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Aquamancy is magic that involves the manipulation of the water element. Those born under the runic element of water would use aquamancy as magic. Aquamancy focuses most on purifying and supporting, however there are some attack spells. Offensive aquamancy magic tends to be mostly concentrated or forced water or ice magic. Minor elemental manipulation usually involves effecting the water and moisture around you.

1. Some Possible Minor Elemental Manipulations

Please note that this is nowhere near a complete list of all the things that are possible with minor elemental manipulations of the water element. This is just a short list to aid you by giving you examples on how minor elemental manipulations work so that you can come up with your own ideas.

ManipulationEffectRange & AreaRestrictions
Increase Liquid Amount With this manipulation you are trying to manipulate the liquid, whether it be a potion, water, ale, or any other liquid in a container, so that there is more of it and thus it lasts longer. For example, with this you could manipulate the water in your jug when it is half empty to slowly refill itself. For every pint of water or teaspoon of other liquid you want you will need to spend 2 SA. self You can only increase up to 6 pints of liquid
Force Perspire With this manipulation you are attempting to force yourself to naturally sweat earlier than you would normally. This could be something you would want to do to cool yourself down faster to prevent the effects of being hot. You simply need to spend 1 SA to induce sweating. self N/A
Control Currents With this manipulation you are attempting to control the water currents in a body of water, either to help you swim or float faster in a direction or to bring something further up or downstream to you. For every 6 feet or 1 area block of a body of water that you want to direct the current of, you need to spend 2 SA. This can increase your movement in water by +2 area movement. self Can manipulate up to 10 area blocks of water
Prevent Perspiration With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over water to prevent your target from sweating as normal and thus suffering from heat exhaustion. To initiate this control you need to spend 2 SA, and 1 SA for every round you wish to keep up this control. 4 hex, affecting 1 target N/A
Aided Swimming With this manipulation you are attempting to use water to help you stay afloat and swim faster. For every round or minute you wish to do so you need to spend 2 SA, and for every area movement rate increase of 1 you need to spend 5 SA. self Can only increase the movement rate up to +5, for up to 1 hour
Chill Water With this manipulation you are attempting to make the water beneath or next to you colder. For every 10 degrees you wish to decrease the water’s temperature, you need to spend 2 SA point. You can spend 2 SA point for every round you wish to maintain the area of water’s temperature. This can be useful if you are wanting to freeze already cold water so that you can walk on it. 1hex, affecting 1 area block You can only bring a water's temperature to just below freezing (30 F) for up to 1 hour
Negate Load Penalty While Swimming With this manipulation you are attempting to use the water to help you to carry a heavy load, making the load irrelevant to you while swimming. Doing so, you would not have to worry about your heavy load preventing you from swimming. You will need to spend 2 SA point per block traveled to use this effect. self N/A
Pull Water With this manipulation you are attempting to pull a small portion of water from a nearby water source while you are not in it. To pull up to 3 cubic feet of water, you will need to spend 2 SA points. Any water source up to 6 area blocks away N/A
Rain Dance With this manipulation you are attempting to make it rain in an area. With every 1 SA spent, you increase the chance for rain by 10. entire area N/A
Make Mud With this manipulation you are attempting to turn an area of dirt into mud, making it so that it would slow down anything that steps onto it by 2 battle movement or area movement rate. For every 1 hex or 3×3 feet of dirt you wish to transform you need to spend 2 SA points.
10 hex, affecting 1 hex

2. The Two Iconic Symbols of Aquamancy

In the elemental magic of Aquamancy, there are two iconic symbols. They are the Sea and the Glacier. These symbols are said to be the very source of aquamancy magic, even though like all elemental magic in Nor'Ova, aquamancy is conducted not by incantations or potions, but by manipulating the element of water to produce magical effects.

These symbols are therefore nothing more than just symbols, representatives of the two opposing forces of magic, the positive force and the negative force. Magic as a whole is neither evil or good. It is simply a neutral force. Society doesn't judge based on what magic is used, only on how it is used and for what reason. Therefore, despite whether or not certain spells may be associated with what is considered the good or the dark side of magic, the use of spells has no effect on your alignment unless it is used for a wholly good purpose, or for a whole evil purpose.

