the fall of a meteorite on the surface of the earth but in much smaller proportions. You create a small stone that drops onto the target of the spell. The stone hits the target and the surface the target is standing on gets ripped up from underneath doing more damage. The total damage done by this spell is 12d5 points of magical damage. Only lower body armor such as for the legs and feet can help absorb damage from this spell. This spell doesn’t affect flying or floating targets.  30 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 50 Tremor mastered 150
Crystal Lance The creation of Crystal Lance forms a large chunk of crystal with a sharp tip. This crystal is then sent out at high speeds towards a target of your choosing. The lance pierces the flesh of the target and embeds itself into the target before disappearing. The lance does 6d10 magical damage, 25% of which is straight HP damage. 30 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 50 Catapult mastered 150
Hovel Hovel creates a living space just about anywhere that there is earth to shape, as long as the earth goes down a ways. There can only be one hovel created by the same mage at a time. The hovel will exist as long as the mage is there to keep up the hovel, until the mage ends the hovel by commanding the earth to fill up, or until the mage leaves the area and thus loosing his influence on the area. Occasionally some mages create hovels to temporarily trap their enemies. You can use other spells and skills while hovel is in effect, and you do not have to be in the hovel to maintain it, you just need to be no more than 6 hex or 18 feet away from it. 30 SA;
15 minutes to cast
enough space for 3 human-sized people read description 50 Mountain's Base mastered 150
Land Slide Unlike most landslides, this spell only attacks one target. You create the effect of a landslide with summoned stones. Instead of letting the magic go on the area, you focus the materials of the landslide on one single target. The material flies through the air and over the head of the target before falling on to the target causing 5d10 points of magical damage. Only the target’s helmet PR is considered for protection from this spell. 30 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 50 Earthen Angers mastered 150
Living Ground With this manipulation, you instantly cause the ground underneath the battlefield to move as if alive. You can direct the movement, causing its occupants to move with it. The occupants must make agility checks or be knocked down loosing 1 round. You can move the occupants of any 1 hex area of ground. 10 SA per hex distance of movement;
1 magic
1 hex anywhere on the battlefield instant 50 Either Quicksand or Crevasse's Pull mastered 150
Mountain's Heart When this spell is created the target is surrounded by magical stone that seems to merge with their very skin. The target who receives the boon only takes half damage, is immune to damaging status effects, and cannot be knocked back or knocked down.  30 SA;
2 magic
1 target 2d3 rounds 50 Repair mastered 150
Mud Serpent Mud Serpent creates a large snake out of mud. The snake immediately moves off quickly and wraps itself around a target that you choose. For the duration of the spell, the target is stunned and unable to act while the snake constricts and bites the target, dealing 3d10 points of magical damage each round. At the end of the spell the snake dries up and falls off of the target.  30 SA;
2 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 50 Guardian Form mastered 150
Stone Circle By creating Stone Circle, you create a ring of floating stones around yourself or any one target. The radius of the stone circle is any adjacent hex. Anytime a target, ally or enemy, moves into the protected circle that target will be dealt 3d10 20 points of damage instantly and for every round that they are within the circle. The “protected target” is not affected. 30 SA;
2 magic
1 target 2d4 rounds 50 Solidity mastered 150

