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Aeromancy is magic that involves the manipulation of the air element. Those born under the runic element of air would use aeromancy as magic. Aeromancy focuses most on effects, flight, and speed, however there are some attack spells. Offensive aeromancy magic tends to be mostly wind or air based containing no physical parts and thus armor would useless against it unless it is enchanted or made to protect against air magic attacks. Minor elemental manipulation usually involves effecting the air around you.

1. Some Possible Minor Elemental Manipulations

Please note that this is nowhere near a complete list of all the things that are possible with minor elemental manipulations of the air element. This is just a short list to aid you by giving you examples on how minor elemental manipulations work so that you can come up with your own ideas.

ManipulationEffectRange & AreaRestrictions
Carry Voice With this manipulation you are trying to let the wind carry your voice so that your voice can be heard farther away. With every 2 SA point you spend into this manipulation, your voice will carry an extra mile away from you. self Up to 20 miles
Carry Sound With this manipulation you are trying to let the wind bring farther away sounds to you so that you could hear them or hear them better. This could be useful when eavesdropping or when you think there may be enemies nearby. With every 2 SA point you spend into this manipulation loud sounds will come from an extra mile away and soft sounds will be amplified by 10 extra decibels. self From up to 10 miles
Soften Landing With this manipulation you are attempting to use the air to make your landing more gentle. This would be useful if you were to jump or fall from a high location. You would use this to ensure that your fall would be a soft landing instead of a deadly crash. You would spend 5 SA points for this. self N/A
Deflect Projectile With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over air to cause a projectile (bullet, bolt, arrow, etc) to miss you. With every 2 SA point you spend, you can move the projectile 6 inches to the left or right with a gust of wind. You would need to move the projectile a total of 72 inches to miss you by a hex, which would cost 24 SA. self 72 inches or 1 hex is the maximum deflection for a bullet, 2 hexes for an arrow
Aided Jumping With this manipulation you are attempting to use air to help you jump a little farther. With 2 SA points you can increase your jump distance by 1 or your jump height by 1. self Maximum increase of 5 points total for up or across or split among both
Increase Projectile Range With this manipulation you are attempting to use air to increase the range of your projectile weapon. 3 SA points will increase your range by 1 hex. self Maximum range increase of +5
Lighter Load With this manipulation you are attempting to use the air to help you to carry a heavy load, making the load seem lighter for you. Every 1 SA point spent decreases the load weight by 1 pound for 1 minute. You will need to continue to spend 1 SA point per every 2 pounds of weight reduction for every minute or round you need the lighter load for. self Maximum weight reduction of 20 pounds
Carry Scent With this manipulation you are attempting to use the wind to carry scents to you. This helps you to pick up or detect scents easier helping with tracking. For every 2 SA point your Perception % increases by 1 when trying to detect scents. self Only used to detect scents, maximum bonus of 20 points
Cooler Breeze With this manipulation you are attempting to cool the air around you slightly to avoid heat exhaustion. Every 1 SA point decreases the temperature by 2 degrees with a gentle breeze. a 6×6 hex (18×18 foot/3×3 area block) area around self Maximum temperature decrease of 10 degrees
Farther Movement With this manipulation you are attempting to use the wind to give you an extra push so that you can move farther in a movement action. 20 SA points will increase your world movement by 1. 10 SA points will increase your area and battle movement by 1. self

Maximum of +5 to movement ranges

2. The Two Iconic Symbols of Aeromancy

In the elemental magic of Aeromancy, there are two iconic symbols. They are the West Wind and the Tornado. These symbols are said to be the very source of aeromancy magic, even though like all elemental magic in Nor'Ova, aeromancy is conducted not by incantations or potions, but by manipulating the element of air to produce magical effects.

These symbols are therefore nothing more than just symbols, representatives of the two opposing forces of magic, the positive force and the negative force. Magic as a whole is neither evil or good. It is simply a neutral force. Society doesn't judge based on what magic is used, only on how it is used and for what reason. Therefore, despite whether or not certain spells may be associated with what is considered the good or the dark side of magic, the use of spells has no effect on your alignment unless it is used for a wholly good purpose, or for a whole evil purpose.