In the elemental magic of Aquamancy, the Sea symbolizes the light aspect while the Glacier represents the dark aspect.

3. Environmental Effects on Aquamancy

Due to the fact that elemental magic is elemental, the environment can play an effect on the magic you are casting. If the environment has a larger amount of your element present, your magic will be stronger. If the environment has a lesser amount of the element you are casting, your element will be weaker. If the element present in your environment is about average, then there would be no change.

In the case of aquamancy:

  • In watery places or places where there is a lot of water element present - such as swamps or when its raining - aquamanacy effects are increased by x 1.25
  • In aerid places such as deserts, aquamancy effects are decreased by x 0.75.


4. Aquamancy Magic Progression Tree

Aquamancy Magic Spells Progression Tree v6

5. Aquamancy Magic Spells

5.1. Tier 1

AquamancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Aqua Seed In this spell you create a very small orb of water called the “Aqua Seed”. When launched at the target of your choice, the orb will hit and explode on top of them, blasting them with water doing 4d4 points of damage. Only helmet armor stats come into play. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 60 N/A 50
Glimmering Hope This spell conjures up an orb of water that floats into the air. The orb then breaks, sending three shots of water magic out at three different targets of your choosing. Each shot does 2d10 points of damage. 10 SA;
1 magic
3 targets instant 60 N/A 50
Purify This manipulation purifies just about anything. It can purify water for drinking or the blood of a target to remove poison or sickness. 10 SA;
1 magic 
1 target instant 60 N/A 50
Ripple A water droplet forms in your hand and you let it fall to the floor, creating a ripple. The ripple grows instantly and moves out in all directions. Each target, both ally and enemy, in the vicinity of the spell must make a speed check to see if they remain standing. If they fail, they fall down. 10 SA;
1 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster instant 60 N/A 50
Soak You summon water from the many areas around you. All the water goes to one target and pours itself all over the target, clinging to the target. The water soaks through the target’s clothes and armor and results in the target developing sickness. Due to sickness, target’s movement is cut in half and damage power is decreased by 20%.  10 SA;
1 magic
1 target until cured or battle ends 60 N/A 50

5.2. Tier 2

AquamancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Cold Heart This spell has no visual component. The water magic used in this spell appears inside the target of the spell. This spell puts a protective block of ice around the soul. It repels anything that would alter it and nullifies anything already there, including alignment afflicting skills, fear, berserk, and other like statuses. However it also blocks all emotions and renders all offensive and magic power to be decreased by 20%. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target 2d4 rounds 55 Purify mastered 100
Dark Fog You create this spell to have a curtain of fog hang over the battlefield. The Dark Fog acts as if it is a living being and attacks random targets every round, allies and enemies, for 3d10 damage. Everyone will need to make a Magic Evasion to not be hit and a fortitude check to avoid Visual Instability. The user of this spell, is unaffected. 20 SA;
2 magic 
battlefield 1d6 rounds 55 Glimmering Hope mastered 100
Evaporilion This manipulation draws out the water from the body of the target. 3d12 damage is done from the sudden loss of water. With a lack of water, the target gets fatigued and finally enters dehydration, having its movements and damage value cut in half until the target drinks 1 unit of water. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 55 Soak mastered 100
Erode This manipulation decreases the durability and attack value of the target's equipped weapon, or the PR total of the target's armor (your choice) by 10% each time this spell is used on the target. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 55 Soak mastered 100
Frozen Lake You create a sheet of ice on the floor. When someone decides to move, they will end up one hex farther than they declared. If two targets meet at the same hex, they bump into each other and fall down. If someone slides off the ice, they fall down. Every attack received pushes the target back one hex. You, the user, are not affected. 20 SA;
2 magic
battlefield 2d6 rounds 55 Either Aqua Seed or Soak mastered 100
Ice Spear With this spell you summon as much water vapor and magical water as you can creating a frozen spear of ice. The Ice Spear pierces the target doing 2d20 points of magical damage. Because it is a piercing attack, 20% of the damage bypasses armor and affects the target's HP. 20 SA;
1 magic 
throw range affecting 1 target instant 55 Aqua Seed mastered 100
Quench When you create this spell, the magic sustains the need for water and food for a day. The magic provides for the body so the receiver of the spell does not even feel the urge for water or food. 20 SA;
Free Action
1 target 1 day 55 Purify mastered 100
Riptide This manipulation creates a swirling mass of water that you hurl at incredible speeds towards the target. The water smashes into the target, doing 2d12 damage and knocks the target on the floor, pulling the target 1d4 hexes towards the direction of your choosing. In water though, Riptide is more effective. You do not hurl the water, but use the water around you to do more damage. A boost of 2d12 is given if the enemy is in or next to a body of water. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 55 Ripple mastered 100
Scry If you have knowledge of the appearance of what you seek or some unique property of the target, this spell can show the location of that target to you. You can cast it over a map and a small crystal of ice will appear and point to the location on the map. You cannot use this spell in battle. 20 SA;
Free Action
N/A instant 55 Glimmering Hope mastered 100
Warding Warding protects against magical spell damage. If a damaging spell has the ability to do more than 40 points of damage, then its spell damage is reduced by 40 and the remaining damage is further reduced by 20%. Spells that do 40 points of damage or less will do zero damage. Spells that do not cause damage are not protected against. Any adverse effect from the damaging spell still applies. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d8 rounds 55 Purify mastered 100
Water-skin This spell increases the target's immunity to aquamancy magic by 25%. It also gives the target a bonus of 25 to Fortitude for status effect immunity checks. It does this by infusing the target's skin with water magic, making the target more resistant to status effects. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target 2d4 rounds 55 Soak mastered 100

