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Pyromancy is magic that involves the manipulation of the fire element. Those born under the runic element of fire would use pyromancy as magic. Pyromancy focuses most attack and destructive spells, however there are some support spells. Offensive pyromancy magic tends to be mostly heat and flame containing no physical parts and thus armor would useless against it unless it is enchanted or made to protect against air magic attacks. Minor elemental manipulation usually involves effecting fire and heat.

1. Some Possible Minor Elemental Manipulations

Please note that this is nowhere near a complete list of all the things that are possible with minor elemental manipulations of the fire element. This is just a short list to aid you by giving you examples on how minor elemental manipulations work so that you can come up with your own ideas.

ManipulationEffectRange & AreaRestrictions
Light Fire With this manipulation you are trying to tap into your control over the fire element to light a small camp fire or torch. You need only to spend 2 SA to create a spark to start a fire. 1 block area map Only small fires, no damage can be done.
Magic Lantern With this manipulation you are attempting to manipulate fire so that is creates a small glowing point in the palm of your hand or at the end of an object, such as a staff, without burning your hand or object. You need to spend 2 SA to create the fire and 1 SA per every hour you wish to keep the fire. in hands N/A
Snuff Flame With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over fire to cause small burning objects, such as torches, lanterns, and camp fires, to lose their flame and be extinguished. You can use this at a distance to extinguish flames in sight. You simply need to spend 2 SA point for every flame you want to put out. 1 target 10 area block maximum range
Forced Heat With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over fire to make a small area of air heat up. For every 10 degrees you wish to warm up to a 1 area block area up you will need to spend 2 SA points. 1 block area map No damage can be done.
Body Warming With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over fire to keep yourself warm and thus not suffer from the effects of the cold. For every 10 degrees you want to warm yourself up by you need to spend 2 SA points. For every round you wish to maintain that temperature you need to spend 1 SA point. self 40 degree maximum increase
Ignore Heat With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over fire to keep yourself from getting too hot. For every 5 degrees you wish to ignore, you need to spend 1 SA points and 1 SA point per round you wish to ignore that heat for. self Ignore up to 40 degrees of temperature
Tame Fire With this manipulation you are attempting to control a lighted fire so that you can control for how long it burns, how brightly it burns, and the direction in which it spreads, if it spreads at all. For every 1 area block of fire you wish to control you need to spend 2 SA points. 1 area block Maximum area of 6×6 area blocks of fire can be controlled at a time
Warming Hands With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over fire to cause your hands to feel warm to the touch, like a heated blanket, without your hands feeling the burn. Using this you could apply warm hands to a target, including yourself, to ease their muscles and help them recover from the sickness status in half the time. It cost 2 SA to do this, and 1 SA per round to maintain it. self N/A
Produce Smoke With this manipulation you are attempting to control your fire element to produce smoke without burning anything. This could be useful if you have a need to send a smoke signal but have nothing to burn, or wish to smoke out an area of dangerous insects and the like that you wish to explore. It cost 2 SA per plume of smoke you wish to create. immediate area You can only produce a plume of smoke that is 2×2 foot in area
Heat Dry With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over fire to quickly dry something. This could be useful if you have gotten an important paper like your map wet, or you wish to dry out some meat from a kill for food rations. You can control the intensity of the drying. For every 5 degree’s of heat you wish to add, you must spend 1 SA point. touching range 20 degree maximum heat, to aide in drying only

2. The Two Iconic Symbols of Pyromancy

In the elemental magic of Pyromancy, there are two iconic symbols. They are the Sun and the Volcano. These symbols are said to be the very source of pyromancy magic, even though like all elemental magic in Nor'Ova, pyromancy is conducted not by incantations or potions, but by manipulating the element of fire to produce magical effects.

These symbols are therefore nothing more than just symbols, representatives of the two opposing forces of magic, the positive force and the negative force. Magic as a whole is neither evil or good. It is simply a neutral force. Society doesn't judge based on what magic is used, only on how it is used and for what reason. Therefore, despite whether or not certain spells may be associated with what is considered the good or the dark side of magic, the use of spells has no effect on your alignment unless it is used for a wholly good purpose, or for a whole evil purpose.