In the elemental magic of Aeromancy, the West Wind symbolizes the light aspect while the Tornado represents the dark aspect.

3. Environmental Effects on Aeromancy

Due to the fact that elemental magic is elemental, the environment can play an effect on the magic you are casting. If the environment has a larger amount of your element present, your magic will be stronger. If the environment has a lesser amount of the element you are casting, your element will be weaker. If the element present in your environment is about average, then there would be no change.

In the case of aeromancy:

  • In windy places or places where there is a lot of air element present - such as open plains or on windy days - aeromancy effects are increased by x 1.25
  • In caves or in places with a lot of earth element present, aeromancy effects are decreased by x 0.75.


4. Aeromancy Magic Progression Tree

Aeromancy Magic Spells Progression Tree v6

5. Aeromancy Magic Spells

5.1. Tier 1

AeromancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Air Burst Creating the spell “Air Burst” creates a bubble of concentrated air that you launch at a target. When it hits the target the bubble pops doing 4d6 points of damage to the target. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 60 N/A 50
Airess You choose a target and create the spell. When the target gets attacked, the spell activates and reduces the damage by 20% and then the spell’s effect ends leaving the target unprotected. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target until target is attacked 60 N/A 50
Haste With this manipulation you gift your target with a boost of speed by pushing them faster with wind magic and negating all air resistance. With this boost all of the target’s movement rates will be doubled. You can use this on any target including yourself. 10 SA;
1 magic 
1 target 1d6 rounds 60 N/A 50
Theft With this spell you create a gust of wind that can pull something light off a target and bring it back to you. The item cannot weigh more than your character’s lifting 1-H limit. The wind cannot untie knots or undo latches, but it can reach into pockets or bags as long as they are not latched or tied shut with anything. The GM has the final say on all items lifted with this spell. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 60 N/A 50
Uplift This manipulation is made to levitate a target into the air and leave them there for two rounds. At the end of the second round, the wind holding the target up will dissipate, but not before putting some wind above the target. The damage comes from hitting the ground, dealing 2d10 points of physical damage. During the round the target is levitated, the target may still attack with projectile weapons and spells. You can also use this skill to hold an ally up. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target takes 2 rounds to complete effect 60 N/A 50

5.2. Tier 2

AeromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Aero Disk By creating this spell you create a disk of pure wind with edges sharper than many swords. You let the disk launch off on its own to attack the enemy of your choice. The disk attack by sweeping up his torso doing 5d8 points of damage before disappearing right above the target. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 55 Air Burst mastered 100
Dishevel When this manipulation is created swirls of wind start rapidly pushing the target around in place. The spell smacks the target around doing 2d20 points of damage and then just breaks away, leaving the target dizzy. This causes the target to be able to move or use spells and skills while it gets itself back together for that round, but can still attack and defend. 20 SA;
1 magic 
1 target instant 55 Airess mastered 100
Mountain Breeze This spell blows a magical gust of wind filled with healing magic over a single target. The magic heals 2d20 HP. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 55 Haste mastered 100
Scent of Dreamers Scent of Dreamers forms a strange, magical gas around the area of effect. When the anyone, ally or foe, is in that area of effect they breath it in and fall into a slumber on the floor. The affected will continue to sleep until attacked or is woken up by someone. 20 SA;
2 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster instant 55 Airess mastered 100
Seal of the Airs This spell doubles all air elementally aligned allies effects on magical damage and magical defense as well as doubles all allies movement rates. Any ally who does not have the runic element of air is granted it with basic effects on magical attack and magical defense. If air is an ally’s elemental weakness this voids such weakness. This spell does not affect the caster. 20 SA;
2 magic
all allies 2d4 rounds 55 Haste mastered 100
Sky's Perception This manipulation gifts you with the ability to see beyond normal sight, allowing you to see through walls and barriers. You can see the area like a map on a whim and see enemies in clear depth. This spell can't be used in battle. 20 SA;
Free Action
1 floor of area or 1 square mile instant 55 Uplift mastered 100
Tornado's Swiftness When this spell is created no immediate effect is visible. It is not until the user moves that it becomes evident what the magic did. When the user moves, the user jumps from place to place in a flash. This spell triples all movement rates. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d8 rounds 55 Haste mastered 100
Translucence Using this manipulation you become see through. One can still see you, but it is much harder to detect your presence. This spell hides you from nothing more than conventional sight and causes a target to have to make a perception check with a penalty of -5 for every hex or 3 feet away from you they are and an added penalty of -20 for dark environments. 20 SA;
2 magic
self 2d6 rounds or 120 seconds 55 Airess mastered 100
Vortex With this manipulation you create a vortex of air around your body. Immediately, all the air you brought together releases on the battlefield around you. Everyone in the radius of the spell, ally and enemy, is pushed away from you by 3 hexes or 9 feet. If this pushes a target into another target, they both fall down. If pushed into an obstacle, the target takes double magic power damage. 20 SA;
1 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster instant 55 Air Burst mastered 100
Weapon Rush With this manipulation you allow the wind to take your weapon and attack for you. You throw your melee weapon and the wind takes it to the target, hits the target, and returns the weapon to you. Instead of using your offense power or throw power, you'd use your magic power to determine the damage done by the wind controlled weapon. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 55 Theft mastered 100