5.3. Tier 3

AquamancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Cloud Sight With this manipulation, you are gifted with the ability to see from the view of water vapor. Not only does this spell allow you to see where there are clouds, but also allows you to see perfectly in any place that is damp, no matter the amount of light. This spell cannot be used in battle. 30 SA;  Free Action 1 floor or 1 square mile instant 50 Scry mastered 150
Glacier's Armor Using the dark power of the Glacier, you create a suit of armor made from glacial ice for yourself or a target you wish to protect. This armor halves all physical damage done to the protected target and blocks all water magic damage. It is worn and works with your regular armor. 30 SA; 3 magic 1 target 2d4 rounds 50 Warding mastered 150
Glacier's Flail Using the dark power of the Glacier, you create a flail of ice that sprout from your hand. The flails do 60 points of magic damage per hit. The flail has a range of 5 hex, and can attack up to 3 targets, with the damage divided among the targets hit. You can continue to do other things, including cast spells, while gifted with this magical weapon. 30 SA; 3 magic self 2d6 rounds 50 Ice Spear mastered 150
Glacier's Icy Prison With this spell you encase the target in a large globe of pure ice. There is no danger of suffocation, but there is no exit. The prison will hold the target until the globe is broken. The globe can take 100 points of damage before breaking. Any fire based attack does double damage to the globe. The prisoner of the globe can also attack the globe to break it and be released. For any damage done to the globe, half of it is done to the prisoner, even if done by the prisoner from inside. After six rounds, the prisoner loses all will to be freed. If freed the target is stunned for 1 round. 30 SA; 3 magic  6 hexes affecting 1 target until freed or battle over 50 Riptide mastered 150
Ice Nails This manipulation causes water vapor in the area to convert to small ice nails that float around the target. In all, there are five nails. All at once they jab into the body of the target doing a total of 5d12 points of damage. They wait and jab into the target again the next round, doing another 3d12 points of damage, before dissipating. 30 SA; 3 magic 1 target 2 rounds 50 Ice Spear mastered 150
Ocean Soul This manipulation allows you to become one with your element. With this spell you can breath underwater and move through water with absolutely no restrictions, as if you are moving on land. Your chance of immunity to aquamancy is also increased by 20 and your magic power is increased by 15. 30 SA; 3 magic self 1 hour 50 Water-skin mastered 150
Sea's Spirit With this manipulation you create the embodiment of the spirit of the sea. Every time you or an ally is to take damage, the spirit of the sea appears to take up to 60 points of the damage. Each time the spirit takes damage for an ally, a protection is used up. 30 SA;
3 magic
all allies and self 2d4 protections 50 Either Quench or Cold Heart mastered 150
Sea's Will With this spell you become possessed by the thoughts of the Sea. You are given two abilities to use at will. The first is an attack magic that does 60 points of damage to a single target of your choice. The second is healing magic that restores 60 HP to a single target. You can choose which you would like to do and to what target and can only do one per round. You cannot cast other spells, use other skills, or make other actions until the spell is over. 30 SA;
2 magic
self 1d8 rounds 50 Evaporilion mastered 150
Snow Storm This manipulation creates a small blizzard spanning the battlefield. Each round there is a chance of getting injured by the cold, snow, and mixed in ice. Each round every enemy target must make an Evasion check with a 10 point penalty or will be dealt 3d20+10 points of damage. Allies and yourself are not affected. 30 SA;
3 magic
all enemy targets 2d4 rounds 50 Frozen Lake mastered 150
Tainted Waters With this manipulation you create a flood of blackish sickly water. The waters are 4 feet deep, and only affect land based enemy targets. Those touched by the water must make fortitude checks with a 10 point penalty to not get poisoned. Should they get poisoned, they lose 3d10 HP per round until cured or dead. The waters avoids you and your allies, going around you instead. 30 SA;
3 magic 
all enemy targets instant 50 Either Erode or Dark Fog mastered 150