In the elemental magic of Pyromancy, the Sun symbolizes the light aspect while the Volcano represents the dark aspect.


3. Environmental Effects on Pyromancy

Due to the fact that elemental magic is elemental, the environment can play an effect on the magic you are casting. If the environment has a larger amount of your element present, your magic will be stronger. If the environment has a lesser amount of the element you are casting, your element will be weaker. If the element present in your environment is about average, then there would be no change.

In the case of pyromancy:

  • In hot places or places where there is a lot of fire element present - such as deserts or anywhere there's a lit fire - pyromancy effects are increased by x 1.25
  • In water or in places with a lot of water element present, pyromancy effects are decreased by x 0.75.

4. Pyromancy Magic Progression Tree

Pyromancy Magic Spells Progression Tree v6

5. Pyromancy Magic Spells

5.1. Tier 1

PyromancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Fire Streak With this manipulation, you create a long tail of fire that chases after the spell, dealing 2d12 points of damage to the enemy target as it hits the target. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 60 N/A 50
Heat Control This manipulation allows you to control how your body react to heat. With this you can safely ignore the temperature of an area. 10 SA;
Free Action
self 1 hour 60 N/A 50
Pyro Enchantment With this manipulation, you create a constantly burning fire along the business end of your or your ally's weapon. Whenever you or your ally attacks with their weapon, they would add to the damage their Magic Power + 1d20. They can make a critical magic check to increase the magical damage that is added to your weapon. 10 SA;
1 magic 
self or 1 ally 1d8 rounds 60 N/A 50
Scold With this manipulation, you create an aura of fire magic around your hand. You then focus the heat energy into a smaller, concentrated form. The heated energy is sent to the target. The magic creates burns on the skin of the target that deal 1d8 HP damage per round. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 60 N/A 50
Visual Distortion With this manipulation, you create an aura of heat around the head or otherwise location of vision for the target. The heat causes light to be bent and the target’s vision to be blurred which causes the target to have to make perception checks to attack and defend.  10 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 60 N/A 50

5.2. Tier 2

PyromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Heat Wave With this manipulation, you summon your power and turn it into heat energy. You will then send the heat out in a wide, fan like motion directly infront of you. When the heat wave hits a target, the heat hangs over the target. This causes nausea and heat exhaustion which decreases the target’s movement by half and decreases damage potential by 20% for the spell's duration. Allies are also affected. 20 SA;
2 magic
a cone infront of you, max distance of 6 hex, add 1 hex to either side of cone per hex of distance 1d8 rounds 55 Heat Control mastered 100
Ignatius With this manipulation you create a pocket of fire magic right in front of the enemy target. At the very end of the casting process, the target ignites, doing 30 points of damage and making it seem like the target spontaneously caught on fire. The fire lasts only seconds.

20 SA;
2 magic 

1 target instant 55 Either Fire Streak or Heat Control mastered 100
Kindling With this manipulation, you create several pieces of what appears to be stones that are on fire. You send them out at a single target. On their way they break apart but keep their flame. The spell targets the eyes or other means of sight of the target. The fire lands directly in the eyes of the enemy, burning their eyes dealing 3d12 points of damage (only protected against by helmets) and causing blindness for 3 rounds. 20 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 55 Scold mastered 100
Pyrophobia When this spell is created you are surrounded by flames and appear to be some sort of powerful flaming creature. The flames in reality are harmless. The fire’s presence gives no true beneficial effects to the user, but it does make you appear to be a terrifying magical being which causes targets to be fearful of you and avoid you at all costs.  20 SA;
1 magic
self 2d4 rounds 55 Either Scold or Visual Distortion mastered 100
Searing Aura This magic seals heat energy into an aura around the chosen ally or yourself. The protected target appears to be glowing faintly with a red tint. When attacked physically with a melee attack, heat energy moves across the weapon and does 4d10 damage to the attacker. Arrows are weakened by 25% when shot at the protected target. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target 2d4 rounds 55 Pyro Enchantment mastered 100
Sharp Fire This spell begins with you creating eight sources of fire around yourself. As you continue the spell, they take the shape of knives. At the end of the spell, you unleash the daggers out at a single target. The spell does 4d12 damage to the target.  20 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 55 Fire Streak mastered 100
Smoke Screen A cloud of billowing smoke is released from your body when this spell is created. The smoke fills an area and hangs there for the duration of the spell, not moving with you. Anyone, friend and foe, caught within the smoke cannot see while in the smoke, and anyone, friend or foe, who is outside of the smoke cannot see into the smoke. You however are immune and can see clearly through the smoke as if it was a clear day. 20 SA;
2 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster 2d6 rounds 55 Visual Distortion mastered 100
Warrior's Flame With this spell you recreate the essence of fire. You then choose a target and transfer the essence of fire into the target. The target who receives the boon becomes courageous. The target is immune to any type of fear and the target’s offense powers (melee, throw, bow) is doubled. 20 SA;
1 magic 
1 target 1d10 rounds 55 Pyro Enchantment mastered 100