5.3. Tier 3

AeromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Air's Constant Flow This manipulation allows you to provide yourself or a target with a constant source of fresh air to breath. It does so by placing an unnoticeable, indestructible, invisible “mask” over the target's nose and mouth. This spell allows for breathing underwater, in gas-filled rooms, and in areas of little or no air. 30 SA; Free action 1 target or self 1 hour 50 Seal of the Airs mastered 150
Calming Breeze This spell has two purposes. The first is to keep people calm, preventing berserk and fear for allies and enemies for three rounds. The second is to give the feeling of false security before the breeze attacks. During the second round the breeze gathers together and attacks the enemy targets suddenly with a strong blow doing 2d20 points of damage to every enemy target. The third round has the breeze attacking every enemy target again for 2d10 points of damage. 30 SA;
3 magic 
battlefield 3 rounds 50 Scent of Dreamers mastered 150
Chaotic Winds When this manipulation is created it creates a powerful cork-screwing shot of air. When shot at a single target it has the chance of dealing either heavy damage or little damage. First you roll 4d12 for damage, and then you roll a 1d3. Rolling a 1 decreases the damage that would be done by half. Rolling a 2 lets the spell do the damage shown on the 4d12. Rolling a 3 increases the damage that would be done by x 2. You can also make a Mental check to stun the target for 1 round. 30 SA;
2 magic 
1 target instant 50 Vortex mastered 150
Dove Flight This manipulation gifts unto you the ability of graceful flight. You cannot attack or cast spells while flying. You cannot do much more than pick things up or move around in the air. You can move at triple your movement rate and can fly up to 4 stories or 40 feet high. 30 SA; Free action self movement rate worth of flight 50 Sky's Perception mastered 150
Down Burst Down Burst sends a crushing amount of wind from above down onto a single target to do damage. The wind comes down in the form of a stream and hits hard and quickly doing 5d12 points of damage. The damage comes from the pressure put down on the body of the target. 30 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 50 Aero Disk mastered 150
Scent of Roses The manipulation produces a plume of invigorating smell that prevents sleep effect on any target within the spell's area of effect, friend or foe, including yourself. 30 SA;
2 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster 2d8 rounds 50 Scent of Dreamers mastered 150
Shriek of the Lost With the creation of this spell, you let out a blood-curdling scream onto the battlefield. A wave of magic flows through the cry as it hits the ears of all enemy targets. The targets face fear status effects. Fear will cause them to be unable to attack the caster and must flee from the caster at all cost for 2 rounds. You can make a Mental Check for each enemy target to stun that target for 1 round after the 2 round fear duration. You and your allies are unaffected by this spell. 30 SA;
3 magic
all enemy targets 2 rounds 50 Dishevel mastered 150
Tornado's Strength Tornado’s Strength provides massive muscle to the target of the spell. So much strength that the Strength stat of the target is doubled. Almost any test of strength, within reason, is successful with the help of the magic.  30 SA;
2 magic
1 target 2d6 rounds 50 Tornado's Swiftness mastered 150
Transparency When this spell is created you become completely see through. There is no fading of light and there is no half sighted appearance. You become completely invisible. You do cause a bend in the light at the edges of your silhouette though. Targets would have to make a perception check with a -20 penalty for every hex or 3 feet they are from you to detect you. There is an additional -100 penalty for dark environments making detection by sight impossible. Sounds and movements decrease the penalties by 10 points per occurrence. 30 SA;
3 magic
self 2d6 rounds or 120 seconds 50 Translucence mastered 150
West Wind's Charge When this spell is created, you or your chosen ally are given a boost to your total damage values and PR to carry out the whims of the West Wind. This spell increases the target's Melee Power and Throw Power by 30 and gives 25 to PR and MR for the duration of this spell. 30 SA;
3 magic
1 target 2d4 rounds 50 Either Seal of the Airs or Weapon Rush mastered 150
Wind Guardian Wind Guardian creates a protective barrier of pure wind magic that constantly moves around yourself or your chosen ally. When physically attacked by any physical means the attack is stopped by the barrier. Only magical or energy type of attacks, including breath weapons, can harm you. The protected target cannot physically attack either while under this spell, but can cast spells or use energy or magical attacks. This spell can and will work with other protective or barrier spells and enchantments. 30 SA;
2 magic 
1 target 2d4 rounds 50 Mountain Breeze mastered 150