5.4. Tier 4

AquamancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Armor of the Submerged When this spell is created the target are wrapped in a thick layer of water. When the target is attacked by anything, some of the water leaps off of your body and smashes into whatever caused the damage, animate or not, dealing 4d20 points of damage with each attack. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target 4 rounds 45 Glacier's Armor mastered 200
Create Water Elemental With this manipulation you can create one water elemental. The water elemental will obey you until you run out of SA. You may destroy the elemental to end the spell by commanding it’s own suicide, or you may release the elemental into the wild giving it free will. You may use other spells and attacks while you have the water elemental. 10 SA to cast, 2 SA per round; 3 magic next to caster until ended or destroyed 45 Ocean Soul mastered 200
Flood of the Dead Waters Magic encases everyone on the battlefield into what seems like a glass container. Red tinted water fills it completely which everyone can breathe in. Combat is done while swimming. There is one skeleton per enemy target swimming in this water, serving the user of this spell. The skeletons do 6d12 points of damage with each attack. All normal, melee attacks done by your allies, the enemies, and yourself are decreased by 10%. Only melee attacks can be used. 40 SA; 3 magic battlefield 2d6 rounds 45 Tainted Waters mastered 200
Gift of the Rapids This spell appears to have no immediate effect when it is created. A swirl of water surrounds the target, but seems harmless. The first thing that attacks the target with a melee attack is suddenly assaulted by the swirling water doing 8d10 points of damage to that enemy. At the end of the beating the enemy is lifted and thrown behind the protected target, causing the enemy to lose a round. Anyone who is in the space directly behind the protected target when the enemy is thrown is also knocked down and receives 50 points of damage, whether it be ally or enemy. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target until melee attacked 45 Sea's Will mastered 200
Glacier's Last Breath With this spell you let lose a flood over the battlefield. Water flows from your body rapidly. Everyone caught in the flood takes 20d4 damage from the flood. You and your allies are lucky though. The spell provides each one of your allies and yourself a bubble to ride the flood out without taking damage or getting wet. 40 SA; 3 magic battlefield instant 45 Snow Storm mastered 200
Hail Storm This spell summons forth a mighty hail storm. Large chunks of ice rain down from above at high speeds, smashing everyone. Everyone, allies, and the enemies, must make Evasion checks to see if they are hit each round or suffer 6d12 damage with each hit. You are protected though. 40 SA; 4 magic  battlefield 1d6 rounds 45 Either Ice Nails or Snow Storm mastered 200
Sea's Citadel With this spell you create a barrier from yourself out to the maximum radius of the spell. Walls rise up from the floor of solid flowing water. Anyone who is in the range of the spell is sealed in the Citadel. No physical attacks, including projectile attacks can reach the targets inside from outside. The Citadel has two small orbs that shoot arrows out at those around the citadel, doing 3d20 per arrow. Any projectiles or spells used from inside can reach the outside. Enemies inside are not effected by the arrows and can attack those inside freely. Allies outside are not affected by the arrows. 40 SA; 4 magic  a 3x3 hex area around the caster 2d4 rounds 45 Sea's Spirit mastered 200
Sea's Grasp With this manipulation you create three rings of water magic around the target of your choice, then leave them to their own devices. The rings start making sudden movements every which way. The target is thrown around like a rag doll in the magic, as if in a storm out in the ocean, unable to act. At the end of the second round, the rings shatter. The total damage of 8d10 is done at the end of the second round. 40 SA; 3 magic 1 target 2 rounds 45 Glacier's Icy Prison mastered 200
True Reflection This manipulation lets you see through the reflection of water which can reveal illusions. This spell purges the affected area of all illusions by sending a thin layer of magical water across the area. Illusions that the waters reach disappear or reveal what is being hidden. 40 SA; 3 magic battlefield or 6x6 area bocks around caster instant 45 Cloud Sight mastered 200
Vicious Impact This manipulation creates an orb of pure, smooth ice. You catapult this orb at a single target. The orb finds its target and lands square in the chest area doing 4d20 + 10 points of damage. Not only does it do damage but it knocks the wind out of the enemy stunning the enemy for one round. 40 SA; 3 magic 1 target instant 45 Either Glacier's Flail or Ice Nails mastered 200