5.3. Tier 3

PyromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Chained Fury With this spell you summon the essence of fire instead of its true form. The magic encircles the target and flows into their body. The magic causes the target to feel immense anger and become inflicted with berserk. This causes the target’s damage values to double but prevents the target from using spells or defending. 30 SA;
2 magic
1 target 1d8 rounds 50 Warrior's Flame mastered 150
Explosion This manipulation concentrates fire energy around your body. When sufficient power has been gathered you release it causing a small explosion around you. Anyone standing in the immediate vicinity is in the radius of the explosion and takes 50 magic damage. The explosion is short-lived and deals damage to anyone in the area, including allies. The user is unharmed however. 30 SA;
3 magic 
adjacent hexes (1x1) around caster instant 50 Either Sharp Fire or Ignatius mastered 150
Fire Blast With this manipulation you concentrate the fire into a sphere. You send the orb at your target. The orb crashes into its target and explodes only in the direction of the enemy target, doing 3d20 + 5 damage. 30 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 50 Sharp Fire mastered 150
Flaming Barrier This spell summons a circle of fire that spreads out from you and then grows high. The fire burns anything that tries to get through, doing 6d10 damage to any living target that tries to get through. Anyone on the inside can send projectiles and magic out but cannot melee attack any target outside of the barrier. 30 SA;
3 magic
the outer reaches of a 3x3 hex area around the caster 2d6 rounds 50 Searing Aura mastered 150
Flare With this manipulation you conjure up a ball of fire and compress it into a single point of vision. You then send the spell out to work on its own. The spell continues out to the target selected and then explodes in front of the target, blinding the target for 3 rounds and dealing 4d12 damage.  30 SA;
2 magic
1 target instant 50 Kindling mastered 150
Superheat With this manipulation, you send out ripples of fire magic across the weapon of the target. The fire heats the object to extremely high temperatures. The target must make a fortitude check with a 10 point penalty to see if it can hold the weapon in that heat. If the target can, then the target will take 3d20 points of damage for each round that the weapon is heated. The weapon will be usable when the spell is finished. 30 SA;
2 magic
1 target 2d4 rounds 50 Heat Wave mastered 150
Torch of Heroes With this spell you use the essence of fire to add destructive power to all of your allies, including yourself, as long as they are within the range of the spell. It increases everyone who is effected melee, throw, and bow power by 30. The people effected appear to be on fire. 30 SA;
3 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster 1d10 rounds 50 Warrior's Flame mastered 150
Volcano's Eye This spell creates a dense burst of smoke from your body. The smoke billows through a very large area. The smoke closest to you wraps around you, creating a cocoon like form. Inside the cocoon of smoke you sit, receiving information from the smoke. The spell shows the exact location of whatever you wish to see. You cannot move while in the spell, but can end the spell at any time. You cannot use this spell in combat. 30 SA;
Free Action
1 dungeon area or 10 square miles instant 50 Smoke Screen mastered 150
Volcano's Hand This spell creates an entrapping formation of solidifying rocks and magma that holds the target in a paralysis for the duration of the spell, doing 5d12 each round. Then it breaks away.  30 SA;
3 magic
1 target 2d6 rounds 50 Either Heat Wave or Kindling mastered 150