5.4. Tier 4

AeromancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Air Seal This powerful spell creates a symbol on two targets. Each round each target will be dealt 7d10 points of damage. When the spell’s duration is reached the symbols fade. If one target dies before the spell’s duration is reached, the symbol on the remaining target will remain for an extra round doing more damage. 40 SA;
3 magic
2 targets 2d3 rounds 45 Air's Constant Flow mastered 200
Choking Gas The Choking Gas spell creates a cloud from your body of putrid gas. This gas causes everyone under it, ally and enemy, to take 4d20 damage per round while they are in the gas. Once the gas dissipates or a target, ally or enemy, gets out from the gas, they begin taking poison damage of 2d10 until cured or dead. You are not effected. 40 SA;
4 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster 1d8 rounds 45 Scent of Roses mastered 200
Create Air Elemental With this manipulation you can create one air elemental. The air elemental will obey you until you run out of SA. You may destroy the elemental to end the spell, or you may release the elemental into the wild. You may use other spells and attacks while you have the air elemental. 10 SA to cast, 2 SA per round; 3 magic next to caster until ended or destroyed 45 Wind Guardian mastered 200
Falcon Flight This manipulation allows you to lift into a fast flight. You can go as high as 200 feet or 67 hex into the air. You can move at 6 times your area or battle movement rates, 3 times your world movement rates, and can dive all 200 feet in a single turn. This can be used in world, area, and battle movement. 40 SA; Free action self movement rate worth of flight 45 Dove Flight mastered 200
Funnel of Power This manipulation enchants a weapon of your choice with the ability to knock down a target on hit and dealing an extra 6d12 points of damage with every hit. You can cast this spell on anyone’s melee weapon. The magic appears to be wind swirling around the part of the weapon that hits the enemy. You can only use this spell on melee, hand-held weapons. 40 SA; 4 magic 1 target 2d6 rounds 45 Tornado's Strength mastered 200
Sonic Boom This spell summons forth a blast of wind that is moving faster than sound. Instead of hitting the target, the wind moves right past the target. The sonic boom proceeding right after smashes into the target doing 4d20 points of damage and throws the target away from you by 4 hexes.  40 SA; 3 magic  1 target instant 45 Down Burst mastered 200
Stillness of Air This manipulation stops all movement of the air and blocks the movement of sound. The spell is an aura around you and your allies and whatever they interact with. With this spell, someone could move, even talk or yell, and not be heard. This spell can also be helpful when moving through poisonous gases. 40 SA; 4 magic a 1x1 hex area around the caster and each ally 1d10 rounds 45 Calming Breeze mastered 200
Swift Silence When this spell is created, a presence made of air is formed and moves over to the single target. The presence creates a Stillness of Air effect over the target. Then the presence suddenly does vicious damage of 8d10+10 points to the target and knocks the target out causing the target to lose 2 rounds. If the target died from the spell’s attack, then the presence moves the body to the side and casts a Transparency spell on the body to hide it before dissipating. This spell can only work on targets that are not aware of your presence when you cast it. 40 SA; 3 magic 6 hexes affecting 1 target instant 45 Either Shriek of the Lost or Transparency mastered 200
Tornado's Restraint When this spell is created, a small tornado surrounds the body of a target of your choosing. The tornado spins where the target is, moving around. Inside, for each round the target takes 7d12 damage. When the spell ends, the target is left with sickness caused from the spinning which decreases the target's movement by half and damge power by 25% for 3 rounds. 40 SA; 4 magic 1 target 2d4 rounds 45 Chaotic Winds mastered 200
West Wind's Protection When you create this spell, the air grows calm directly around the target. Whenever a melee attacker goes to attack the protected target, the attacker will be dealt 4d20 magic damage. Ranged attacks will be directed away from the protected target and have a 25% chance of hitting another enemy target. Magic attacks will still work against the protected target. 40 SA; 4 magic 1 target 2d6 rounds 45 West Wind's Charge mastered 200