5.4. Tier 4

GeomancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Battlefield of Stone This spell mocks that of a game board. The spell gives paralysis to everything except you. Even your allies are paralyzed. For the spell's duration you may reorganize anything within your physical capabilities. With this spell you can not remove armor and items or change their pose. You can move them, as long as they keep their pose. You can take anything that is in their hands, but nothing else because other things have become a part of them. You also cannot take their life. The magic wears off in a short time. When the area is freed, everyone has to adapt to what has occurred to them. This spell can only be used once a battle. 40 SA;
3 magic
battlefield 2d3 rounds 45 Living Ground mastered 200
Boulder Dash By creating Boulder Dash, you create a source of earth magic that pumps out 1d6 boulders in every direction. The boulders roll to your appointed targets. If anything is in the way of the boulder from rolling directly to it’s target, it will hit that obstacle and crumble. If another target, whether it is an enemy target or an ally, gets in the path to a boulder’s target, the boulder will hit that target instead. The boulders will keep rolling in a straight path if they miss their target until they hit something else or leave the battlefield. Any boulder that leaves the battlefield crumbles upon doing so. You may assign a different target for each boulder produced and create the source of the boulders up to 7 hexes from your location. Each boulder does 8d10 points of magical damage on impact.  40 SA;
3 magic
1 target / straight line from selected source instant 45 Land Slide mastered 200
Chamelonism This manipulation allows you to blend in with the natural environment. It does so by causing your exterior appearance to change to that of whatever you are standing or laying against. If it is a rock wall, then your exterior appearance will change to mimic the color and pattern of the rock wall. Same thing with any other natural environment. This effect decreases an enemy's Perception % by 50 points when trying to locate you. This spell can be used with other skills such as hiding for greater effect. This spell does not work in or around unnatural or man-made environments. This spell lasts for as long as you desire but you cannot use any actions except movement while under the effects of the spell. 40 SA; 2 magic self until ended or attacked 45 Stone Circle mastered 200
Create Earth Elemental With this manipulation you can create one earth elemental. The earth elemental will obey you until you run out of SA. You may destroy the elemental to end the spell by commanding it’s own suicide, or you may release the elemental into the wild giving it free will. You may use other spells and attacks while you have the earth elemental. For information on the earth elemental please refer to the Bestiary section. 10 SA to cast, 2 SA per round; 3 magic next to caster until ended or destroyed 45 Ancient Sentries mastered 200
Crevasse's Trick This spell fools the target into thinking that they are falling down a pit. At first the target’s eyes are blackened and the target begins to float but feels as if they are falling. When the second round comes, the target hits the bottom of the pit. In reality the magic slams the target to the ground, doing 6d10 10 magical damage. The target cannot get up until the next round, loosing a round. 40 SA; 3 magic 1 target takes 2 rounds to complete 45 Crater mastered 200
Metal Blade With this manipulation, you create a long blade of pure metal. The metal spins like a disk as it flies through the air until it lands into its target. The metal blade does initial magical damage of 1d20. During the target’s next round, the target must rip the blade from it’s own body or will be unable to act until it does so, doing extra rip out damage of 5d10 to itself. 40 SA; 2 magic  1 target instant 45 Either Mud Serpent or Crystal Lance mastered 200
Mountain's Oasis When this spell is created nothing seems to happen. It is not until one of your allies faces death does the spell work actively. When the enemy does damage that will kill any of your allies or yourself, the magic awakens and gives the endangered ally 5 more HP than the amount of damage that would be taken right before the attack is carried out.  40 SA; 3 magic 1 ally or self effect happens upon death blow 45 Hovel mastered 200
Quartz Cage With this manipulation you create a cage of pure quartz that holds the target in. The cage has 100 HP and can only be destroyed by melee damage, all other damage hurts captured target. The target cannot move or use melee attacks but can use projectiles and magic spells that reach outside of the cage. The target cannot attack the cage them self. 40 SA; 3 magic 1 target until freed or death of target 45 Hovel mastered 200
Stone Skin This magical manipulation coats the target's outer armor or clothing with a weightless layer of stone that does not hinder movement of any kind. This spell serves to provide the target with natural armor, giving the target a natural PR of 5d10. 40 SA; 2 magic 1 target 1d8 rounds 45 Stone Circle mastered 200
Temple Statue This spell creates a statue of a woman in robes holding a scepter. Every round the statue walks to an ally and waves her scepter, healing the target for 5d12 HP. This statue is not immune to damage and only has 100 HP. Each round the statue will independently go up to an ally target, including yourself, and heal that target. At the end of the spell the statue will fade away. The statue can only move once per round and has a battle movement rate of 5 and a range of 3. 40 SA; 3 magic cast next to caster 2d6 rounds 45 Mountain's Heart mastered 200