5.4. Tier 4

PyromancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Brand This manipulation places a burned symbol on the body of the target. This symbol alters the mind and puts the target under your control. The target will follow your orders loyally until the spell is broken. The target can make 1 will check each round to break the spell. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target until spell is broken 45 Chained Fury mastered 200
Burning Heart With this spell you fire a needle of magical fire that pierces and pushes into the body of the target. The needle drills into the heart where the fire spell activates. The magic sets fire to the blood. Each round that the spell continues it does 4d20+10 damage. 40 SA;
4 magic
1 target 2d4 rounds 45 Superheat mastered 200
Consume With this manipulation you directly transfer the magic you use to the feet of the target in the form of a circle. When the spell is completed the ring ignites and surrounds the enemy in flame. The enemy remains on fire, fueled by magic. Each round it does 70 points of damage to the target. If the target is killed by the spell then you get healed by the consumed life (by the total HP that the target had). 40 SA;
3 magic
1 target 1d8 rounds 45 Either Explosion or Superheat mastered 200
Create Fire Elemental With this manipulation you can create one fire elemental. The fire elemental will obey you until you run out of SA. You may destroy the elemental to end the spell by commanding it’s own suicide, or you may release the elemental into the wild giving it free will. You may use other spells and attacks while you have the fire elemental. 10 SA to cast, 2 SA per round; 3 magic next to caster until set free or destroyed 45 Either Chained Fury or Flaming Barrier mastered 200
Exploding Arrows With this manipulation you choose a target and send the arrow into the enemy target. It lands on the mark and stays half-way in the body of the target doing initial damage of 5d12 points. In three rounds the arrow will explode, doing 6d12 more damage to the target and to any target within 1 hex of the affected target. The arrow will explode within three rounds even if the enemy is dead or if the arrow was removed. 40 SA; 4 magic 1 target instant; 3 round countdown 45 Explosion mastered 200
Fiery Ring When you create Fiery Ring, the magic creates a ring of pure fire magic on the primary hand of your chosen ally or yourself. This ring can discharge 1d6 magical blasts of fire, dealing 6d12 points of damage per shot (support action), before disappearing. 40 SA; 3 magic self or 1 ally 1d6 blasts 45 Either Flare or Volcano's Eye mastered 200
Magma Shot With this manipulation you create a ball of magma from pressurized fire. You take aim and send the ball out at a single target. When it hits, the magma explodes onto the body of the target causing burns (2d10 HP damage per round) as well as initial damage of 8d10. 40 SA; 4 magic  1 target instant; until cured 45 Fire Blast mastered 200
Night's Death With this manipulation you create a ball of bright light that hovers above your head. The light pierces all darkness and illusions and shows you all traps. 40 SA; Free Action a 10x10 area block area around the caster 1 hour 45 Flare mastered 200
Sun's Gift With this manipulation, you create sun fire and sends it out in search of a target. The spell surrounds the target and increases their melee, throw, and bow power by 40 and lets them add magic power to any physical attack (even projectile attacks). 40 SA; 4 magic 1 target 2d4 rounds 45 Torch of Heroes mastered 200
Sun's Whip This spell replaces your weapon. In its place goes a whip of pure fire magic. The whip extends itself to almost any length and it weaves around objects to attack the target of your choice. It is used just like a weapon is used and attack skills can be used with this weapon. The whip does 80 points of magic damage with each hit. 40 SA; 3 magic self 2d6 rounds 45 Flaming Barrier mastered 200
Volcano's Tongues With this manipulation, you summon 1d12 tentacles of magma around you that stretch out and search. You pick an enemy target for each tentacle. They each lift their target, squeeze them, and set them aflame, doing 4d20 damage. When the second round comes the tentacles slam their targets into whatever surfaces they were previously on doing an extra 4d20 damage to their target. Any tentacle that does not grab a target will wrap around you (the user) and lift you up in the air. They will take any damage meant for the user during those two rounds. You can continue to cast spells from this perch. 40 SA; 4 magic self, any target per tentacle 2 rounds 45 Volcano's Hand mastered 200