5.5. Tier 5

AeromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Gale Force Wind explodes from your body in all directions, lifting people from their feet and throwing them to the ground. The wind itself buffers each target differently possibly doing different amounts of damage to each target before the wind dies down and the spell ends. The potential damage to each target is 5d20. You and your allies are not affected. 50 SA; 4 magic all enemy targets instant 40 Sonic Boom mastered 250
Suffocate Suffocate creates an air vacuum in front of the mouth of the single target. This vacuum stops all air from being taken in by the target. Immediately, the target falls down, unable to breathe. For three rounds the target struggles for air. Finally the target passes out and dies. At any part of the suffocation, someone can break the magic of suffocation by dragging the body from the area of the air vacuum. The target though is unable to act or move during this spell. 50 SA; 5 magic 6 hexes affecting 1 target 3 round countdown 40 Either Swift Silence or Choking Gas mastered 250
Tornado's Devastation You create a tornado that attacks all foes in the area at once doing 1d% damage to every target and having a 25% chance per target to remove from the target all armor, weapons, and possessions. You and allies are not affected. 50 SA; 3 magic a 3x3 hex area around a chosen hex instant 40 Tornado's Restraint mastered 250
West Wind's Blessing This manipulation has multiple functions. First, it removes any harmful status effects except death. Second, it gives a regeneration effect that restores 4d6 HP per round. Lastly, it creates a regeneration effect for SA, restoring 2d6 SA points per round. These effects affect all of your allies and yourself for the duration of the spell. 50 SA; 5 magic all allies and self 3d4 rounds 40 Either Air Seal or West Wind's Protection mastered 250
West Wind's Vengeance This manipulation summons up a spiraling wind around an ally target of your choosing (or yourself). Whenever you or the protected target is attacked, whether it be by ranged, melee, magical, breath weapon, or any other form of attack, the attacker is instantly dealt 8d12 points of damage. 50 SA; 4 magic 1 target until target is attacked 40 Either Stillness of Air or Funnel of Power mastered 250

5.6. Tier 6

AeromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Wisps of Death With the creation of this spell, you mix a dark poison with the air that the single target breathes. For three rounds the poison works through the target’s system doing 3d20 HP poison damage. At the end of the third round, the target passes out. Then the countdown for death begins. At the end of the third round of coma state, sixth round of the spell, the target dies. The target cannot be pulled from this spell as it is in the target’s air and follows the target. Antidotes are ineffective. The only way to end this spell's effects and save the affected target is to kill the caster who created the spell or end the battle. 60 SA; 5 magic 6 hexes affecting 1 target 6 rounds (3 rounds poison, 3 rounds death countdown) 35 Either Gale Force or Suffocate mastered 250