5.5. Tier 5

GeomancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Crevasse's Darkness When this spell is created, blackness coats the target like a liquid. It does not affect the target until the target dies. When the target dies, the darkness takes the power from the target’s body and uses it to do one of six effects determined by rolling a 1d6. Rolling a 1 causes everyone within a 3x3 hex area around the dead target, allies and enemies, to be drained from their entire SA instantly which is given to you. Rolling a 2 causes you and all of your allies to be healed by 50 HP a piece instantly. Rolling a 3 causes 80 damage to the weakest enemy target. Rolling a 4 causes all physical damage dealt by anyone, ally or enemy, to be doubled for the duration of the battle. Rolling a 5 causes you and all of your allies current HP to double, even past their max HP, for the duration of the battle. Rolling a 6 causes 1 random target (decided by dice roll) to be instantly killed. 50 SA; 3 magic battlefield affect happens upon cursed target's death 40 Crevasse's Trick mastered 250
Crevasse's Secret With this spell you open a hole in the earth underneath you which you float over. From within the deep hole a powerful magic erupts in the form of a scream. For the duration of the spell the whole world seems to be falling apart as a demonic scream ripples across the battlefield. Every enemy target takes 1d% magic damage each round during the duration of the spell from the scream. You and your allies are protected from the scream. When the spell ends, the scream ends and the hole closes up with you standing on solid earth. You can still cast spells and use projectile weapons during this spell's duration, but you cannot move. Only fliers or ranged attacks and spells can reach you. 50 SA; 4 magic all enemy targets 3d6 rounds 40 Either Crevasse's Trick or Battlefield of Stone mastered 250
Entomb With a swift movement the earth opens up what appears to be a mouth with a long snout and closes on the target. The earth stands, holding the target. When the earth closes around the target that is counted as 3. Target’s turn goes by and the countdown goes down to 2. The target’s turn goes by again and the countdown goes down to 1. After the target’s next turn, the earth sinks to become once more level with the rest of the ground and the target is dead. The target can be freed by attacking the earth around the Entomb spell but only with magic. The Entomb Spell has 150 HP, and once that HP is gone, the target will be freed.  50 SA; 3 magic 1 target up to 6 hexes away until target is freed or dead if entombed 40 Quartz Cage mastered 250
Marble Warrior With this manipulation you turn any one of your allies into marble stone. This does not petrify them or kill them. Instead it gives their skin the attributes of stone giving them a natural PR of 100. The ally’s armor is not affected so your ally also retains their armor’s attributes. This spell can be used on any ally and even on yourself. At the end of the spell’s duration, the marble flakes off of the target’s skin and the target loses it’s protection. 50 SA; 4 magic 1 ally 1d8 rounds 40 Either Chamelonism or Stone Skin mastered 250
Mountain Fortress With creating this spell a floating miniature stronghold is created that every ally can get into. Windows open to any projectile wielding member of the party to attack through or to cast spells through. No melee attacks can occur inside the fortress or reach outside. The fortress floats and the stone is perfectly smooth and extremely strong so there is no way to scale it. Only magic can reach those in the fortress. When the spell wears off, the fortress floats down and fades away, leaving those who were inside completely exposed once again. 50 SA; 4 magic all allies 1d6 rounds 40 Mountain's Oasis mastered 250
Mountain's Summit When you unleash the power of this spell, you recreate a mountaintop exploding out from your own body. Large boulders are thrown from your body and dust and debris fly across the area. Everyone in the affected area, ally and enemy, must make a roll to find out if they receive damage. The person casting this spell is unaffected. Everyone except you will roll a 1d20. If someone rolls a 1-5, they will receive 10d10 damage. If someone rolls a 6-13, they will receive 5d10 damage. If someone rolls a 14-20, they will not receive any damage. All damage is magic damage. 50 SA; 3 magic  battlefield instant 40 Boulder Dash mastered 250
Stone Seal This unique spell allows you to walk through solid stone as if it was simply air. Unfortunately it is only earthen stone or natural materials that you can walk through. If there is any metal or man-made materials in the way of your path it becomes like a brick wall. You can see through the stone when walking through it, but cannot climb up or down or cut your way through any metal or unnatural material in the way. If you get caught in the stone when the spell ends, you die. This spell cannot be used in battle. 50 SA; Free Action self for 1/10th of your move rate (round up) 40 Either Quartz Cage or Metal Blade mastered 250

5.6. Tier 6

GeomancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Curse of Immortality With this spell you grant the target immortality. But the target soon learns what immortality means. The target turns to stone instantly, nothing more than a well sculptured statue. The target of this spell can be brought back by the right kind of magic or potion, but breaking the magic will cause the statue to shatter killing the target. Hitting the statue will also cause the statue to break. The life of whoever is sealed in stone will never be seen without the use of the spell Death of Magic. 60 SA; 5 magic 1 target up to 5 hexes away until the spell can be ended by Death of Magic. 35 Either Entomb, Stone Seal, or Marble Warrior mastered 300