5.5. Tier 5

AquamancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Drown The target is lifted and thrown into an orb of rushing water that they cannot get out of. After three rounds they are dead. Freeing the target from this spell is easily done. All one must do is reach in and pull the target out of the water spell. 50 SA; 4 magic 1 target 3 round death countdown 40 Flood of the Dead Waters mastered 250
Serene Strike This manipulation calls upon the water vapor in the air to attack a single target of your choosing. The magic puts together the vapor in the air and creates an invisible fist that smashes into the target doing 5d20 + 10 points of damage.  50 SA; 4 magic 1 target instant 40 Either Vicious Impact or Hail Storm mastered 250
Typhoon's Child You create a copy of yourself in the form of water vapor for this spell. The copy can cast any spell that you can cast, but only does half the damage that you do. You can only have one copy. You can decide which spells you want the child to cast. The child can cast these spells without any stat costs and the child’s actions are identical to yours. Typhoon’s Child cannot be physically attacked. The child can only cast magic. 50 SA; 5 magic next to caster 2d6 rounds 40 Either Create Water Elemental or Gift of the Rapids mastered 250
Warrior of the Currents With this spell your choosen target becomes a warrior for the waters. The target is gifted with 50 natural PR and double the attack value of the target's melee weapon. The target's EP is also doubled. The target is completely armored. The target is immune to all water based attacks, magical or done by water enchanted items. The target cannot cast spells while this spell is active but you can used skills.  50 SA; 5 magic 1 target 1d8 rounds 40 Armor of the Submerged mastered 250
Water Twister This manipulation creates a large tornado made completely out of water. The tornado hunts out 1d4 of your enemies and sucks them into the tornado. Each round that the enemy is in the tornado, they receive 1d% points of damage. At the end of the spell, the tornado releases them, dropping them to the floor. Every enemy is knocked out for 1 round.  50 SA; 4 magic 1d4 targets 2d4 rounds 40 Sea's Grasp mastered 250

5.6. Tier 6

AquamancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Tidal Strike With this manipulation you create the fury of a tidal wave and convert it to attack one target. The water becomes a flowing river of power. You unleash the power onto a single target which is crushed by the water doing 120 points of damage. 60 SA; 5 magic 1 target instant 35 Either Serene Strike or Water Twister mastered 300