5.5. Tier 5

PyromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Blitzkrieg When you create this spell you enhance all of your allies for battle. The magic increases melee power for you and your allies by 50 points. It also increases Critical % for you and your allies by 10. All of your allies battle movement rates are doubled. Ranged weapons have double the range. And finally, all allies and yourself gain an extra attack. 50 SA; 5 magic self and all allies 1d8 rounds 40 Sun's Gift mastered 250
Fire Well With this manipulation you open up a portal to the Well of Fire. You float above the well and each turn siphon off fire from this well. Each round you have 1d6 projectiles of concentrated and explosive fire magic to launch at any target(s) you wish. Each projectile deals 1d% damage. While in the spell fire protects you from all harm and prevents you from moving from your position above the well. You can only shoot the magic given to you by this spell while this spell is active, unable to do anything else. 50 SA; 4 magic up to 6 targets 2d4 rounds 40 Volcano's Tongues mastered 250
Pyre This spell summons a powerful cylinder of fire around the target and then sends fire ripping through it quickly. The target inside the pyre is burned alive with concentrated fire, being dealt 10d10+10 damage, and any burnable equipment or goods is burnt to a crisp. The cylinder falls apart and the fire burns out, leaving the target smoldering. If the target survives, the target is inflicted with burns, doing 2d10 HP damage per round.  50 SA; 4 magic 1 target instant 40 Consume mastered 250
Pyromania With this manipulation the target becomes obsessed with being hit with fire. They refuse to attack anyone of the fire element. Instead they will taunt any pyromancer to use fire magic on them. Any pyromancy spells do double their normal damage on the affected target. If anything attacks any pyromancer, the target will attack it to protect the magically created fetish. If the target is killed by fire magic while affected by this spell, the user of this spell gets back the SA that was spent casting Pyromania. 50 SA; 5 magic 1 target 2d6 rounds 40 Brand mastered 250
Reign of Fire This spell creates a glowing nexus point of fire magic above the battlefield. Each round the energy would discharge fire at every enemy target, doing 8d12 damage per shot to each target.  50 SA; 4 magic all enemy targets 2d6 rounds 40 Fiery Ring mastered 250
Sun's Fall With this manipulation, you create sun fire and concentrates it into an orb about the size of your body. The orb crashes at the targeted point and explodes, causing massive damage of 9d12 to any target in the area, ally or enemy. 50 SA; 5 magic a 3x3 hex area around selected spot instant 40 Either Magma Shot or Exploding Arrows mastered 250
Sun's Shower This spell sends bright fire down from above. For the duration of the spell, sun fire falls hitting random enemy targets. Each enemy target must make a luck check. If the enemy fails they are hit with falling fire and dealt 9d10+5 damage. Allies and yourself are immune. 50 SA; 5 magic  all enemy targets 1d8 rounds 40 Either Create Fire Elemental or Sun's Whip mastered 250
Volcano's Heart With this manipulation, you use superheated air to lift the target into the air. You then encase the target in an orb of unstable magma and fire. For the duration of the spell the target is locked into the orb, unable to act, while receiving 5d20 damage per round. On the target’s turn in the final round of the spell’s duration, the orb explodes, dropping the target to the ground in whatever state the target is in. The target receives an extra 1d% damage from being dropped to the ground. 50 SA; 4 magic 1 target 2d4 rounds 40 Burning Heart mastered 250

5.6. Tier 6

PyromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Apocalypse This spell is made to feel as if the very earth was being destroyed on the battlefield. When this spell is created, fire erupts from the floor. Explosions of magical fire explode all around everyone and amazing heat builds up in the area. Anything flammable in the area of the spell is almost instantly set aflame. This spell does a staggering 13d10+10 damage to every enemy target on the battlefield. 60 SA; 6 magic all enemy targets instant 35 Either Sun's Shower, Sun's Fall, or Reign of Fire mastered 300